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  1. We're going to Country Inn & Suites in Elizabeth. Thanks for the info.
  2. We booked Norwegian Air from Rome to Newark with plans to stay overnight in Elizabeth and fly out on Delta the next day around noon. We just received notice from Norwegian Air that our flight will instead be arriving at JFK. We will arrive around 9:30 pm so I am assuming it will be 10:30 or 11:00 until we get out of the airport. We are thinking it will be best to get to Elizabeth that night rather than fight traffic to get to EWR in the morning. I have looked price estimates for Uber/Lyft - $170 range for an XL which I think we would need. Can anyone tell me if there would be any problem getting one of these services to go to Elizabeth at that hour? Or would a private car service reserved in advance be better? Any idea of how private car service prices compare to Uber/Lyft? There will be 3 of us so likely 3 large and 3 small suitcases.
  3. I book on NCL with a TA. My offer to bid comes directly to my email address from NCL. I then go to my account at NCL to place my bid. If it is accepted, the charge goes directly on my credit card. The TA does not get involved in any way.
  4. Welcome to CC. I am assuming you are on the Getaway as am I. Here is the link to our roll call which is over 200 pages. Lots of good info.
  5. If you keep your door open, it will shut down AC to several cabins in your section. You will not endear yourself to your neighbors.
  6. We toured with Alla a couple of years ago and paid by credit card. No problems have come up with our card since then.
  7. I just looked at it on my phone. I got the upgrade for $14.99 page. There was an X in the upper right. I tapped that and then I was on the regular page where I could make entries. Our passport info was still stored. Since I'm not currently traveling, I did not go through the entire process, but seemed like it was in working order.
  8. I'm Platinum Plus but I just checked at the Latitudes site and the dining benefit is the same for both Platinum and P+. You get a total of 4 meals per cabin - dinner for 2 at Cagney's or LeBistro with a bottle of wine and dinner for 2 at Moderno or LaCucina (no wine).
  9. We'll be on the Getaway TA and will be in port on Sunday 11/3 from 8am to 3:30pm.
  10. Yes, I did find on the site for the public ferry that it does not run on the weekend. But here on CC I have seen a post that said the NCL ferry did not run on the weekend. Maybe that person had it confused. Also, I think normally there are no NCL ships in port on the weekend. It is just these TAs that are an exception. If the ferry does run, then we will have to decide if it is worth going over if most things are closed on Sunday.
  11. We will be there on Sunday 11/3/19 towards the end of our TA. I have found conflicting information - that the ferry runs whenever there is an NCL ship in port and that the ferry never runs on Saturday and Sunday. Has anyone ever been in Bermuda on a Sunday and seen the ferry running?
  12. We changed cabins last year on Getaway and it was handled very well. The day before, we were given luggage tags that noted old cabin number and new cabin number and told to keep the luggage in our cabin. We did not pack the items that were hanging in the closet. We were only moving 10 doors up the hall, but had a different cabin steward. We touched base with him during the first cruise. On turn around day morning, we were planning on taking our safe contents to breakfast with us, but saw that our new cabin had been vacated so we set the safe up and put our stuff in it. We told the new cabin steward we had done that and we were going to breakfast. When we returned, everything had been moved and the hanging clothes were all hung neatly in the closet. We did give the cabin steward an extra tip.
  13. We have done B2B that were marketed by NCL as one itinerary or 2 itineraries. We booked as one itinerary and had one booking number. We got all the perks for each cruise. We have also booked B2B that had separate booking numbers. We always go to both muster drills. Sometimes we are told we are not on the list and do not have to attend. Other times, we are on the list and must attend. It does not seem to matter how it is booked - just random. Also, we always have had our left over OBC and internet minutes from the first cruise carried over to the second one. We ask ahead of time to be sure and it has always happened. When we did the B2B booked with one booking number, our key card had the final disembarkation date printed on it. When we bought some booze on the first leg, it was marked for delivery at the end of the second leg (the disembarkation date on our cards).
  14. I applied on 6/18 and just received the OBC today, 7/2.
  15. This had been our experience on several ships.
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