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  1. You nailed it. There are occasional changes....on one cruise I rebooked to save $135 but had to give up a bottle of Moet (TA rebooked but said VV asked 3 times if she was sure I wanted to do that). However, on another cruise a new deal came out that got me a cash savings of $400 plus a bar tab of a lot (I think $600). But mostly it is a matter of how they shuffle the deal.
  2. Completely unpredictable. All you know for sure is that the free bar tab is going away. VV prices go up and down with sometimes no seeming logic.
  3. I screenshot everything so if the app and website crash, I still have proof of what I've booked or what perks I should have. THen, if I board and something isn't right, I let VV sort it out there.
  4. You can buy drinks for anyone you wish. Is you click the box in the app indicating that you are responsible for your shipmate's expenses, both bracelets will be able to access the bar tab. If you don't tick that button or when purchasing for someone else, just let the bartender or waiter scan your bracelet but indicate that the beverage is for the other person or group.Totally easy. Many people complain about the lack of an unlimited beverage package, but the bar tab works much better for us and even if we paid for it, would cost a lot less. A benefit to everyone, unlike on some lines, you don't see anyone trying to max out the allotment on their drink package. Yes, there are people on VV who have had too much, but not in the numbers of some other lines.
  5. I wonder if this person has a phone number very close to yours or if VV somehow switched the phone numbers.....just a thought.
  6. Be aware the Civita...is NOT anywhere near Rome. It is about an hour away by train, about 90 minutes or more by bus. So, if you do that as a one day stop, you will have very little time to see the city. THere is easily enough to do there to spend a week....so I like that better as a start or end port rather than a port of call (same with Florence, but that isn't on any of your lists) Naples is good for either the city or to do Vesuvius/Pompeii or Herculaneum. However...when we did Pompeii, we were told that "all the good stuff is at the museum." The people who did the museum were told it was all at the excavation site. Seems that many of the treasures were raided by various governments (per a couple of documentaries.). Don't get me wrong--it was worth doing and they are doing more excavation all the time. Cannes is great. You are near many little places that you can choose to visit, There is a train that will take you to Nice, you can visit Eze, etc. or stay in Cannes (or choose different places each time you visit). Funniest photo ever--a total junker VW Beatle at a stop light next to a spotless, new looking Ferrari. So....I would not do 2 because Rome would just not be enough time there. Any of the others have good ports. One thought--there IS such a thing as visiting too many ruins. On one cruise (not VV) we did Ephesus, some of the Greek islands, and Pompeii. Should have skipped the ruins at the islands. And remember that ports in Turkey may sometimes be canceled for political unrest (can happen anywhere, but that is the most likely on your list) If I was concerned about the starting and ending cities, I'd go with number 1. Both Rome and Barcelona are good for as many days as you wish to spend and well worth your time.....for ports, I sort of like 3, but seriously, you can't go wrong.
  7. OP's original post of seeing another person's booking info was serious. Normally, what you see is a photo of someone and they can then mess with your free dinner and show reservations. Not a huge data breach, but still a problem.
  8. Loot can be used for excursions booked ON BOARD. If you book in advance, you pay with credit card. Loot can be used for anything purchased on board except future cruise certificates/bookings. Yes, the only reason to buy a bar tab is the bonus. If you don't have a bar tab, or if you spend all of your bar tab, any additional beverage purchases are applied first to loot and then to your credit card account. Only you can determine whether purchasing a bar tab is "worth it," as if you don't spend at least what you paid for it, you lose it. On the other hand, you now can get a $10 bonus on a $100 tab.....that might work for short cruises or people who will use it for specialty coffee, smoothies, etc. but not alcohol. Remember that on VV, the price on the menu is the price you pay. The gratuity is included; no additional 18% or 20% like on other lines. Yes, you can offer a dollar or two to a bartender; some will decline it! On our first cruise, we had no bar tab.....no problem. Since then, we have received various amounts of "complimentary" bar tab thru various promotions...usually more than we could use!
  9. I was in a social media group for our sailing; my guess was that people from the group added me....again, just remove them. It didn't bother me until I saw that a dinner reservation had disappeared. Fortunately I was able to add it back. The problem is that if people are linked, they can "accidentally" mess with your non-pay reservations.
