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  1. Missing family must be even harder.❤
  2. Beautiful day in Juneau. Longing for Alaska. B
  3. Very beautiful. Just like my friend, Yonnie. I miss her. B
  4. I appreciate your kind words. It means the world to me. I did a search and did not find that one of the frequent posters, Krazy Kruizers passed away on March 16th. We sailed together many years ago and became friends. Due to her request for privacy, I do not feel comfortable disclosing any further details regarding her death.
  5. It's encouraging to read that you have all adjusted to and are thriving during the pandemic. It has been harder for me. My husband died unexpectedly (not COVID related) in October. I find myself feeling isolated. My neighbors and friends have been wonderful as my family does not live nearby. My dog is my constant companion. She's a sweetheart. I will have the second vaccine shot in early April. Looking forward to visiting my family. B
  6. HAL ship in Fort Lauderdale now. Can't see the name of the ship. Could it be....the Nieuw Amsterdam?????? B
  7. Snowing and dark this morning. Alaska in Winter!
  8. It is beautiful today. 37 degrees. Would love to be there. B
  9. Read an article about heavy rains and wind throughout SE Alaska on Wednesday. Haines appeared to be hit the hardest, but Juneau and Hoonah were also impacted.
  10. I wish we could all be in Alaska feeling the renewal and majesty of it's spirit. Sadness lasts for the night, but joy comes in the morning. B
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