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  1. Bar tab bonus can also be $100 or $125 on a $300 purchase depending on your loyalty status....Sea Blazers (cruised in 2021) get $125, no expiration date. Sea Rovers get $100 thru the end of 2024.
  2. The Disney Magic and Wonder had special charge areas. It was a great set up because it allowed people who didn't need an assist device in their cabin to book a standard cabin rather than taking one of the few HA cabins. They could leave the scooter and walk the short distance to a cabin or have a family member take it to charge and retrieve it for them. I don't know if they continued this feature on their newer ships as there were always those unsupervised brats who didn't seem to know that they should keep their hands off things that didn't belong to them....
  3. Absolutely. Bar tab can be used for any beverage that has a cost--specialty coffee and tea, smoothies, cold pressed juices, mocktails, wine, alcohol of any sort. There are no limits on cost either....until the bar tab runs out.
  4. I'm not sure where you read it either, but you are wrong. Virgin has several companies that will rent you a scooter and deliver it to the terminal to have it waiting for you...same at the end of the cruise. This only works if your departure and arrival ports are the same--they specifically cannot do it on a transatlantic cruise. They are happy to supply the names of the companies; you make your own arrangements. You absolutely cannot park scooters in the halls on VV. If you are using a scooter or motorized chair you must be in a fully accessible cabin and your device(s) must be kept in your cabin.
  5. A couple of times I've gotten to the airport early enough to catch the flight before....again, talk to the person at the desk and I've had them move me up to that earlier flight. Only good for them--flight not full and that opened a seat on the later flight should someone need it.
  6. You were lucky....I've seen everything from placing people on the next flight to a $50 change fee to "too bad, so sad" and having to purchase a new flight. It depends on the airline, maybe the country you are in, and possibly the agent you are dealing with.
  7. Check with your TA. MNVV are transferrable.,,,,I believe twice. That means you could hypothetically cancel and rebook twice if that is what works for you. Yes, if you cancel and rebook, you lose the old promotion and pick up the new one. IF this is your second rebooking, you should lose the bar tab but keep the MNVV perks
  8. Yes--big red desk on deck 7 on embarkation day or sailor services on deck 5 after that. The good thing is that if you book after boarding, you can pay for your excursions with loot.
  9. Why would you get a rebate? I've never seen VV do that. Contact your travel agent to see whether you can cancel and rebook to get the lower rate. That I have done prior to the PIF date.
  10. I don't know what's going on--we had a port canceled on the Miami to Barcelona crossing as well...and we are getting our port charges refunded as loot. I realize that the amount is very small, but we paid in cash and should be refunded as cash, not ship funny money that we already have a ton of......
  11. Technically, they have the right to remove or change ports for any reason....obviously we all understand things like political unrest or bad weather, but one does wonder about some other changes. Are they even refunding your $11? On our cruise they changed a port and said we would each get $5 port charge put on our account as loot. We already have a ton of loot, so that might not be useful at all....and yes, I paid in real US dollars; it should be refunded the same way.
  12. Normally, the ship ports about 6:30 and the earliest you can get off is between 7 and 7:30....the ship must be cleared by port authorities before anyone gets off. It is about an hour from the cruise port to the Athens airport by car. You might want to spend a day in Athens rather than risk missing your flight,
  13. The fact that the ship arrives by 6:30 does not mean you can disembark at 6:30. Disembarkation normally starts between 7 and 7:30 after the port authorities have cleared the ship. It is about an hour by car from the cruise terminal to the airport. I think you are cutting it way too close. Spend a day in Athens, get a hotel for the night (maybe near the airport) and leave the next day.....or take one of the "suboptimal" flights. VV is different than other cruise lines in that they don't give a firm "DO NOT book flights before 12:00" the way some other cruise lines do, but this is way too tight for me,
  14. Exactly--perfect location, beautiful hotel, but well beyond what I wish to spend for a clean, safe bed,
  15. Mocktails, coffees, specialty tea, smoothies/shakes, "boxed juices" (they call them cold pressed, but they come out of boxes!), sharing with others.....I certainly wouldn't go thru $300 personally, but I'd use some. And I don't know why it is relevant that specialty coffees are in line with local coffee shops. That is true, but if I can get them on a complimentary bar tab on board, why pay for them? (except to avoid the room service fee).
  16. Interesting....there is the large drawer available when the beds are in the double configuration; it is under one bed in the L configuration...but had nothing to do with 3 pax. The arrangement for 3 is usually a fold out ottoman (at least in some cabins). In my limited experience, the beds in XL are the same as in Sea Terrace and can do the L.
  17. VV calls the TAs who have taken their training, etc. "First Mates." I would STRONGLY recommend using one; the one I use was ranked as one of the top 10 in 2023. People with the rank of "Gold Tier" have completed extensive training on VV and met a bunch of requirements--again look for that. Yes, TAs can sometimes offer some perks. I don't think they are allowed to refund you a bit of their commission as OBC the way some other lines allow, but there are times they can get you some OBC for booking within a certain time period of an on line thing, get a bottle of wine or some bar tab because they have a certain number of cabins booked on your cruise dates, etc. Some buy up future cruise certificates on VV because they are transferrable--they can sell one to you at their cost and you can collect the discounts and perks associated with that even if it is your first cruise. There is A LOT to learn about VV that is different than other lines...for that, check out YouTube. I like a channel called "Where's Walter Travels." He has a couple of excellent videos on VV...one general, one on food, etc. The ships are basically the same. Here is one of his videos. We are not allowed to recommend TAs on Cruise Critic. I would suggest that you look at other social media sites where it is allowed.
  18. the showers are plenty tall enough. THe "small" issue is space around the toilet and sink....not a lot of room to move around. I think the issue is that the bathrooms in the XL are significantly larger. The standard are not big, but they are enough.
  19. Early April. They were well within the reservation period. On my upcoming cruise, the entire reservation system went down including the TA portal and sailor services....I guess stuff happens, but yuk.
  20. You nailed it. There are occasional changes....on one cruise I rebooked to save $135 but had to give up a bottle of Moet (TA rebooked but said VV asked 3 times if she was sure I wanted to do that). However, on another cruise a new deal came out that got me a cash savings of $400 plus a bar tab of a lot (I think $600). But mostly it is a matter of how they shuffle the deal.
  21. Completely unpredictable. All you know for sure is that the free bar tab is going away. VV prices go up and down with sometimes no seeming logic.
  22. I screenshot everything so if the app and website crash, I still have proof of what I've booked or what perks I should have. THen, if I board and something isn't right, I let VV sort it out there.
  23. You can buy drinks for anyone you wish. Is you click the box in the app indicating that you are responsible for your shipmate's expenses, both bracelets will be able to access the bar tab. If you don't tick that button or when purchasing for someone else, just let the bartender or waiter scan your bracelet but indicate that the beverage is for the other person or group.Totally easy. Many people complain about the lack of an unlimited beverage package, but the bar tab works much better for us and even if we paid for it, would cost a lot less. A benefit to everyone, unlike on some lines, you don't see anyone trying to max out the allotment on their drink package. Yes, there are people on VV who have had too much, but not in the numbers of some other lines.
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