  10. The problem is that when this happens, those people can change you dining reservations, etc. Delete everyone you don't know/didn't add
  11. No more status matches--that ended 12/31/2023. They are supposedly coming out with their own new loyalty program "soon," but we've heard that for at least 18 months. And yes, for OP, the "Tips included" means ALL tips, not just the $15-18 per day on other lines. It means the tips in the spa, the tips at the bar, etc. You will never sign a slip for anything and there is no way to add a tip other than to offer cash. As noted, we've had it refused. One crew member told us that she was earning 3 times as much on VV as she had been on her previous line where she had been in a tipped position. In addition, crew has free internet (probably the most popular perk as they pay a lot for it on other lines) and depending on how full the ship is, can eat in guest areas, attend shows, etc. THey have a very cheap crew bar and specialty coffee location, but if they order alcohol or specialty coffee/tea in guest areas, they pay what we do. However, especially the coffee/tea is sometimes much easier for them to grab at Grounds Club on a break than to go all the way back to crew areas. That brings up another nice way to show appreciation to crew--if they are in line in front of or behind you at Grounds Club, have the people working charge the crew member's coffee to you.If you have DBE and don't use your entire $10 per day, it will go on that first. Also, if you see a table of crew in a restaurant, offer to pay for a round of drinks or a bottle of wine.
  12. $50 bar tab is nothing....looks like a way to get you to book. Disney used to send out all sorts of surveys. Some of the items from surveys were incorporated into the cruises....but as much as 10 years later! Obviously they are looking for info, but probably not as important as they'd like you to believe.
  13. You are more likely to hit the people eager to get off at 7 or 7:30. People tend to fit into one of two groups--either off as soon as possible or stay on almost as long as permitted (have a nice breakfast, etc.). And that obviously depends on your travel plans.
  14. You are correct....I always think of a gty or lock it in as likely to get the obstructed view.....which is often not the case at all.
  15. I agree....or maybe we were just too entranced with their new way of doing things. Our upcoming cruise is the last VV we have booked, and we have no plans to book more at this point. I don't mind the sea days. I've had it with their badly malfunctioning tech--make dining reservations 45 days out, but the app never works long enough to get the reservations made. Enter all your pre-travel info....and when you look a month later, it has all disappeared. As of this morning, my account is non-existent on their web page. Fortunately, I have screen shots of everything and my travel agent is on the same cruise we are on should there be an issue. That, combined with multiple episodes of tiny charges (51 cents to $2) showing up after we paid in full....being removed....then showing up again later....I'm just tired of dealing with it. We have another cruise booked on another line....and I may bounce back to VV after that experience. But for now, my feeling is that they've had 2 years to fix their crap and haven't managed it.
  16. The medical declaration is rather new--since they hired a disability director (they kicked him off the ship when he tried to cruise solo, then realized their huge screw up and hired him). I was not happy with the form at all as it did not address our needs.....it addressed what the cruise line thinks they need to know and not any of the pain points we have encountered. I've seen plenty of people with scooters and a few with electric wheelchairs on VV..no problems from anything I could tell.
  17. Very little is the same. If you want Royal only red in color, you won't be happy. If you want a new experience and don't compare everything to other lines, you may love it. I'd suggest watching some YouTube videos--Where's Walter Travels are the best I've seen. He has one on Scarlet Lady in general and one on food. They are a little old, but there have been very few changes....and the ships are essentially the same other than a few decor changes. A few basics....No nickel and dime spending, no announcements, no cruise director, few queues, no kids, all restaurants included, tips included, shows included, all on board activities except those that include alcohol are included, no go karts, no climbing walls, no "sales" from the shops out in the halls, No KIDS, no beverage packages (there is a bar tab option), gratuities included, wifi included, efficient boarding IF you arrive when scheduled, etc. There is no main dining room. There are 6 restaurants where you sit down and are served. Reservations work best but they take walk ins. No buffet....they have a food court area called "The Galley.: I don't know what you mean by "We are D+ on both lines." There is no such designation on VV. IF you mean that you applied for the status match, you have been awarded Sea Rover status on VV, which gives you a perks package called "Deep Blue Extras." These are NOT the same perks you get on any other line....the "match" doesn't match the perks, it matches the fact that you have loyalty status. DBE gives you premium wifi (unlimited amount), priority boarding, $100 bar tab complimentary, one bag of laundry washed and a bit of pressing or dry cleaning, a cocktail party, $10 per day credit in Grounds Club (specialty coffee and tea), and a few other things.
