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  1. Do you have insurance? If so, I would be aggressive in pursuing it.
  2. We are on Grandeur July 24, Barcelona to Rome. We checked Delta fares a long time before departure and they were “insane” for Delta One. We then checked with AmEx Platinum travel a few weeks ago the the fares had dropped CONSIDERABLY so we booked on Delta at the newly published price. Suggest you keep looking at airfare…..when you try and book too far out all airlines have bloated prices. We always book our own air and pre-cruise hotels and take the credits.
  3. It displays in "My Account" then in "Show my Itinerary", although the actual cruise show the Sofia. Perhaps our level of suite dictates the hotel? Regardless, we will take the credit and book the Majestic.
  4. That is what we will be reserving. We have found Regent supplied “free hotels” to be….OK. Last time on Splendor in Miami the “included and free” breakfast was quite honestly, not good. Cold buffet and warm OJ does not make for a luxurious vacation. We have booked the Jr. Suite and understand the breakfast buffet is sensational. Blacklane is a sensational service which we have used in Europe often. Our suite has a noon time access…..be at the pool bar at 12:05.
  5. It appears we will now be put up at the Intercontinental for our July 2024 cruise, even though the hotel offered on the website indicates the Sofia. We have decided to take the hotel credit and will spend 2 nights before the cruise at the Majestic Hotel….Virtuoso offers excellent rates with included buffet breakfast and a hotel credit. We will book Blacklane for airport to hotel then hotel to cruise terminal.
  6. New itinerary seems to now be on RSSC’s website.
  7. With Israel this morning announcing a formal declaration of war, I would think any travel into/out of Israel is now not going to happen.
  8. This could very well morph into a much broader conflict. I would avoid that whole region…even if it cost me my cruise money. Hopefully, though, Regent will find a solution for their booked guests and make things right.
  9. Will try and also do one next July on our Grandeur cruise. Still a ways out but will hope to let people know how Grand Grandeur is.
  10. It looks like we will be at Intercontinental for our pre-cruise hotel. Suspect they use a few different hotels..??
  11. Will definitely look forward to sailing with him July 22 on Grandeur.
  12. Thanks for the reply. Last time in Barcelona, we stayed at El Palace which was in an excellent location.
  13. Thanks, Golfwife1. We have been on Splendor twice, most recently a TA the end of March. Beautiful ship and terrific crew. I'm sure you will enjoy sailing on her very much.
  14. We will be on a Grandeur cruise next July, sailing out of Barcelona and it appears Regent have the Hotel Sofia as their assigned hotel. Any experiences with this hotel? Thanks in advance.
  15. Another suggestion ….Rosewood Georgia. Excellent hotel with great lobby bar. Dinner suggestion….Joe Fortes for seafood and steak.
  16. If the Capri tour falls on a weekend or Holiday….it is absolute bedlam. Especially waiting for the tram to take you to top of hill. Ours was so “crazy”, we decided to walk back down to the hydrofoil.
  17. Dodged a bullet, for sure. Best to our CC Florida friends and everyone effected by Idalia.
  18. Ms. Peach. Hope you made out OK with the hurricane. We, here in Savannah, dodged a bullet.
  19. We are booked on a July 2024 Grandeur cruise in a Grand Suite, and we just noticed something “new” in amenities for the suite, as well as for Master and Regent Suites. Amenities now show a “welcome bottle of premium Champagne” included in these suites/fares, whereas in the past it was always stated as a bottle of Veuve Cliquot, which we had in our GS on our last 2 Splendor cruises. For the prices Regent charges across the board for all cruises and level of suites, we sincerely hope they are now not “nickel and diming” passengers. If so….land vacations will be in our future only. The champagne alone is not a deal breaker for us, but if it is a trend…….
  20. One would hope if staying in the Regent Suite that Regent would bend over to accommodate anything you would want. Either through your TA or Regent direct…..if we pay for the RS they had best take care of any of my requests. We are in a GS on Grandeur July 24 after 2 GS’s on Splendor this past year. We were not timid to ask (politely) for Regent to accommodate us. And, they did.
  21. We will be on Grandeur, July 2024, Barcelona to Rome in a GS. One would think (Hope, expect!) that for the price of the RS the guests could have any choice of champagne, Scotch, etc. Dining in The Study seems nice, but we would prefer the ambiance of the restaurants instead. We will also have guaranteed reservations in any dining venue each evening, and like last year’s Splendor TA (GS again) we found servers, waitstaff, etc. came to know our preferences each evening and sommeliers did an excellent job of understanding our wine tastes and were exceptionally good at helping us chose terrific wines each time there.
  22. We are on Grandeur, Barcelona to Rome, July 22, 2024 and have now booked 2 cooking classes (enjoyed a few on 2 Splendor cruises) and also have our excursions booked. Looking forward to the classes after a couple on our Splendor TA this past March.
  23. If memory is correct…..we believe she is from Indonesia.
  24. On our Splendor TA this past March/April, we gave gratuities to butler, suite attendants, favorite servers and favorite bartenders (looked after us very well!). We also gave the room attendants candy indigenous to the Savannah area, and they were gobsmacked by that. To the point, our main cabin attendant told us that in her country, receiving candy from people is highly prized. May be something worth looking at doing for excellent service.
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