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  1. Agree with that, but we still like making our own flight arrangements. Don't forget to factor in deviation fees, which most people select, I would think.
  2. Daytime Dress Code (until 6 p.m.) During the day, resort style clothing (including shorts, warm-up suits, jeans and sneakers) is acceptable in all public areas. Bare feet are acceptable only on the Pool Deck. Note: Bathing suits, while acceptable at the Pool Bar and Grill, are not considered appropriate in any indoor venue. On our Splendor TA a couple weeks ago, Prime 7 was open a few days for lunch. I personally find it inappropriate for men to wear hats, ball caps, etc. at a dining venue on such a prestigious line. It ain't IHOP. There is no mention of hats being worn in dining venues...just common sense and polite thing to do.
  3. Was one of your group wearing a Nike ball cap in Prime 7?
  4. An addendum here, and an important one. Splendor did an excellent job of broadcasting and displaying the 30 minute chair reserving provision, and ultimately enforced same. A huge difference from our Splendor cruise in March 2022.
  5. We were not bothered in the least. Weather was cool so very little traffic/action around the pool in the early mornings. Suite was sensational.
  6. We were on Splendor, Miami to Lisbon March 28 and it was our second time cruising on this terrific ship. I plan on making this as thorough a review as possible, but also an abbreviated one. Pre night cruise hotel. As our flights from Savannah to Atlanta (then on to Miami) got so delayed we could not fly into Miami the day before embarkation….can’t comment on the Intercontinental, but am pretty sure it was quite a bit better than the AKA Brickell we were put up at on last March’s Splendor cruise. Embarkation - Regent met us at the airport embarkation day as we flew in from Atlanta that morning. For the most part, stress free and easy. Not so easy was the security company at the pier who seemed very “lost”. No fault of Regent. Suite - We were able to get into our Grand Suite, 1012, at noon and it was ready to welcome us. Beautiful suite and our butler and cabin attendants were sensational the entire cruise. Itinerary - We wanted to do a TA and knew we could have some rough seas. After our Bermuda port of call, the Azores was cancelled very early by the captain due to weather and he took the ship on a more Southern sailing. Seas were fairly rough the entire cruise. Again, no fault of Regent but we would not do another ocean crossing knowing what could be “possible conditions”. Suffice to say money spent pre cruise on motion sickness items was well spent. Restaurants - We ate at Prime 7 5 nights and all were terrific. Great food, service and connoisseur wine list was quite good, and we found it to be “reasonable”. Pacific Rim…..very mediocre with nice food but service was very rushed. An Asian restaurant has only one Saki available?? I am a hot Sake drinker so this was a major disappointment (cruise last March on Splendor….zero Saki..??) Chartreuse - not being fish eaters and although french from Montreal originally, we do not like heavy sauces with butter. Just the smell while walking towards the restaurant we found off putting. That is on us and we did not dine there once. Sette Mari….Very good food and service and we ate there 2 nights. Hard to screw up pasta but their’s was quite good. We very much enjoy the ambiance of this place and we’re lucky to get tables by the windows both nights. Compass Rose…..beautiful space and great service. Food was quite good for dinners and the 2 breakfasts we had there. Pool buffet……love the peel and eat shrimp and burgers quite good. Very good pizzas. Room service…..unfortunately, I came down with a pretty good cold so we decided to have room service 2 nights. Our butler did a terrific job of getting food to us promptly, but even with that, food was mostly “cool” and average, at best. La Veranda….good but no “wow” factor. Bars - a real hit here. Pool bar staff were so nice and accommodating as were bar staff in Meridian and Splendor lounges. Terrific cocktail choices and Observation Lounge was a pre-dinner hit. We found all venues had excellent music and the CD, Jude, was a gem and very engaged with all passengers. Staff - extremely friendly and helpful anywhere on the ship. Post cruise - We decided to spend a couple extra days in Lisbon and our TA suggested staying at Bairro Alto Hotel. Superb and would highly recommend it. Lisbon is one of our favorite cities and exploring it again was terrific. We love the Regent brand and are now looking at Grandeur cruises.
  7. Bill....I am unable to complete this on Excel so thought I would simply rely on you to use your wizardry to complete and enter this into the Suite Guru. Ship - Splendor Sail Date - March 28, Miami to Lisbon Suite 1012, Grand Suite, midship, port side 2 bathrooms Noise issues - none Would book again? - Absolutely Great suite and location
  8. Just off Splendor yesterday after a TA Miami to Lisbon. Fly home tomorrow and plan on posting some critiques, good and bad, once there.
  9. We were on Splendor Miami to Lisbon and disembarked this morning. The asst. CD’s name is Tanner…..great crew on this cruise.
  10. Agree with you, sir. And I am sure they may have got a little “discount” on the Regent Suite. Ms. Twain sang one night in the Splendor Lounge with the CD, David Nevin so perhaps a little way of paying her back for a few songs. We were in 1201 and being ex Canucks ourselves, was nice to say “how ya doing eh” to her and her husband.
  11. I will venture to say, then, that this famous person was given preferential treatment in the Regent Suite. Based on her known history, I would have to believe her pooch was for emotional support and certainly was not a service dog. She certainly did not.does not, require a service dog. Very nice couple and certainly suspect she was given VIP treatment with allowing them to bring their pooch onboard.A global star, for sure.
  12. On Splendor at this time doing a TA to Lisbon. Last March on Splendor we were directly below the Regent Suite, and a very famous singer/songstress had a very small dog (??) with her and would show up in Observation Lounge, dining venues, etc. with it in a tiny carry case. Know the history of this lady and suspect it was a service dog. Perhaps special privileges for the famous?
  13. Presently on splendor doing a TA. Last March we were on Splendor and the chair hogs were very prevalent with zero considerations for fellow cruisers. On this cruise. There is a table set up beside pool bar with the policy listed and crew are enforcing the policy carefully. Have seen some items placed on the table of shame to be collected by those not abiding by the policy. Kind of funny to watch those whose items are on the table shuffle to it with heads down I would like to see this policy taken one step and have everyone around the pool boo those cretins when picking up their items.
  14. Absolutely agree. Tours By Locals offer much better service and price, for the most part.
  15. Have you signed up on the Splendor TA roll call? A group of us meeting at sail away around pool bar.
  16. Was it a “Hee Haw” themed cruise?? Just giving you the Mickey….
  17. We always take the flight credit and book our own flights. More expensive but we are guaranteed we will always get exactly what we want and no “surprises”. And there are times we have been surprised as to how little extra we end up paying because of deals on AmEx Platinum with 5x points, minus deviation fees (always seem to be required), etc. We are doing a Splendor TA March 28, will spend a couple extra days in Lisbon and fly back from there.
  18. You may want to check prices for Blacklane…they offer terrific service.
  19. If you are considering a Culinary Kitchen class, they can be used for those.
  20. It was actually a Regent rep who told me they were keeping certain suites (Deck 6) open in case of an outbreak on this TA cruise. agree with Pcardad….seems like forced medicine or treatment could be actionable.
  21. We absolutely love Splendor…..terrific decor, furnishings, artwork, etc. We were on her last March and will be again March 28 on a TA. And this viewpoint from another ex Canuck. What happened to the Flames this year??
  22. On our Splendor cruise last March, we had a full bottle of Tito's, Woodford Anniversary, Crown Royal (just a couple shots gone) and our butler wrapped them in bubblewrap the night before disembarkation for us to put in our luggage.
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