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  1. Don't really know. I just live out of my suitcase so I want it accessible.
  2. I usually cruise in a balcony but decided to do a B2B at the very last minute, so had to change cabins. I was trying to go budget so decided on an interior. This is 10345, just a regular interior, sleeps up to 4. It was horrid. As you can see, the bunk beds are not recessed and hang out over the other beds. That is a hard metal frame there, and if you are not careful sitting up, you will knock yourself out on that corner that sticks out. Such a ridiculous design! I had to constantly be aware when I woke up to roll over and out from under the frame and don't just sit straight up. And the room is just very tiny, along with the tiny bathroom. I honestly do not see how 4 people could legit stay there. I initially had a king setup, but asked the cabin steward to switch to twins just so I could get my suitcase off the floor and get a bit more space. I do like chilling in my cabin and I was starting to feel a bit claustrophobic lol. Back to my balconies. :)
  3. I have 2 cruises that are past final payment and on one I was able to switch roommates - and at the same time upgraded to get the Cheers package, just paid the difference. Another cruise I upgraded my cabin and again, just paid the difference, also past final payment. Your travel agent is there to help you. I would definitely call and ask.
  4. With this new system, you are supposed to attend your muster station pretty much immediately upon boarding. You can get up to two drinks...if you haven't done muster by then, they are supposed to cut you off until you do it. I did the first 2 sailings on the Mardi Gras and on the second sailing, you could tell the CD, The Flying Scotsman, was getting more and more irritated over the PA trying to get people to do their muster. I mean it literally takes 2 minutes so I don't see why it is so difficult.
  5. Did you get all your VIFP perks? I don't gamble so never use the slot entry, but it was fun playing a bit with the $25 they gave me. If you didn't know about it, I know it says August, but I would go ask for it anyway since August was yesterday. :) You have to ask at the cashier and they put it on your card.
  6. Hopefully SG won't mind if I post a pic...I ate dinner at Emeril's one night. I know I'm usually curious when it says 'market price' on the menu. So these are the blue stone crab claws (MP). I paid $30 for about 17 claws. They are cold in a kind of green olive tapenade. So good.
  7. I had my mask down too walking around OSJ and passed multiple officers and none of them said anything. So like with anything else, guess it just depends. lol.
  8. We were talking with the ladies at Fortune Teller and asking if we would see them again in December when we cruise, but they weren't sure. They said Carnival is rotating crew around so more people get a chance to work.
  9. You mentioned the bathroom doors. Are they the individual ones that are touch free and you swipe your hand over the green circle? Just an fyi, the ladies were discovering that even if someone is in one of those, you can still swipe and the door will open. I must have walked in on at least 3 ladies doing their thing and had to apologize and back out. I learned not to use those particular types. lol Not sure if it was an issue with the guys. It was a big complaint in our FB groups. I can't remember if you drink coffee? Just a tip, everyone goes to JavaBlue in the morning, you can get the same drinks at Bar Della Rosa. I would go there and it would be empty. Although now that there has been a few sailings, it might be just as crowded. Maybe you already discovered this. You can only push 3 buttons in the elevator. If you push more, it will reset and need a do-over. Its to stop kids from swiping and just selecting all of them. And I agree you need 2 weeks to see the ship. Once Heald was on board and showing his videos, I ended up booking a B2B. 😄
  10. I was on the 7/31 and 8/7 sailing. Looking forward to your take on things SG. :) The ladies at Fortune Teller are awesome. Ana and Briana especially. They also work the Serenity bar during the day. New Moon is my new favorite drink. Ana also makes a mean dirty.🍸 It was so fun because it turns out I sailed with Briana in 2015.
  11. Well, I do get the entire $600 OBC for my cancelled cruise. And when I use my 25% milestone credit, it will be 25% of the double fare in OBC. So there are a few very small silver linings lol. and sorry @KmomChicago didn't mean to hijack your thread.
  12. Don't get me started on how I've paid double for years as a solo and Carnival gives zero appreciation to us that do that. And yes, I'm doing it willingly, but barely. lol At least I'm finally Diamond on the 31st. :)
  13. Yes, Swirls is excellent for breakfast! With a Bloody Mary. Or Bloody Maria. Or Mimosa. 😀 Good lord, July 31st can't get here soon enough lol.
  14. Yes, the guava mixture? when we cruise, we get a cup or two for our mini frig and enjoy it with vodka later...with a gummy whale tail garnish...mmmm😄🍹
  15. I ordered it once and that was enough. Totally not impressed. Disappointed really. Should have stuck with my filet mignon. Obviously tho, everyone's opinion is different lol.
  16. Even Carnival doesn't know what's going on. Just another normal day. 😄
  17. There is a Heald video where he has a person explain this. It isn't thru the app, and you don't need wifi. The scanning is done thru your camera and it will pop up the menu. (You know where to go for John's videos 😏.) Its the one called Walkies, Take a Look at the Casino. At 13 min he starts explaining the Hub app, at around 15 min they explain how to use the QR codes. No app, camera only.
  18. Not sure if this post will get pulled but going to try...the CCL Miami Blog on that other website highlighted your holiday card to the crew. Very nice!
  19. RIght, if you want FCC (or even if you picked a refund), the money will sit there until you tell Carnival what you want to do. Since you said you wanted FCC, there's no point in your TA calling Carnival until you tell him what new cruise to move it to. :) That's what my TA did. Although I picked a new cruise at the end of November, so am pretty sure I'm going to be going thru the whole process for the third time. sigh And this is just what happened with me and what my TA told me. As with all things Carnival, YMMV. :)
  20. This. I only had cruise fare and taxes and grats. My TA was able to roll over everything to a new cruise.
  21. My June cruise stayed there until I made the decision of what I wanted to do with the funds. Then once my TA/Carnival moved the funds to my new cruise, it disappeared.
  22. They should. My TA was able to apply 2 FCCs and funds from a cruise I had cancelled pre-Covid to make a new booking for November. Although I'm thinking that's going to turn into a third cancellation. sigh
  23. I had the Mardi Gras inaugural cancelled by Carnival. That FCC was applied to my June 3 Legend cruise, which was also cancelled. Everything was moved over to a new booking I made for end of November. My TA said that since Carnival has been cancelling the cruises, I am able to move everything to a new booking. Fingers crossed we finally cruise - I'm tired of trying to keep track of all these cancellations and refunds. lol
  24. Anything you would put on your Sign & Sail account will utilize the OBC. Yes, you can use the OBC for shore excursions, but they have to be bought on the ship, not prior to boarding. IMO, that part sucks - some of these shore excursions sell out, so don't want to wait to get on board to book. And they are expensive! I will have quite a bit of OBC on my upcoming cruise and would love to use it precruise on my European excursions. grumble grumble
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