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  1. Might not apply to Canadian AMEX cards. Don't see it on my Gold card at least.
  2. This won't directly answer your question, but something I wish I had done was go to the ship gift shop, and purchase a replica model of the ship we were sailing on. The models are not sold off ship - so if you don't purchase it ON the ship, they are difficult and much more expensive to purchase. Above my office desk, is a model of Silhouette... a quick glance brings back many wonderful memories of people and places! (heavy sigh). Then, back to work! LOL 😎 😉
  3. Well... we just signed up and paid! Thanks for all the info from everyone. We are looking forward to trying this experience. (We don't sail until February). Hopefully we can attend on the first sea day. I am wondering whether or not the wines tasted are available in Blu? Are they wines that are included or available on the Premium package? Or are they wines that you never experience again?
  4. Kudos to you!! It's nice to read as some people would be 'over the top' and ready to send the room steward for a long walk on a short plank! And then tell us ALL about it! LOL! Glad to hear that you are enjoying the cruise!
  5. I was unable to find an answer to my question after searching the forum, so here goes! :) We have completed the on-line check-in for our first leg, and will be able to complete the on-line check-in for the second leg tomorrow (90 days from second cruise... yes! It is getting exciting! LOL). Is it necessary to do that? Or will the information from the previous leg check-in be carried forward automatically? I suspect that it will be required again as the second leg has a different reservation ID number... but... TIA!
  6. We are sailing on Equinox in two months, and have a great OBC. Does the Equinox Apple store carry Apple's new AirPod Pro in-ear headphones? Thanks!
  7. So... we are Aqua class, with perks (we've been upgraded to Premium drink package, as well as a lot of OBC because of our original cruise being cancelled, etc, etc). So... if we were to win an upgrade to a suite, would we be able to keep the Persian Garden unlimited access? (I realize that we would move from Blu to Luminae)
  8. We checked in a couple of days ago (about 3 months to cruise date) and then printed off our Xpress passes. They have both CALL and PALL (Classic, and Premium) printed on them. I guess I can drink twice as much! LOL
  9. EXCELLENT! Thanks Charles4515! The key was to sign out and back in. The Xpress Pass as well as the second sailing are now showing!
  10. We have completed our check in using our computer. I have the latest version of the Celebrity App on my iPhone, and the first of the B2B trips is shown... but I cannot find the Express Pass anywhere! (I have it printed from the check in procedure from the computer, so I'm not worried about it. 🙂 ) How do I locate the Express Pass inside the app? And... our second trip of the B2B cannot be loaded in for some reason. The app keeps saying "Sorry, we hit a snag". Perhaps only 1 sailing is allowed at a time? TIA
  11. Thank you for your review. I read it with more interest than I thought I would at the outset! 🙂 By the end, I was appreciating your comments. The measuring stick we each use is often of different lengths. Nonetheless, I appreciate what you have said. We 'found' Celebrity after a particularly negative cruise on Carnival - especially with respect to the dirt and condition of the ship. We have been happy since. We only sail Aqua, and continue to enjoy the food there. The crew are being pushed due to cutbacks and some are venting openly, but not until we have opened the door to chat, which usually happens after we get to know them. Will we switch from Celebrity? Not a chance! Even after the cancellation of our upcoming 14 night cruise, the way in which we are treated has earned our loyalty. Can they improve? Certainly... but they are no where near the "sinking in the darkness" for us!
  12. I have a question with respect to the Future Cruise Certificate (FCC). The cruise we were booked on (January 31/2020, Silhouette) has been cancelled. I cannot say enough good things about how we have been treated by Celebrity and how they have handled the situation. In the interest of brevity, we have booked 2 cruises for the same time period (approximately), back-to-back. The first of the two cruises maintained the original booking ID number. The second cruise, was issued separately and given its own booking ID number. One of the compensation offers we were given included a Future Cruise Certificate, which we will be allowed to use toward the second of the two cruises. Since I have never had a Future Cruise Certificate before, and since we have to wait until it is somehow issued, does this certificate arrive in the mail? Or is it electronic? A simple question to my esteemed CC members! :) Thanks in advance!
  13. Well... we are about to be 'screwed' by the looks of this! Very disappointed. We booked this cruise while on board another cruise. We had perks, and OBC. Then it was cancelled/changed by Celebrity when they ADDED 3 days onto it! That was a great change! (other than having to make changes in schedules etc). Celebrity upped the OBC as a thank you (which we greatly appreciated) and I was able to select a hump cabin (in Aqua). THEN, we received a call from the resolution department requesting we give up our hump cabin for another cruiser as they were doing back-to-back cruises and wanted that particular cabin. We agreed, and we received more OBC. We thought we had won the lottery! LOL! So, we decided to travel 2 days early as that time of year can be difficult from our location due to weather. We booked our rooms (worried we might not find something during the Super Bowl in Miami), then we booked our flights. Now... the biggest problem... we secured a great price with a major airline but it was non-refundable and non-transferrable. Disappointed? YOU BET!! We are going to lose $1200 on airfare (unless we can find another 2 week cruise leaving at the same time... ha ha... good luck with that), as well as $750 OBC and 2 perks. We can probably can get the room charges back... but now we will miss 2 glorious weeks on Silhouette. I suppose these are 1st world problems though. (I'm trying to be positive... hmmm.... not working so well. 🙂 ). But I still have hope. We haven't been told by Celebrity yet that this cruise has been cancelled! 🙂
  14. This will be interesting. We have not been contacted by Celebrity as of yet, and we booked directly with them while on another cruise. We have 2 perks, and $750 on board credit (that I suspect we will lose). We booked a non-refundable flight. They are offering only $300 compensation for airline reservation changes... our airfare was $1200 (for 2 of us). hmmm....
  15. What an adventure this review has been! The opening scene sets the excitement with a car crash, followed with twists and turns as the story line evolves. (The title however, tipped us off with the final direction 😉). As the plot develops, we have mega yachts, low flying aircraft, ridiculously large mansions owned by wealthy, powerful men (who are undoubtedly compensating for less-than-impressive-appendages), sandy beaches and beautiful babes dressed in only bathing suits and bikinis frolicking in the water. As the adventure continues we are dropped into fancy casinos and dark, desolate streets leading to some of them where a sudden turn results in our heroines and hero having to commandeer a local citizen to escape back to the safety of the ship. This has been a chapter turning, exciting and stimulating ride to be certain! My DW and I have literally sat on the couch with popcorn in hand reading and cheering! We can hardly wait for the upcoming chapters, as we know that a BlockBuster movie always has a sultry, suggestive love scene followed by a high speed chase involving a helicopter - will it be on the high seas, or through the streets of one of the next ports of call? Only time will tell! I am already surmising that the lead will be played by non other than Tia Carrere, but who shall be cast as her DH? Will it be the dashing Jeff Goldblum, or perhaps the solid, non-assuming Dwayne Johnson? 🙂 Best review ever! We are preparing to head to the city to catch a flight to FLL in preparation for our sailing on Silhouette - our appetites now wet for our adventure! And having read todays chapter... we are already looking forward to your sequel when the adventure will find 'our' family in far away places like Cartagena, Columbia and Colon, Panama (a cruise we did recently on Reflection). Keep up the good work! We will pick it up when we return! Bob
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