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  1. Thanks. We are booked on Joy for B2B in early December and we are becoming more sure by the day that those will not go so are looking at alternatives so we are ready when the official cancellation comes. We booked the December cruises with FCC from March and April cancellations and were able to take advantage of the 20% off the new cruise. I think that benefit is now lost to us. At the time we booked, we thought December was a really safe date. How naive we were 😒.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Just curious, are you a travel agent? Wondering why you received details before it is posted on the site.
  3. I was just on the NCL site within the last hour looking for January and February cruises on Joy and noticed one listed for 1/24 and then nothing until 2/28. Were the cruises listed by @Cruise Wonderland above previously listed?
  4. We were in the second round of cancellations and were able to book with 20% off for a limited time and then the offer expired. When they did the third round of cancellations, we were again able to book with the 20% off, even though our FCC was from the second round. I think as long as we had FCC in our account, they didn't look to see when it was issued. Maybe when the next round of cancellations comes, you will be able to get the 20% off again. Keep a watch on it. We just have enough FCC taken to cover the deposit and hold on to the rest until final payment date and will make up the difference with credit card.
  5. The cruise will stay on your account until the sail date. We should be on the 2nd leg of a B2B now and each one disappeared from our accounts on sail day. Also, we have received points for the first one which would have been completed on May 8. Will wait and see if we get them for the second leg.
  6. We book with a travel agent and all notification regarding cancellation of our cruises was sent directly to our email addresses from NCL.
  7. We do this all the time. It's the only way I know of to turn non-refundable OBC into cash.
  8. I don't fold them - too much bulk to get into that holder. I just cut them and then only have 2 thicknesses to slide into the holder.
  9. We have always been told to keep our luggage inside our cabin on the last night of the first cruise. It would be too easy for it to get put with the bags to be offloaded. Even when they gave us luggage tags that noted old cabin number and new cabin number, they told us to keep the bags inside. Glad it worked out okay for you, but I wouldn't put my bag outside my cabin if I was staying on the ship. Also, no need to pack the items hanging in the closet. The cabin steward will move them and hang them in the new closet.
  10. Yes, your OBC will apply against the price of the certificates resulting in no charge to you. This is the best way to turn non-refundable OBC into "cash".
  11. We are departing on Getaway from Manhattan on 4/23 on the trans-Atlantic. Departure is 9:00 pm. Does anyone know if we would still board at the usual time? The previous cruise ends in New Orleans on 4/19 and I assume they are deadheading to NYC since a cruise would not be allowed by PVSA. Cruise docs have not been issued yet, so I have no info on when they want us to board. Just looking for info from anyone with experience boarding a ship leaving that late in the evening.
  12. You said that he "can't" drink, not that he chooses not to. On another cruise line, they will make an exception for medical reasons or AA status, usually requiring them to buy the soda package or some such. I don't know if NCL does this, but it is worth a call.
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