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  1. Heavy rain and windy today. Would be a tough day for whale watching...or anything else. Missing Alaska.
  2. Bravo Eugenia in Juneau today...owned by Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys. B
  3. As I am from the US, the Canadian comments are not applicable to us. The other comments reflect how we now view travel plans. There are too many unknowns to even consider a cruise at this point. As the experience becomes clearer in the future, maybe. Now...it's a no go. B
  4. Astoria, Oregon today, Victoria BC tomorrow. Disembark in Vancouver the following day. I will look at the photos of our previous visits to Butchart Gardens...and sailing under the Lions Gate Bridge when approaching Vancouver. Feel blessed to have so many wonderful memories.
  5. I submitted a claim for an excursion to Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC. The price through Princess was $94.95. The price I found through another provider was $65.11. The claim was approved. I took the excursion through Princess and received an OBC of $32.82. Very pleased with the process and the result. B
  6. Hope you made it to your mother's house and are getting some sleep. B
  7. Thanks for taking the time to respond. BTW...Did you go to the dining room for lunch on embarkation day?
  8. What time did you get to board? What time were cabins ready?
  9. Has anyone used Prime Time Shuttle private car service and reserved an exact time? If so, did they arrive at or close to the time you reserved? Thanks.
  10. The casino and steakhouse bars had Grey Goose VX on our recent Dream sailing. The price of $17 per shot fell within the Cheers guidelines. I had a bloody mary made with it at the casino. I preferred sipping it over ice with a lime. Very nice. Every soda I ordered was room temperature from a can poured over ice. They gave me the can to refill the glass.
  11. We were also on this sailing. Maria and Suri were always very accommodating and made some very good drinks... both on and off the menu. Manol made a snarky comment to my husband who made one to him in return... Yikes! Not exactly sure what transpired. Maria waited on us most of the time throughout the cruise. The best drinks we had were in the steakhouse. I really enjoyed the Belvedere Watermelon Martini. My husband liked the Hendrick's Cucumber Gin and Tonic. However, we found the bartenders at the Casino Bar (no, we don't smoke) very cordial and creative with the ingredients they had to work with. We liked going there to watch sporting events. We had the Cheers package and I have no idea if we broke even or not. But, we had a great time trying new things. We'll do it again in the future, but maybe not on every cruise. We live in Houston and The Dream is moving to Galveston. It's a good alternative to the Vista if the price is right!! Have a Merry Christmas!
  12. Currently on The Dream. The Chocolate Covered Cherry and Christmas in Hawaii are both outstanding. Mario at the Casino Bar makes a killer Tito's Spicy Bloody Mary.
  13. There are two bathrooms. No toilet in the bathroom with a tub. It is not a handicap cabin, nor did I book it as one. Seems very quiet and peaceful...
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