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  1. It depends on why you want the Splash of Romance. If you will use the thermal suite and want the Moet, that equals the cost. You already have priority boarding and Splash will get you on board maybe 3-5 minutes earlier. So you are looking at the valur of a few munchies that you can't get anywhere else and the juices that you can get with your bar tab if you don't have SOR. Bottom line, if you wouldn't use both the Moet and the thermal suite, it isn't worth the deal Getting a bottle of wine has had varying results for us. We were told in one restaurant that it couldn't happen, but we got one from room service. (unopened). Others have gotten it from the same restaurant that refused us. We've never tried with Liquor. If you buy in the duty free shop, it is on loot and held until the last night.
  2. When we fly in the day before and want to sleep, get over jet lag, etc. we stay at the Barcelona Hotel Aeropuerto by Melia. They have a complimentary shuttle from the airport and will happily put you in a cab to the terminal. I'm not aware of any. hotel that has both a shuttle from the airport and to the cruise terminal, They are near public transportation, but we didn't want to mess with that. Good wifi, there is a restaurant, fitness center, etc. if desired. We've also used the Best Western Airport--better restaurant selections but their airport shuttle only runs in the morning! On our last trip we shared with a friend and got an extra large cab for 50 Euros--won't do that again, The trip before, it was 22 Euros for a "normal" size cab which is plenty for 2....it will be more than 22 as there is a fee for the cab to enter the terminal area that VV is using now. (boo hiss). If we are coming in and want to do tourist stuff, we stay in the Las Ramblas area. THere is a bus from the Columbus statue at the base of Las Ramblas to the cruise terminal but that means juggling luggage, etc. Just get a cab from the hotel. With a 2:45 terminal arrival time, I'd show up at 2 or a little before. Boarding will start at 1:30. It is not unusual for those with later times, like yours, to be able to check in and board a little earlier. VV's recommendation is to not show up more than 30 minutes early, and that IS accurate if you have a 1:30 time...but boarding goes very quickly and once all the priority boarders are taken, you're ready to go!
  3. We used Lyft and had no trouble. We hit one bad patch of traffic and it took less than an hour. Of course this was a weekend, People swear by the Brightline, but for us the Lyft was easier. We waited at the cruise terminal about 5 minutes for the car to arrive, The cost was about $50 but I won't pretend to remember exactly. We were warned that it would be $150, but that was from someone trying to get us to book their shuttle....
  4. I'm old....and found an amazing agent. On VV, they are called First Mates. Mine is all about customer service, and ranked in the top 10 on VV in 2023.. Given the level of pre-boarding frustration on VV, a good one is a great person to have on your side. As above, we aren't allowed to recommend people here. Ask your new friends on board or on other social media sites.
  5. I was able to rebook an upcoming cruise some time ago....MNVV transferred over. I saved $400. But that change was made a year ago. Since then, the cruise has greatly increased in price. However, it is down $1000 from the top price I've seen for a Sea Terrace.
  6. Yup I've had it happen where I lost all my preboarding info too. If you call sailor services oryour travel agent, they MIGHT be able to book dinners for you (if there is anything left for "in advance." The good news is that a huge number of reservations are held back until after boarding. If you go to Razzle Dazzle on deck 5 after boarding, they can assist you with getting the reservations you want or changing what you've already booked. I had so much trouble with the app this time that I reached the point of "I don't even care any more." If it is anything other than an unbelievably great cruise, it may well be my last on VV....mostly because I'm tired of fighting with the app and the wheelchair assist issues.
  7. Officially you are allowed to bring 2 bottles per cabin at embarkation. We are aware of more than a few people who brought 2 bottles per person and were not stopped. But no, not allowed at ports of call.
  8. The app on board is a lot better than in advance. I had so much trouble with the pre-board app this time that if VV hasn't fixed the other thing that has been a problem for us, I likely won't be booking another cruise with them. There are many things I like, but I was so angry and stressed at the app this time that it just isn't worth the hassle. They've had more than 2 years to fix it, so really no excuses. The other problem is a wheelchair assist issue.....so we'll see......
  9. That's exactly what I was going to say.....I've only seen it used once by a woman who appeared to be doing some sort of shadow boxing. Not sure where the gloves came from.
  10. The hotel that I use depends on my trip. If I am flying in the day before and just getting on the cruise the next morning, I want to sleep and recover from jet lag. I typically use Hotel Aeropuerto by Melia because they have a complimentary airport shuttle, food available if I wish, English speaking staff, are on a bus line, pizza delivery to the hotel (used to be to room, now to lobby) etc. They will arrange a taxi for me to get to the cruise--about a 20 minute drive. If I am coming in several days early and want to do the tourist stuff, I'll stay in the Las Ramblas area...taxi to ship is easy. The closest hotel to book is the World Trade Center hotel--quite pricey and you'll still need transportation. There is a shuttle bus from the Columbus statue at the base of Las Ramblas, but it will only save a few dollars and you'll have to get to that location somehow.
