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  1. Sort of wish they would replace Quisine with Murano's after the revolution, we are sailing on her next March.
  2. I just went to the website , never got an email, and bid on our x-mas Reflection cruise. About a week later we were upgraded to a Sky Suite, we saved around 1.5 K over what they were asking when you consider they were asking 5.2K for the suite with 0 benefits. So it worked for us, we get Michaels/Luminae and we saved some $$, when we 1st booked the prices for sky suites were crazy probably because it is over X-Mas.
  3. We were upgraded 29 days before sailing, we leave on Dec 21st.
  4. 1.The end of the muster drill, then I am finally on vacation and no-one is telling me what to do. 2. turning off my cell after muster drill, I don't want email etc on my vacation, and dumping it in a drawer. 3. getting up to the sunset bar and enjoying a few, sometimes more, beverages with the package and not worrying about a huge bill 4. casinoing 5. luminae and speciality dining 6. using the bev. package a lot
  5. No not turning it into a negative, pretty happy with it actually. The rep online said the bev package was gone but the moveup people say it is still there and they added the OBC back in like 3 mins. They responded very quickly to my email . I did not see that blurb in the FAQs before I asked the question and upon reflection am glad that the bid they accepted was for a Sky Suite, all we really wanted was Luminae and Michaels club anyway, we do not spend enough time in the cabin to really enjoy the extra room for the $$ it costs.
  6. Yes it would of been nice, the price is 8K per person on the website, pretty crazy. This program seems like quite the debacle, the online agent said she would get our OBC re-added but we needed to go through the moveup program to get our beverage package back or our TA. Also no explanation why they expired our bids on other suites that are still available for booking, and you can't put in a new bid.
  7. Thanks I will give them a call tomorrow.
  8. Hopefully someone can answer this after we moved up it looks like they took off our OBC ? Do I need to call ?
  9. It looks like they expire your other offers, seems weird to me, they left a Royal Suite open and I thought I bid a pretty good amount for it.
  10. I bid on a move up for sky suite, x suite and royal suite, my sky suite was accepted today, we saved around 1K from what X wants on the website. However on the website there is still at least 1 Royal left, can you get moved up twice ? Just wondering, just being on a suite over x-mas will be nice for Luminae and Michaels Club, don't want to be too greedy but thought I would ask 🙂
  11. Thanks, don't really want to spend $30 for lunch though, I don't even do that with OPM when I travel for work.
  12. Great price for 14 nights, with the new suite program does the CS come with anything extra ? Not that it matters, but it might be even a better deal if it does.
  13. Dang my cruise price dropped $400 when I checked Sunday - emailed my TA and had the reduced rate Sunday evening
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