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  1. The 20% off made ours $588.50 w/ tax for 2 people for a week cruise. (Technically 6 days because Cheers doesn't kick in until the 2nd day out of Galveston.) Usually, our total for Cheers comes to $716.92 for the same thing. That discount just bought us a couple more dinners in the steakhouse! 😄
  2. Just got the 20% off to work finally!! Woo hoo!
  3. It's a great deal -- Aside from the cheaper pre-purchase price, I have never seen any sort of sale on Cheers!
  4. Same here. 😞 I want my discounted Cheers!
  5. Picked up 200 shares at 7.99 today. We're in it for the long haul. I've always gone with "invest in what you love." It'll take a good while, but I think Carnival will be just fine. Very few people are going to give up cruising, and there are far more people who are now looking forward to cruising again at some point more than ever.
  6. It's coming... Royal Caribbean (and Celebrity) just announced they are extending the cruise suspension until May 12th. I imagine Carnival won't be far behind.
  7. Only have the original Pixels package offered for our 2/2021 Vista cruise. I am hoping they roll the new packages out to all the ships/sailings before our cruise, because I would love a stock photo x1000 times more than a canvas print. Especially a stock photo taken by Mr. Radu! His photography is phenomenal. Would go great in one of the double-sided folios we have. I always put a pro portrait from our cruise on one side, and a picture of the ship on the other.
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