  11. I've seen no more bookings available, but there were a few seats in the Red Room.
  12. There are no drink packages on VV, but the bar tab concept is a lot more flexible and, unless you are a heavy drinker, cheaper. In addition, most recent bookings have included a complimentary bar tab in various amounts. The email should tell you what is included. If you are not getting a bar complimentary bar tab or you feel it is not enough, you can purchase bar tab in advance. Depending on the amount you purchase, you will get a bonus added based on the amount you purchase and any loyalty status you have (ranges from $10 on $100 purchase to $125 on $300 purchase with top loyalty status). The down side to a bar tab is a "use it or lose it," so if you don't think you will spend a given amount, don't buy it. If it is complimentary, it doesn't matter. On past cruises we have been able to purchase unopened bottles of wine from room service and take those home. Yes, we could buy the same wine for a lot less at home, but this is "free" as it is with complimentary bar tab. Makes a good hostess gift if nothing else. You do need to be aware of the regulations in your disembarkation port.
  13. It wasn't the former printed menu vs. new menu that I had issues with. It was the fact that there were item available previously that weren't on the original printed menu but were available every night....and are not available now. Oh well...it is what it is....
  14. I've seen VV cruises in a Sea Terrace range from $75 pp per night to $350 pp per night. The lower costs are becoming harder to find. I haven't seen anywhere advertising 60% off. I've seen 60% off second sailor in same cabin--very different!. VV does include a lot that is "add on" cost on other lines, so you need to do a little work to get as good a comparison as possible.
  15. Be careful what you wish for. THe "secret" changes in RD are not to our liking, although the deserts are better. I don't guess it would do any good to print the test kitchen menu--we still wouldn't know much! Fully agree that The Wake and Pink Agave could use some tweaks.
  16. Well done review. Sorry you had some mis-information about embarkation. There is no reason for anyone to show up at the VV terminal prior to 1pm. Boarding does not start until 1:30. SO if you have priority status, showing up at 1 is plenty of time to get checked in and be ready to board at 1:30. We have always been in a normal Sea Terrace with priority boarding as Sea Rovers (the lowest designation of priority) and been in our cabin between 1:45 and 1:50 except one trip where boarding times were changed do to JLo. If you have a later terminal arrival time, you may well get in before your time, but not ever before 1pm. VV recommends no more than 30 minutes before your assigned time. Otherwise, as you noted, you'll get to stand in line outside with no place to sit. Carlos is by far the best Diva. True, no beverage packages...we like the bar tab structure better for many reasons including lower cost. Trip cost Celebrity vs. VV depends a lot on when you booked and what cruise you are on. Our VV cruises have been MUCH lower in cost than our Celebrity and we had lots of perks. But VV costs have increased a lot recently, so you won't see the great deals any more.
  17. We had one cruise out of our 4 that decreased in price, but that price decreased almost a year prior to sailing. Never saw a last minute "fire sale" like some lines do.
  18. That never happened with the standby line on previous cruises. It would be a good idea though.
  19. DBE is Deep Blue Extras, a loyalty reward program that you could get thru 2023 either by sailing 2 VV cruises or applying for their "status match" with another line. If you didn't apply by by the end of 2023, you cannot get it now. They are supposedly coming out with a different program "soon." Those who got the old program still get it on cruises thru at least 2024. We've never come close to using up our "free" bar tab. If your booking includes any loot, that can also pay for your drinks, and regular brewed tea, coffee, soda, water, and juices are included in all bookings. Make friends with someone who has a $600 free tab!
  20. The bridge tour and ship tour are two different things. Megas get a bridge tour at no charge. Ship tour fills up very fast, but agent can arrange it for Megas if they ask on first day--and yes, they pay for that. And you CAN take a bottle at the end of the cruise.
  21. What I would do is set the TV to the view...on most lines it is from the bridge, on VV it is from the wake, and turn the sound to zero. That way, the tv screen would light up when the sun came up.
  22. There is a place that makes smoothies. They have recipes for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, but they are made in the Social Club Bar and do not use ice cream....not made at the ice cream shop. Moctails--generally $2 or 3 less than the posted price for the alcoholic version...figure $8 per drink, some might be a little more. The smoothies with alcohol are about 9, without about $6-7. These prices were as of Nov. 2023. Specialty tea is $5, coffee in that same general range. I'm not a coffee person; I think some were in the $6 range. If you have DBE, you get $10 credit at The Grounds Club each day (per cabin, not per person and it is per day--doesn't roll over to another day if not used). 2 of us have never used up $300 in 5 or 6 days....but it depends on how much you consume, whether alcoholic or not.
  23. This--you host will bring you an approved steamer on request.
  24. Funny, since one of the things a VV veteran told me when I was considering the cruise was that it is for people who don't like to stand in line and be told what to so. Oh well, guess all good things must come to an end. After several VV cruises, I'm not likely to do any shows, but I can promise I won't be standing in line for an hour to try to get a seat.
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