  18. My entire account is missing as of this morning....on the web and the app. I'm so done with their crap. I'll deal with it when I arrive in Miami.
  19. I've read everything from 2 weeks to 2 days prior to sailing....but as above, it can change until the time you actually check in. You may be offered the ability to bid on an upgrade....and it may or may not be worth your while to bid. On our last cruise, we met at least 3 cabins of people who had not bid but got moved from a Lock It In gty to a central sea terrace. A lot depends on how full your sailing is.
  20. There are huge variables. First, disembarkation does not start at 6. It starts at about 7 assuming that Customs clears the ship promptly. 7 is for people who are carrying off their luggage (these people can leave at any time.). If you are placing your luggage outside your room the night before you will select a disembarkation time on the app. From there....assuming you show up at the check out line at your appointed time, it can be as quick as 15 minutes from entering the line to being out of the terminal or as long as a couple hours...and I am not kidding. We have never encountered a delay in Customs or baggage claim. Our delays have been in getting off the ship and down to the baggage claim/Customs area. FLL to cruise terminal took us about 45 minutes; we hit one small area of traffic delay. That was a weekend, so your traffic experience may vary. If I had a noon flight out of FLL, I'd select 7am self disembarkation and pick up outside the terminal at 8. You may be waiting a bit for your ride, but you'll be on your way as fast as reasonably possible. The problem is that you might encounter a long line of people wanting to leave early.
  21. A lot of the "deals" are decreasing....amount of complimentary bar tab, loot on MNVV, on new purchases.
  22. It depends on why you want the Splash of Romance. If you will use the thermal suite and want the Moet, that equals the cost. You already have priority boarding and Splash will get you on board maybe 3-5 minutes earlier. So you are looking at the valur of a few munchies that you can't get anywhere else and the juices that you can get with your bar tab if you don't have SOR. Bottom line, if you wouldn't use both the Moet and the thermal suite, it isn't worth the deal Getting a bottle of wine has had varying results for us. We were told in one restaurant that it couldn't happen, but we got one from room service. (unopened). Others have gotten it from the same restaurant that refused us. We've never tried with Liquor. If you buy in the duty free shop, it is on loot and held until the last night.
  23. When we fly in the day before and want to sleep, get over jet lag, etc. we stay at the Barcelona Hotel Aeropuerto by Melia. They have a complimentary shuttle from the airport and will happily put you in a cab to the terminal. I'm not aware of any. hotel that has both a shuttle from the airport and to the cruise terminal, They are near public transportation, but we didn't want to mess with that. Good wifi, there is a restaurant, fitness center, etc. if desired. We've also used the Best Western Airport--better restaurant selections but their airport shuttle only runs in the morning! On our last trip we shared with a friend and got an extra large cab for 50 Euros--won't do that again, The trip before, it was 22 Euros for a "normal" size cab which is plenty for 2....it will be more than 22 as there is a fee for the cab to enter the terminal area that VV is using now. (boo hiss). If we are coming in and want to do tourist stuff, we stay in the Las Ramblas area. THere is a bus from the Columbus statue at the base of Las Ramblas to the cruise terminal but that means juggling luggage, etc. Just get a cab from the hotel. With a 2:45 terminal arrival time, I'd show up at 2 or a little before. Boarding will start at 1:30. It is not unusual for those with later times, like yours, to be able to check in and board a little earlier. VV's recommendation is to not show up more than 30 minutes early, and that IS accurate if you have a 1:30 time...but boarding goes very quickly and once all the priority boarders are taken, you're ready to go!
  24. We used Lyft and had no trouble. We hit one bad patch of traffic and it took less than an hour. Of course this was a weekend, People swear by the Brightline, but for us the Lyft was easier. We waited at the cruise terminal about 5 minutes for the car to arrive, The cost was about $50 but I won't pretend to remember exactly. We were warned that it would be $150, but that was from someone trying to get us to book their shuttle....
  25. I'm old....and found an amazing agent. On VV, they are called First Mates. Mine is all about customer service, and ranked in the top 10 on VV in 2023.. Given the level of pre-boarding frustration on VV, a good one is a great person to have on your side. As above, we aren't allowed to recommend people here. Ask your new friends on board or on other social media sites.
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