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  1. We have only ever ordered the guacamole, so I don't know the answer. But I would think you could.
  2. You can also have the guacomole prepared at the bar. We frequently do that for an app before dining elsewhere.
  3. This is the first time I have heard of this site. I just went there and my cruise is showing cheaper than my booking. I went to the NCL site and did a fake booking and the price is actually higher than my booking - nowhere near what cruiseplum is showing. Has anyone had a better experience with them?
  4. I bring a standard 2 prong extension cord. It has 3 outlets, so I can also use to to charge my phone and kindle.
  5. They list one as first contact, so I would start there. I have never had to do this, but I read on the site and see some people get results. Their advice is good about keeping it short and sweet - and polite. State the problem and what solution you are looking for. No threats about never sailing with them again. You could even contact Elliott to see if they are willing to take your case. This does seem really unfair and no big deal for NCL to allow you to use the certificates.
  6. Try going to this site: https://www.elliott.org/ Click on Company Contacts. Then scroll down and read and follow their instructions - start at the bottom of the food chain, don't write to the CEO first, etc. Then click on Cruise Lines and Norwegian for the list of contacts. Good Luck.
  7. If you are going to open a Charles Schwab account, note that you will be required to open a brokerage account at the same time, however you do not need to fund the account. I have had mine since 2015. I received one phone call a few weeks after I opened the accounts asking if I wanted to fund the brokerage account. I explained that I only opened it for the checking account and he said fine and nobody has ever contacted me since. The checking account is completely free including paper checks.
  8. We stayed at the Lleo which we liked very much. Very near Placa Catalunya at the top of Las Ramblas. You can get the HoHo bus there. Advice I got here on CC - wrote the name and address of our hotel on a card that I could hand to the taxi driver I'm pretty sure they took credit cards for the taxi - it's been a couple of years. But we got euros at the airport at an ATM of a major bank - very good exchange rate. I opened a Charles Schwab checking account just for that purpose. No ATM fees on their end and any fees charged by the bank you use are refunded by Schwab.
  9. I always complete the form as soon as we book - sometimes 18 months out. I usually hear back within a few days and they have never contacted me close to sailing date to see if we still own the stock.
  10. We get the shareholders OBC on every cruise and also get whatever other offers there are at time of booking including free at sea.
  11. We have the same problem. Although we did received 10% off coupons for three previously cancelled cruises - two in December 2020 and one in January 2021. When our April 2021 cruise was cancelled, we did not received the 10% coupon although our cancellation letter said that we would. I get the same reply about the 10% coupon reverting back, but we never used any of the 10% coupons as we have not booked a cruise since we received them. Nobody in management takes phone calls - only emails. When I received the reply about reverting and I replied explaining that there was no coupon to revert,
  12. DH and I currently each have three 10% off coupons in our accounts from cancelled B2B in December and cancelled cruise in January. However, when our April cruise was cancelled, we did not receive a 10% off coupon. I was told that we could not have another coupon since we already had three. I cannot find that in writing. If that is their policy then nothing we can do, but they will not point me to the place where this policy is in writing - I just get the runaround. Our cancellation letter for the April cruise said that we would be getting the 10% coupon, but it looks like we will not.
  13. We've had a captain answer, "My best employee. He never asks for time off and never asks for a raise. His name is autopilot".
  14. When our January cruise was cancelled, we got the same letter as we did today for our April cruise where they offer a 30% discount in addition to the 10%. For January, that 30% was the same 30% that was being offered to anyone and I am sure it is the same now. The 10% coupon went into our accounts. When I try to book while logged in, the 10% does no apply. I called NCL to ask and was told that the TA or NCL agent has to apply the 10% when booking - it does not happen automatically. Also, the 10% comes off after the 30%. It is not a total of 40% off.
  15. We applied part of our FCC to B2B December cruises which were cancelled a while ago and FCC returned to our accounts. We then applied part of the FCC to a January 2021 cruise which was cancelled last week. The FCC returned to our accounts today. The use by date has been changed from 4/1/21 to 6/30/21 on all our FCC - not just the part that was used and returned. I'm assuming the sail by date remains the same at 12/31/22.
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