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  1. I never supposed. I cruise and saw the conditions myself. Good luck on one ship might happen but those are certainly not fleet wide.
  2. And you're happy with the decline in food and service?
  3. Google the ship and cabin number. YouTube is full of videos and photos of various cabins.
  4. And we fell in love with the experience. Spent lots of dollars chasing the C & A next level while they moved the goal posts and lowered the experience in most all areas. Now if you can't afford the new big ships and a suite you are likely to get the Granduer experience! Well said, mjldvlks!
  5. Who is confused? Op said: We have international service for $10 per day. Can I do this?? But you keep posting about "Travel Pass" ... a different program.
  6. You are confusing 2 different programs. Travel Pass is not the International Plan.
  7. Right. It only connects at ports. No use at sea.
  8. Yes, it's legible. Throws some folks off. ๐Ÿ™„
  9. Almost 50 cruises and never a problem. No luck needed, but thanks. Do you even have Verizon service and understand the plan?
  10. It's $10 w/ Verizon international plan. Never been charged more.
  11. I have rarely in our 50+ cruises not been able to be accommodated at a 2 top. MSC was more understanding and helpful than other lines, but all they had available were 2 tops lined up as in the photos that others have posted. So I asked for the end table in the row so only 2 beside us and they only showed up twice. The 1st time we said hi when they arrived and then I explained my situation during a lull in their conversation. Better to be forewarned was my thinking. I completely understand the concern. People can be rude if they donโ€™t understand. One said "why are you so nervous?" Being shakey is not nervous. Kids stare as do some adults which makes me more shakey. I recommend proceeding with a positive attitude and feel sure you'll get a table you like. Ask to look at their suggestion. Enjoy your cruise and try not to be concerned with others.
  12. Congrats! We were upgraded on 1st MSC cruise. (48 on Royal and never an upgrade. )
  13. I have benign essential tremors of both arms, hands and head. We always try for a table for 2 to avoid spilling anything on others. So many people now get email addresses and contact cruise lines ahead of time that 2 tops are hard to come by. With MSC, we find that going to the MDR desk upon boarding we have no problem explaining the situation and being assigned a table for two. I think this is your best choice.
  14. Sure, if you want to hid in the corner of a bar somewhere! That's not why most people cruise.
  15. Don't miss Barcelona if you haven't been. We did a TA last year and spent 4 days, which wasn't long enough to see everything. Such friendly people and beautiful sites.
  16. But you have no idea where it went nor does the poster. Could have been knocked off/broken by cabin attendant hitting with sweeper hose and thrown away. Why blame teenagers? And if people aren't as honest as they used to be [doubtful], why you dangle something meaningful to you in a public area? And then complain?
  17. After they said 1st of year. How reliable have their other promises been.
  18. Sorry, but its difficult to find sympathy for someone who displays anything in a public area and then complains if it goes missing. (The hallway is not their area to display items that they find meaningful.)
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