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  1. Some casino crew boarded in Bar before the Escape moved to Civitavecchia. Just been doing drills and getting ready for the first sailing. Seems no set schedules for recrewing. Some have literally had only a couple days notice before flying to meet their ship, others close to 2 months onboard before first pax cruise.
  2. Not sure if they'll do a practice run. Friends boarded end of September in Aruba, but another charter was scheduled to arrive on the 8th before they left for SJ. Unfortunately, crew wifi is often....rhymes with snappy and signal is hit or miss unless they're on deck.
  3. Crew and ship had a full immigration review per friend onboard. First group finished quarantine today. Bliss is back in LA.
  4. Friend onboard said new charter arrives on the 8th with more crew. Good news; more crew back to work.
  5. Friends onboard said theyre anticipating anchoring on the 6th and porting on the 12th. She still hasn't gotten her luggage. Remarked that it's been a very smooth journey.
  6. Breakaway left Bermuda at 7AM to avoid the storm impact. Safe and smooth sails back to NYC.
  7. Ncl crew currently in hotel quarantine, scheduled to fly on Saturday to rejoin the Joy. But first cruise isn't scheduled until November 20th., so likely a good while until she heads to Florida.
  8. Bliss has left Miami. No luggage for crew friend.😔
  9. Bliss is waiting for the pilot, per crew friend onboard. In quarantine until the 6th. Will head to LA via the Panama Canal. She said they won't dock on the 6th according to current plans, but will on the 12th. Her luggage was left behind and if not loaded before they leave, it won't be until the 12th.
  10. Some crew friends joined up in Bar end of August, early September. Heading to Italy.
  11. Test cruise completed and crew ready for pax in a few short hours.
  12. She'll arrive on the 28th. Test cruise is currently scheduled for the 31st.
  13. Lots of excellent crew in that pic! You even have Rowen in the corner. Agree , Deepak is top notch! His friendliness and attitude trickle down to all officers and crew working with him. Not all surprised he was tapped for the Great Comeback!
  14. Dawn and now Jade have Elements, which rivals the big shows. It's pretty amazing.
  15. Go to the casino. Insert a $20. You might get lucky and get 3 back. 🙃
  16. What we plan to do also. Better than traveling to the port and getting a shock, although not foolproof now.
  17. Many have also gone through several quarantines and numerous ongoing testings.
  18. Crew on the Encore received the JJ vaccine in San Juan while onboard the Joy. There might be some additional joins that received different vaccines after the Joy transfer. Gem also got JJ in San Juan. Jade got Pfizer in Greece as did getaway. Some crew onboard the Epic received theirs at home; Moderno or Pfizer. Others got theirs on the Spirit before transferring. There will likely be a mixture of acceptable vaccinesafter all ships are recrewed . Same with pax.
  19. Definitely follow the NCL Sail Safe link for updates. It's continually being revised. Currently, NCL is not requiring masks for pax onboard, however, that may change, and they must adhere to port regs. Crew must be masked. Per Greece guidelines, all pax and crew must be masked indoors. All Alaskan excursions and disembarkments require masks. Currently they are testing in the terminals or nearby at their cost. Same with tests onboard before final disembarkment. Gem is doing her "test" cruise with travel industry people. Nassau required masks and specific vaccines.
  20. Think..showers, dish washers , cooking
  21. Gem is doing her " test " with TAs n industry people. Friends went to Blue Lagoon. Epic is doing her "environmental" cruise, as crew calls it. Did same pattern 7 days ago.
  22. Can't speak directly to Bliss crew, but Friend just got rejoin verification for Joy yesterday. Another is mid way through her quarantine on the Epic. She was fully vaccinated at home and joined directly. Other crew transferred from the Spirit where they were vaccinated and completed quarantine. More are onboard awaiting ship assignments. Seems to be the "holding " ship for crew currently. *timelines seem to vary between 5-7 weeks now for their rejoin notifications and boarding prior to first pax cruise.
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