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  1. And that should include the dreaded miscreants…..the lounge chair joggers.
  2. Hall's is a terrific place for dinner. Charleston, much like Savannah, has wonderful and abundant restaurants.
  3. Marshall House is a great location, and indeed shares building with 45 Bistro. A very quick and easy stroll to River Street from there as well as along Broughton. Very famous ice cream place is Leopold’s…..always a line up and virtually across the street from your hotel.
  4. In Charleston….we really enjoy Husk (also their Savannah restaurant) Fig, and High Cotton. Favorite hotels in Charleston are French Quarter Inn and Planters Inn. Our favorite pace for a great dinner is 45 Bistro on East Broughton…. www.45bistro.com. Great small bar for a cocktail pre-dinner.
  5. Our favorite pace for a great dinner is 45 Bistro on East Broughton…. www.45bistro.com. Great small bar for a cocktail pre-dinner.
  6. Our favorite place for a great dinner is 45 Bistro on East Broughton…. www.45bistro.com. Great small bar for a cocktail pre-dinner there. Crystal Beer Parlor for lunch and craft beer is terrific. Www.crystalbeerparlor.com. Where are you staying while in Savannah? Walking through the squares is always beautiful, especially Forsyth Square. Hop on/Hop off bus is a good way to see the city and River area.
  7. Too bad.....and by the way, was just giving you the Mickey about a Diet Coke or cup of tea. We've been here for 15 years now and love Savannah even though we live on Skidaway Island (12 miles from downtown.
  8. After our Grandeur cruise in July, we are heading to Ireland to golf for 9 days, and back to Savannah Sept. 12. If your visit here is after that date, let me know and we could possibly meet up for a Diet Coke or cup of tea.
  9. Thanks for the info. On our last Splendor cruise (TA), Marko was the pool bartender and did a terrific job of ensuring I stayed hydrated. Third seat from the left still there??
  10. I have a suspicion you may be right about “reducing food costs” we are on Grandeur in July in a GS, and for the price we (and everyone else on board) are paying we would expect top notch food. Should it not be we will most likely switch to land vacations in the future, much like Our Ireland golf trip in September.
  11. Should have mentioned…..brother and sister-in-law from Montreal visited for a week couple weeks ago. Brought viande fume for us all and I ordered Katz’s pastrami as they had heard about it but never had before. Kind of a taste test……All very much liked Katz’s but consensus was Schwartz’s. We may be biased, however.
  12. A true Montreal institution. When in-laws from Montreal come to visit, always have them bring us some and whenever back “home” head there a couple times for lunch and come back with vacuum packed couple pounds. Great pic and now has me wanting to book airfare to visit.
  13. Couple other suggestions for you in Montreal….www.bargeorge.ca…..great place for cocktails and lunch. If looking for terrific Italian dinner www.davinci.ca.
  14. Born, and lived in Montreal for 26 years before moving to Toronto. Never knew they had turkey. And had I known, would have complained fiercely about that! Got to have the viande fume (smoked meat) and agree…..medium is the cut of choice.
  15. Schwartz's smoked meat is a beef...and, unbelievable. Celine Dion has been a part own er for a few years now. You would definitely not be disappointed having a sandwich, fries and pickle there. Always a must visit when we return to Montreal to visit family and friends.
  16. If having lunch there, I would suggest arriving around 11:30. There will still be a line outside but it moves very quickly. Let me know if you want any other suggestions for Montreal.
  17. Let’s hope one day we meet on a cruise and enjoy pool bar cocktails together. The person between us will not like it, but WTH, I think we would make great drink mates.
  18. Originally from Montreal and every time back head to Schwartz for best smoked meat anywhere. Although, have to admit we frequently order from Katz's as it is always terrific and shipped with care. We are on Grandeur in July…..3rd seat from the left at bar pool is mine.
  19. I realize things have changed, and often significantly, with the impact from COVID. My point is that if Regent can not honor what they publish, then they should make amendments to their publications.
  20. Here, we disagree. I respect your insight and experience. However, when booking a Grand Suite it clearly says (excuse me for not copying and pasting), dinner with a senior officer. If they want to be truthful they should just say “perhaps a dinner with a senior officer”. There could very well be some people who book this suite “expecting” that to happen because of how they advertise it, and look forward to hearing these officer’s experiences.
  21. Absolutely. But don’t advertise what you may not be able to provide.
  22. My argument would then be, don’t advertise it as a perk of a certain suite, if it possibly is not going to happen. For us…no big deal. However, there could very well be some people booking these suites expecting it will happen. Another Faux Pas with Regent.
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