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  1. Explains why I got an email a few days ago "inviting" me to pay up the small debit on our account, when currently our direct debit is about 50% higher than current consumption. Shame they're going under though. We had a far better deal with them than our previous supplier.
  2. Was in McDonalds yesterday. No fizzy drinks from the machine. Only cans of Coke.
  3. Just remembered, whilst we were on board last week, we didn't see any photographers. Not complaining. Not even doing the dreaded just off the gangway pics, nor the staged photos on gala/celebration evening. Did anyone come across any ship's photograhers?
  4. One possible option whilst they are currently allow transferring of bookings at no cost is to: 1. Transfer to another booking of similar price; 2. Then transfer that booking back to your original one! Cheeky, but I did it for our forthcoming Ventura cruise. It messed the TA about, but at that time they still owed me a refund from a earlier transfer (which btw they still owe) so I don't feel particularly guilty. All within the current no fee to transfer policy, so like I said maybe a bit cheeky, but above board. Of course you are at the mercy of fluid pricing, so the price could move upwards again.
  5. The times that we popped up to deck 17, it seemed less busy than the deck 8 prom deck.
  6. According to Manuel Martinez at his late night adult show last week, that was everyone on board! 🤣
  7. It will be interesting to see if this format of Chef's Table is rolled out to the rest of the fleet in due course. If they completely remove gala dinners in the MDR, we would probably start giving more consideration to other lines.
  8. Many moons ago we used to go to the Soviet Union on one of the old Sov ships - Baltika. Occasionally we booked one of the top grade cabins. They were all on the prom deck, no balcony and the days before mirrored glass (well for the Sovs anyway). No en-suite either. Those were the days 🤣
  9. That sums up what we thought. However we found the ambience to be a sort of relaxed formal, which we enjoyed. The meal itself was good, though I felt that we had a better meal in the Limelight Club earlier that week. We would give it a go again though.
  10. Apart from the final evening which we booked a specific time for, we didn't bother we the virtual queues. We simply bellied up to whichever MDR we wanted to use and were given a table straight away. We half expected to get a pager each time but didn't. May well be different when Iona is sailing with 5000 pax on board.
  11. Sounds interesting. Only the other day I mentioned to The Ole Lady about Princess Plus and the cost. She asked why aren't we cruising with them then! Might well be in 2023. Thanks for posting.
  12. We arrived by taxi, so went straight to Ocean terminal. Drop off your luggage at the appropriate hole in the wall for your cabin and join the queue for testing. We were led round the side of the building into the luggage hall where the testing stations were all set up, after that you go back outside to go in through main departures door and upstairs to wait for your test result before checking in.
  13. Having seen the deck 8 balconies from the prom deck myself, I agree with Ardennais.
  14. We had a great time, thanks. Glad to see that Pauline & yourself had a good time as well.
  15. No acrobats on our cruise last week as well. Really enjoyed the music shows in the Skydome though.
  16. We were in 15409. A bit of low music on the balcony, and again in the corridor. Couldn't hear the music at all in the cabin. Don't recall noticing noise of furniture being moved about.
  17. We thought that as well. We had a balcony cabin for a change and were looking forward to ordering a light breakfast to have on the balcony for a few days. Luckily we were on deck 15, so I just nipped up to the buffet and brought some stuff back.
  18. Some of our friends have got FCCs burning holes in their pockets, so they're keen to know when 2023 summer goes on sale as well.
  19. We were on the same cruise. Very enjoyable. We managed to book Chef's table via the app. It appeared on the app the day before in the morning. Maybe it was fully booked by the time you looked for it. The menu was basically a gala/celebration menu, with recommendations of wines to match each course. We chose matched wines, but only one large glass for the whole meal. Everyone was dressed up for the event. Being in the Horizon made everything feel a bit more relaxed than a typical formal night in the MDR. Would certainly do that again as we quite enjoyed the relaxed but still formal atmosphere. We did the Limelight Club on the first night, and we were only charged for one. We expected to be billed for two, as there was no mention that it was half price on the first night when we booked. Not complaining though! Although Sonia's music is not my cup of tea, at least she was someone I remembered. Nonetheless I thought she was very good. The food in the Limelight was very good as well. The menu was better imho than that at Chef's Table. We found the app useful, though at times I felt that the whole booking dining and entertainment to take away the element of spontanaiety. That said we were able to reschedule a theatre booking to fit in with what we wanted to do once the next day's Horizon had been delivered. Thought the Olive Grove was a good place to eat in the evening. The other nights we just turned up at either the Pearl or Coral restaurants and got a table straight away each time with no booking or virtual queuing. We weren't tempted by the guest speakers during the day, and did most of the themed quizzes. As there were no art classes or proper ballroom dancing classes we found the days a bit empty. However it was a rare cruise where we had a balcony cabin and so got to make good use of it chilling out, and in my case reading a book from the ship's library. Which was just a well as come 18:00 onwards we found ourselves rushing around from venue to venue! And the one evening I went to the late night buffet, they had doner kebabs!
  20. Genuinely sorry to read that this happened. Hopefully you will find something suitable to replace this cruise.
  21. Thanks Dave. Very handy to read a bit more about how it all works.
  22. Does make you wonder what's gone on.
  23. We've currently got one cruise booked via a TA. Balance due date was two days ago, according to P&O site the balance has still not been paid. Not overly fussed at this time. I've got proof of payment, and as Molecrochip says P&O will eventually sort it.
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