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  1. There are lots of outdoor seating areas. The room service team will deliver to you, wherever you are on the ship. There is outdoor seating at The Dock, The Galley, The Pizza Place, the Poki place (I forgot the name), and maybe others. You can get "grab and go" stuff in a box and take it anywhere you wish, and you can get a plate from anywhere else and take it.
  2. Interesting, I did not get such an email. I wonder if it is only on certain voyages, which makes it a little more confusing. I even went back thru my deleted emails looking for such a thing. I only have one 2022 cruise scheduled.
  3. Could be a glitch in the app....try again in a day or so. It worked fine for me.
  4. The bars had cans, and there was no charge for them. It isn't like DCL where fountain service is free but cans cost.
  5. THey make a big deal out of the "mud room." OK, I guess.
  6. A 1/2 day pass (3-4 hours depending on the time slot you selected) was $39. I've read elsewhere that it is increasing to $59 on sea days, staying $39 on port days. I believe a full day was $78. They do not have "length of cruise" passes, and only the mega rockstar suites have it included.
  7. When the beds are in the L configuration, either your feet or your heads will be next to each other. It is a workable sort of separation. But as noted above, there is no single supplement for 2022 cruises booked during August.
  8. I won't argue with who the line was aimed at. I looked at the early ads and didn't even consider VV. It wasn't until friends came back with rave reviews that I booked it. Bottom line was that VV didn't get the "Sailors" who were their original target; they attracted a somewhat older median age. Yes, you'll see the 20 somethings, but you'll see a lot of gray hair as well. Whatever the original target, they are happy to book adults of any age who want to go with the flow and have fun.
  9. As noted, the times are "Check in" times, not boarding times. You are asked to not show up more than 30 minutes before your time. Yes, check in and embarkation is normally very smooth and on time. Since you are a rockstar, you have the earliest time of 1:30. You can check in then and go to the rockstar meet and greet (free champagne) after boarding while waiting for your friends to board, or you can hang out and check in/board with them.
  10. In my opinion, Virgin is significantly above "mainstream" lines in several respects. The most obvious is the food quality. IMHO, Celebrity is the closest of the lines we've cruised, but VV is significantly better. Note--this does not include the "ship within a ship" concept where people who have booked suites or special areas have dedicated restaurants. I LIKE the bar tab concept better than any drink package as I have not seen people drinking for the sake of maxing out a drink package. I addition, the bar tab can be shared with anyone you wish. There is currently a special of $100 bonus with purchase of each $300 bar tab, so a 25% discount. Most lines sell drink packages for $80-100 per day per passenger in the stateroom, while VV gives you a lot more control over how much you wish to spend on alcohol. The posted prices on VV include gratuity. On most other lines, that $10 drink would actually cost you $11.80 if you didn't have a package; on VV it costs you $10 off your bar tab. And you can use your bar tab for things like the pub crawl or beverage pairings with dinner (at Test Kitchen). If you don't spend your entire bar tab, treat your new best friends on the last night. Drink prices on VV are typically cheaper than other lines, and definitely cheaper than hotel bars or clubs in Miami!
  11. It depends totally on when you show up and whether the restaurant is full. It can be anything from "right now," more typically a 10 minute wait. It is possible to be told that they can't take you or that the wait is 45 minutes, but in that case they will get on their system and tell you which restaurants have space and hold a spot for you till you can get there. If you didn't make reservations in advance either on the app or the phone, there is a table on deck 7 that will help you with reservations on embarkation day.
  12. You only have to schedule your disembarkation if you are going to send your luggage down the night before. If you are doing "self disembarkation," scheduling is not required. And yes, assuming normal docking and Customs clearance of the ship, disembarkation is 7:30-10:00.
  13. If you can't get it to work on the app, you can call VV. If you are able to get thru to a live person, they can book the reservations for you. It looks like the app is working again....at least for now.
  14. The VV web site says that the $100 bonus is valid until August 31, as is the new special on bookings for the remainder of 2022. I have read, but have no personal experience, that if you have a bar tab with the $50 extra, you can call VV and request to have it adjusted to the new special...and it is happening for at least some Sailors.
  15. I just read some interesting stats from VV. The average of cruisers is 47 (with a very wide range), over 50% are married, and only 25% identified themselves as "first time cruisers." And from my travel agent, 90% of his clients who have cruised VV have already booked a second cruise with them. No, you don't have to be young to enjoy VV. You do need to be willing to "go with the fun," and you'll get more out of the cruise if you do a little research in advance so you have an idea of what to expect. There are areas that I would place them at the top of any of the lines I've cruises....and some that need improvement. Just don't expect it to be like other lines--it isn't.
  16. You'll find roll call groups on various social media sites. The one here for my sailing isn't very active, but another one elsewhere is. I just booked my second VV. Yes, there are incentives for rebooking on board. Per my TA, there have been 5 different "deals" since October 2021. The current one is $300 off + $300 OBC (Sailor's Loot) on the new booking, and this can be combined with any current offers. They had a better one that just ended a few days ago, supposedly for "Richard's birthday," but now it is back to the standard one.
  17. The current sailing has about 1200 Sailors on board, so less than 50% full. I've read very mixed reports of people asking and getting or not getting upgrades. Good luck!
  18. Current cruise, 1200 Sailors on board Scarlet Lady
  19. Currently VV does not do any of the "add ons" that some other cruise lines do. Hotels in Miami have gotten expensive, but that's another story. VV does not offer hotel bookings, shuttles (unless you are in a suite),etc. They will help you find air, but what they found and quoted me was higher than what I'd already found on line! They are a separate company than Virgin Airways and have no tie ins or benefits to using that company.
  20. They have had 5 different offers since they started cruising in October, 2021. Most recently was a Richard's Birthday special which was a better deal than the standard placeholder or booking while on board, but that has now expired. And yes, you can combine with any current promotion when you select your date.
  21. No limits on US departures. There were limits on European departures; I'm not sure whether those have been lifted or not.
  22. Sorry--I see what you guys are saying. Yes, you can use the Sailor's Loot for excursions "Shore Things" after you board. Technically, the money isn't in your account till you check in at the port.
  23. Yes, you can. NCL must be odd.....I've been able to on every line I've cruised! (40+ cruises on at least 5 different lines....I may be forgetting some!)
  24. If the 1100 number is correct, that's about 40%...which is consistent with what we've been seeing on both ships. The VV rep on the phone told me that their "target" for my cruise later this season is 65% but that they are no where near that yet. However, with the new testing/vaccine regs as of yesterday, we may see a surge in bookings.
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