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  1. On our Splendor TA this past March/April, we gave gratuities to butler, suite attendants, favorite servers and favorite bartenders (looked after us very well!). We also gave the room attendants candy indigenous to the Savannah area, and they were gobsmacked by that. To the point, our main cabin attendant told us that in her country, receiving candy from people is highly prized. May be something worth looking at doing for excellent service.
  2. We were in a GS (1201)on Splendor March 22 for a 7 day Caribbean cruise, and found the balcony to be far too large to fully enjoy it. Only a few days were cushions out so we could enjoy lazing on the balcony sipping coctails. As well, there was considerable vibration at night while trying to sleep. This past March, we were once again in a GS on Splendor for a TA cruise, but it was 1012 mid-ship. Beautiful balcony and even with some not so kind weather, found very little vibration or noise. We are on Grandeur July 2024 in the same GS, 1012.
  3. We know we lucked out. With family and friends in both TO and Montreal, we follow weather up there closely. Flew in on the Friday and back to Savannah Tuesday. No rain whatsoever, but hot enough. Easy flights…Delta….Savannah to Atlanta to TO then TO to Atlanta to Savannah. All 4 fights slammed with not a seat available…..but all on time.
  4. We were up your way 3 weekends ago. 2 nights in Vaughan then 2 in Burlington. Great weather and time spent with family and friends.
  5. When we decided to book off our hold, our TA advised deposit was non-refundable. Not going to accept that 1 year out so told agent to remove our hold. Five minutes later Regent comes to us with a $100/person cancellation fee up to March or so. Coincidence….have a hard time believing that.
  6. We are in a Grand Suite. The post from Vertygo references the Regent Suite.
  7. Weird, indeed. Just wondering if that Regent gets push back that they “amend” policies to sell the suite? Been to Kapalua 9 times….love Maui. You live in Paradise.
  8. We ensured we got the $100/person cancellation fee in writing......had we not, we would have simply let the hold expire. Thanks.
  9. We have had a hold on a GS on a Grandeur cruise for July 22, 2024 that we had to decide on today. “Let’s do it” we said. Our TA came back and said our $6.5K deposit was, per Regent, non-refundable. We mentioned something about a “place where the sun doesn’t shine” and took the hold off the suite/cruise. Five minutes later, our TA calls and says “Regent have gone back to their original cancellation policy” which means if we cancel up til March 2024, we lose only $100/person. Regent….losing the customer centric appeal? Our last 2 Splendor cruises were also in GS’s and we never encountered this before. Hopefully this will be a great cruise….??
  10. We have a hold on Grandeur, July 22, 2024. Like the itinerary and the spend time in Rome and area post cruise. We found Splendor TA end of March a bit boring…..a cancelled port, not so nice weather and fairly rough seas did not help.
  11. Hope you are feeling better. Are you on Grandeur next year?
  12. Good luck with your Doc visit. While on our recent Splendor TA I came down with a bad upper repository virus that even after drug regimens my breathing is still a bit labored even today. Coughed so bad onboard during the night(s) I believe I coughed up a toenail.
  13. Columbia??? Let's hope your luggage is not delivered to you by 6 DEA agents.....
  14. Originally from Montreal....but a life long Bruins fan. Still have good friends involved in the NHL....one is Conor Bedard's agent
  15. Ah....the joys of travel. That had to be an infuriating trip home. We always book our own airfare and take the credits. The Bride has Platinum status on Delta and when things go South, they do a great job of looking after us. Get yourself a nice Sunday morning Bloody Mary and just remember what a great cruise and anniversary you just had.
  16. Originally from Montreal....but a life long Bruins fan. Still have good friends involved in the NHL....one is Conor Bedard's agent.
  17. Good memory, Camillus112….lived in B’Ville for 12 years. Moved from Toronto and now enjoying the South in Savannah
  18. Lived in Syracuse for 12years…..Caz is a very nice place
  19. Don’t want to brag, but I once went 12 seconds with Ali. Well….actually only 2 seconds if you consider the referee counting 1-10.
  20. Z…..looks like it may be possible you and I could be fighting for the pool bar chair, 4th from left, on Grandeur next August??
  21. We stayed there for a Splendor cruise in March 2022…..definitely not the best hotel in that area. For our March 2023 Splendor TA we were assigned to the Intercontinental….a huge leap up from the AKA.
  22. Great pics. Irina is a terrific bartender and Meridian was our favorite lounge also. While the Bride visited the casino (often) I would sit at Meridian bar, keep Irina company, and sway to the music. Unfortunately, I did that also when the band was on break.
  23. Marko.....that's right.....not Max. He knew my drink(s) of choice and as soon as he saw me asked....."which one"? And like you, regardless of time.
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