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  1. Good memory, Camillus112….lived in B’Ville for 12 years. Moved from Toronto and now enjoying the South in Savannah
  2. Lived in Syracuse for 12years…..Caz is a very nice place
  3. Don’t want to brag, but I once went 12 seconds with Ali. Well….actually only 2 seconds if you consider the referee counting 1-10.
  4. Z…..looks like it may be possible you and I could be fighting for the pool bar chair, 4th from left, on Grandeur next August??
  5. We stayed there for a Splendor cruise in March 2022…..definitely not the best hotel in that area. For our March 2023 Splendor TA we were assigned to the Intercontinental….a huge leap up from the AKA.
  6. Great pics. Irina is a terrific bartender and Meridian was our favorite lounge also. While the Bride visited the casino (often) I would sit at Meridian bar, keep Irina company, and sway to the music. Unfortunately, I did that also when the band was on break.
  7. Marko.....that's right.....not Max. He knew my drink(s) of choice and as soon as he saw me asked....."which one"? And like you, regardless of time.
  8. We were on this sailing with you and thought daily activities were average for the most part. We did a Cruise Critic sail away from Miami that was a terrific way to meet people. Weather and seas were not great.
  9. An improvement from our Splendor TA this past March/April
  10. Just know that the Delta gate at YUL is the farthest point in the airport. Long walk…..then lines and wait at Customs. We fly to Montreal often (originally from there) and I doubt I would ever do a transfer flight on Delta with only an hour forty to an AC flight in Montreal.
  11. Hockeyken. We're heading up top TO Friday for 4 nights. Originally from Montreal and lived in the Big Smoke for 18 years....lots of family and friends there still. With reference to "hockey"....bud of mine I grew up with in Verdun (Montreal) and have known since we were rugrats is Conor Bedard's agent....he will look good in a Hawks sweater.
  12. Great seat. Max was the bartender on that TA. Our suite was on Deck 10....a short crawl back from pool bar.
  13. I'll also be following along. Think you will very much enjoy Splendor...we have sailed on her twice with the last one being a TA this past March. Crew were terrific when we were onboard so hope they are still there for you. Pool bar.....4th seat from left.....can you advise if my imprint is still on it?
  14. We recently did a TA on Splendor, in a Grand Suite, and we were able to make our 3 specialty dining reservations pre cruise. Whichever specialty restaurant we felt like eating at that particular evening, we advised our Butler and he arranged for us. We ate at Prime 7 5 nights of the 12 night cruise. Not sure if you can arrange to dine with friends if they are not also in a named suite. Lived in TO for 18 years....back mid June for a family event.
  15. I’m mad at myself! I had meant to mention that once through=ugh the Duty Free area of Montreal airport, to go to the St. Viateur Bagel kiosk and pick up, what we believe to be, the best bagels anywhere to take home with you. We always go when in Montreal and order regularly on Goldbelly.
  16. We did a hotel (Barrio Alto) to airport in mid April. Hotel arranged car for us but if your hotel can not do that, you may also want to look into Blacklane…..have used them fairly frequently and excellent service and vehicles.
  17. Hope the weather cooperates today in QC. Beautiful city and Frontenac Hotel is gorgeous.
  18. For anyone on this cruise who may be spending a few extra days in Montreal and would enjoy terrific Italian food, I would suggest Da Vinci's Ristorante on Bishop Street.
  19. Absolutely agree. We’re from Montreal originally and still get back a few times a year and always head to Schwartz for a few lunches while there. The absolute best viande fume anywhere.
  20. GP. Thanks for the terrific reviews and pics of this cruise. Too bad you are not spending a little time in Montreal….had some suggestions for you in our home city.
  21. We were in a GS on a Splendor TA the end of March and one can only make reservations in each of the specialty restaurants once before the sailing. Every morning we asked our Butler to reserve a dedicated restaurant for that evening, and never a problem. On our 12 day cruise we ate at Prime 7 5 times.
  22. Never had it happen to us….but a possibility for sure.
  23. Absolutely agree with you but we find it just works for us. As mentioned here on these boards, there is also the chance a Regent provided flight could get downgraded from business too economy. We book our flights through AmEx Platinum and get 5x points for doing so, another cost adjustment to factor into final price. We would never tell anyone which way to book as we find this a personal choice that works well for us.
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