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  1. So looks like its called the Marina Bar on Jubilee, you can order decaf espresso for those martinis. 😊
  2. Agree the Everglades are fun to see, but I'm thinking of a long flight back home and if its hot, would prefer being able to shower before boarding😝. So access to a pool or beach with a hotel room might be nice too. Just grab an Uber. https://daycationapp.com/hotel-day-passes/miami-fl
  3. IKR? I cruised with him on Celebration, a few years back; I think it was Thanksgiving or the week after...anyway, always saw him at Alchemy. He's made it clear he doesn't like to be bothered...so like seeing an animal in the wild...don't make eye contact and back away slowly.😂
  4. In Curacao, we booked a private ride with Natasja. We told her we wanted to snorkel at Playa Lagun which has a nice beach too. She picked us up at the port and gave us a bit of a tour, then dropped us off for snorkeling. There is a dive shop and restaurant there too. Playa Lagun is about 45 min from the port so we set a time for her to come back and pick us up. Still had time to walk around the port and go over to the floating bridge. She was great; just send her an email for rates. https://dushitaxi.weebly.com/ You can rent gear at the dive shop if needed. https://www.bahia-apartments.com/diving
  5. Yes, I cruise solo and got double OBC. Save it for an expensive cruise, lol, I got a nice chunk to spend. Doesn't seem to expire, I waited a few years to use mine.
  6. I also saw pics that Magic had hit the pier in Ocho Rios due to high winds.
  7. The bubble is edible soap based on what the ladies told me at Fortune Teller on MG. Looks like Amazon has some.
  8. Its a good idea, but doubt it would work. On my last cruise the doors were slamming more than I've ever heard them - and this was a 30 day cruise. It was brutal. Especially since we had 9 sea days right at the beginning and the casino was open 24/7 so doors were literally slamming at all times. My favorite was because of the time/day change, the people in the cabin next to me would come back from gambling at like 3am and proceed to make phone calls to the people back home; walls were like paper and they were using their full voice. I put a note in their mailbox to please lower your voice - or maybe go up to the public decks where there are no people sleeping??? Even pounded on the wall a few times and it did no good. One night they even had a phone alarm going off for over 2 hours, but no one was there to turn if off. I would have said something but I never actually saw them - they literally gambled all night and then had snoozing on their door all day. (sorry for ranting - back to your regularly scheduled programming...😜)
  9. You muster station is already on your boarding pass, so just hand out S&S cards there, forcing everyone to go and avoiding the endless announcements to complete muster.
  10. I was on a south pacific cruise in Sept. We left from Seattle and were supposed to have three stops in Alaska and then on to Japan. When checking in to board, we were handed a letter that all stops in Alaska were cancelled due to a storm, and so we had 9 days at sea to Japan with pretty rough waters going around the storm. We also found out our stop in the Philippines was cancelled due to weather too, so when we reached Tokyo, some folks were just over the cruise already and got off to go home. Then a bunch of people wanting to experience the bullet train were able to get off and met us at the next Japanese port. The one thing I kept hearing about getting permission to leave the ship was to make sure you talked to Guest Services once you got on board. So it is possible, doesn't hurt to ask.
  11. I agree. I have my snoozing sign out a lot too, just because I like to sleep in late when I can. But they always seem anxious when they can't get in to clean. I honestly don't care and now I just let them come in and spruce up if I'm in there just watching tv or out on the balcony. I get new towels, garbage emptied and the all important 'v' on the TP and they're happy they can cross my room off their daily list lol.
  12. Brilliant. Super simple and works much better. That's like my suggestion...why can't they hand out our S&S cards at muster station? Our muster station is already printed on the boarding pass, so when you board just go do your muster and pick up your card. But instead lets just keep using this ridiculous system of leaving them at the cabin and making announcements ad naseum paging those people that can't be bothered to do their muster. And then having to stop bar service and all that. But what do I know? 😜
  13. That will be so fun - have you been before? I took the Luminosa to Sydney last year and we had 5 stops in Japan, brand new for me. I loved it. We went to Tokyo Disney and that was great, even tho I'm not so much a Disney fan. Carnival had some great excursions - finally got to see a beautiful Buddha in person. Enjoy your trip!
  14. I've always been able to order an additional package once on board. Remember tho, that Carnival Australia has different ways of doing things vs. US, so that could be why too. They only just started letting you bring on your one allotted bottle of wine.
  15. Since its just down the hall, like you said, your current room steward will handle. I always just pile everything in my suitcase and use any existing shopping bags to just jam everything together for moving. He'll also move any open wine or liquor bottles, water, etc. I let him handle it because you will need to leave the cabin to go get your new S&S card, go thru customs and come back, and then when you come back you just go to your new cabin. You'll get a letter near the end of the cruise. And just make sure your cruises are linked. Have never done that - just confirm with your room steward you are doing b2b and let him know your new cabin number and he will move. I've never had any issues.
  16. I always use SAS shuttles. They will pick up at FLL hotels to transport to the Port of Miami - so if you haven't reserved a hotel yet, you might want to check their list of hotel pick ups on their website. You can also schedule pick up back to FLL postcruise. https://www.ridesas.com/ Uber/cab is another option. Could be surge pricing on Uber tho since its a cruise morning. I've found if you start checking close to when you are getting ready to leave, keep refreshing the app...I've had the price drop if I don't book the first time. As a last resort, if you get a hotel with free airport shuttle, you could take it back to FLL in the morning and get the Carnival shuttle, usually picking up at baggage claim (tix found under Shore Excursions for embarkation day in Miami). But that would probably be a last resort since its kinda convoluted unless its noticeably cheaper than Uber and you're watching budget. :) There should be an option too for the Carnival shuttle back to FLL if you want to do that. But with their buses, you have to sit and wait for it to fill up, which you don't want to do if you have to catch an early flight.
  17. Saw the empty plastic bottles in your cabin; should have grabbed one and put in your backpack. You can take it thru airport security as long as its empty, and then refill it on the other side.
  18. I remember you and your hubby! Welcome back and Ian is a cutie! Looking forward to reading your review. 😊
  19. Right? Especially coming from Chicago, that's just automatic. But I was in Copenhagen last June and stopped at an outdoor cafe for a bite. Two girls walked up with a few bougie shopping bags, you know with the tissue sticking out lol, and they dropped their bags at a table and went inside to get food. Those bags sat there out in the open with no person guarding them and they were perfectly fine. I was in awe and sad at the same time.
  20. Ooo, first time seeing wine mixed with a hard liquor like that...yes, do share thoughts. :)
  21. When I cruised, some of the bartenders from Fortune Teller were working Latitudes. They knew my drink was a New Moon, and it was fabulous getting that all week, although it was a lovely pink color because they didn't have the charcoal. Same taste tho.
  22. wow, this group of drinks looked fabulous. I was intrigued on what bacon fat washing was...
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