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  1. I am not saying to ditch the card all together. I'd assume if leaving the ship, most people would bring some sort of bag or wallet with them. My response was for the OP while they are on the ship, not every sailor.
  2. It has been longer than a year that I have been on Celebrity, but can't you open the stateroom door from the app? I also believe you can give your stateroom number when making a purchase. If both of these still hold true it would not even require you to carry the sea pass.
  3. Aruba-Eagle Beach, but sometimes beach chairs sell out so try to go early Bonaire -https://www.oceanoasisbonaire.com/en/ there is a man made "pool" with easy entry Curacao - Blue Bay
  4. On Thursday, I was heading out of town for the long weekend and just threw my mail on the floor. As I was zipping up my luggage I noticed a USPS priority mail envelope peeking out of the pile. To my surprise, my passport was delivered! So sent February 26, got it back March 27 exactly 31days!! Not expedited.
  5. So do they want your responses or do they want you to book another cruise after 4/15?
  6. I did not do expedited. Sending it February 26 gave me exactly 8 weeks until my April 20th sailing. I've already called Celebrity and arranged to be able to use my birth certificate and license if need be. Good to know that the status might not change despite a change in the actual status.
  7. Sent mine in on February 26. The check cleared my bank account on March 4. Status still says "in process".
  8. You might want to post that here: Post CRUISE LINE Single Supplement/Solo Bargains HERE https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2311180-post-cruise-line-single-supplementsolo-bargains-here/
  9. Thank you! Do you know how deck 12 is compared to deck 9- both solo sea view? 12358 is the one reviewed in all the YouTube videos. Curious how the deck 9 solo sea view compares.
  10. On which deck was your solo sea view? I'm interested in booking one. I prefer lower on deck 9, but someone mentioned deck 12 cabins are larger.
  11. I did get a vanilla milkshake at the Social Club; $5.
  12. I am booked for February 2025. It does not show any DBE perks under add-ons on the app.
  13. This is of 0 help to you, but the E class ships have a notch in the deck plans to represent the headboard. I wonder why the older ships do not do the same.🤔 I am currently trying to figure this out for a VV ship.
  14. But they also have the "Move Up" offers to fill those more expensive cabins.
  15. I just booked February 2025 and there was no option for PIF discount. Agent said there is not talk of bringing it back. 🤬
  16. Currently on Valiant Lady. Right after reading this post, this is what I saw walking from deck 9 to deck 7.
  17. They have sold them on the ship as well in the "CVS" type shop in the corner.
  18. The color of that water sent something through my body.💎
  19. Received an email "Celebrity President Laura Hodges Bethge wants to hear from you". Asked if they plan on rethinking how they charge their loyal solo sailors. I'm sure it will not be addressed.
  20. I know we've been paying it all along, but does nobody here think that paying 200% is also absurd? When I tell people that I pay for two passengers when I cruise solo, they are dumbfounded. It seems like Celebrity made us so angry about paying more than 200% that we have no choice now but to be HAPPY about the 200% for a solo sailor. Gaslighting?
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