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  1. On our last Splendor cruise, March 2022, we ate lunch at the pool grill a few times. Peel and eat shrimp were very good along with a nice cold beer.
  2. Agree…no guarantees. We both had COVID after initial 2 jabs and before the 3 boosters. Won’t deter us, though.
  3. What I wanted to hear. We have a very nice suite for the TA end of March and would be upset if we were moved. Had 3rd booster so think it will be a non issue.
  4. I have heard Regent continues to keep cabins open (Deck 6) in the event anyone onboard needs to be isolated if a positive test happens????
  5. Hope to meet you onboard then once back home, comparing the hotels.
  6. A terrific hotel in one of the best locations in the city is the Bairro Alto Hotel. We have stayed there before and will spend a couple extra days there when we disembark Splendor April 9 after our TA cruise.
  7. If Regent "cheapens" the experience, we would look to spend our vacation dollars somewhere else. We are on Splendor the end of this month doing a TA crossing and I plan to pay attention to ensure we still get the "luxury experience" we pay for.
  8. We will be on the same cruise. Hopefully any cut backs will not be noticeable to passengers.
  9. When looking at the page that lists suite prices, there is a notice to show the savings of $x amount if arranging one's own flights and transfers. Have always found the website fairly easy to navigate and understand.
  10. Would suggest you also check out different amenities offer for each type of suite. They could sway you if you like the additional ones.
  11. Ext month we are on a TA on Splendor and decided to book 1012…..thinking lower and midship on a TA will hopefully be better for the vibration issue.
  12. Last March, we were in 1201 on Splendor directly under the Regent Suite. It was, for the most part, smooth sailing although we did feel some vibration during the night in the bedroom. I suspect you will enjoy the location of your cabin and certainly Splendor…..a gorgeous ship.
  13. The difference between them is location on the ship. Check the menu at RSSC.com and click on “our ships”, then Splendor. There you can see Deck plans for locations and also balconies for each one.
  14. Cruiser…..my Bride has been going to Moody Beach every year since she was born with family from Montreal….so that is…..she doesn’t want me to give up the number of years! Always a fun family vacation there.
  15. Hope to meet onboard. Will be around pool bar foe sail away
  16. Looks like we are on the same cruise. We were on Splendor last March and yes, saunas are separated but the Infiniti pool is not. And, a great place for views.
  17. Did you mention you being uncomfortable with these things during your 32 days onboard? Will only speak for myself, but if I were to find things being done with/for me not to my liking, I would mention it within the first couple days.
  18. Too bad, but understandable. Terrific city and great time of the year to visit. Stay well.
  19. Actually, yours (my) national sport is lacrosse. Damn….giving away Trivia hints now.
  20. Sorry we will be on different TA crossings in March/April. With your “hobby”, I was looking forward to you resolving the problem with the chair hogs. Have a great cruise.
  21. Hopefully this will be enforced on our Splendor cruise in March. Last year's March Splendor cruise was extremely frustrating with the chair hogs.....they just did not care about any other passengers. The only thing I would also like to see happen with this new policy is that "Man Overboard" be announced. OK....a bit "overboard" itself but I think is speaks to my anger with these people.
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