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  1. In response to the comment about the quality of the clothing in the shops, we have bought t-shirts, fleece pull-overs and zipper sweatshirts in the ship shop. All high-quality, wash well and we enjoy wearing them.
  2. Miami hotels are expensive. Be aware that most of them tack on a resort fee to the room rate.
  3. In the past I would have said print a copy of the listing of your past cruises that are listed on the Azamara website under your account. However, I see now they are only listing the cruises (so it says) since April 2023. However, that listing is not correct, either.
  4. Not all of the Azamazing Evenings are being eliminated. We attended a wonderful event in Wellington in January. The venue and music were perfect for the cruise. Drinks and chocolate covered strawberries were served. No more tons of wasted food that used to be the norm.
  5. I am trying to fill out the Guest Satisfaction Survey for a cruise that ended January 21, 2024. When I tap Continue Survey, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? Or, does the survey not work?
  6. On the Journey last week, specialty restaurant was $35 per person.
  7. A reflection of the older population staying active and continuing to explore. Azamara works for our age group because we like the attentive care and the relaxed atmosphere.
  8. I have just called the number on their website. I don't have a contact name. I am in the US and may have a different number than you do in the UK.
  9. I have rarely talked to customer service over the years we have been cruising with Azamara. However, this spring/summer we had an issue and I called many times. However, I now believe most of these issues were caused by a new TA assigned to us who was not familiar with Azamara or us. Customer service from Azamara has been great in the last two months. Questions have been answered, refunds on cancelled excursions have been paid, and transferring to a new TA has been expedited.
  10. I don't understand why Azamara should recognize cruising levels from other cruise lines. Airlines don't recognize status from other airlines. I thought Celebrity/RCL cruisers were given an opportunity to transfer their status.
  11. Having recently gone through the experience of having a medical emergency while on a cruise, I can give you some insight. Medicare A & B do not pay anything if you are out of the US. We have supplemental insurance through AARP which paid 80% of medical expenses after $250 deductible. Plan D did not pay for any medications bought out of the US. I first had to submit claims to Medicare and supplemental before applying to travel insurance carrier for medical expenses. I received responses from Medicare and supplemental insurance after filing in about 3 weeks. I applied to travel insurance company for additional travel costs--flew home 10 days after original flights--and that was reimbursed promptly. I was glad to have the travel insurance. We were fortunate to have credit cards that could cover the cost of hospitalization, surgery, prescriptions, extended hotel stay, food, and flight home. If you are wondering, my husband had a heart attack. He was and still is in excellent physical condition.
  12. This couple was lucky. They could cancel their cruise and get back most of their deposit. After 3 months of back and forth between my TA and Azamara, Azamara can still not find my deposit for part of a b2b cruise in 2024.
  13. I booked some excursions for an upcoming cruise when I was on my last cruise. They were added to my booking confirmation. They cost more than the OBC I had available but I did not pay anything at that time. I have since then booked one more excursion and that cost was added to my final payment. This has been since May and all of the booked excursions still show on my account. I make the final payment for the upcoming cruise and excursions next week.
  14. On our Booking Confirmation Copy #8 of February 2023, the two cruises were b2b with the correct OBC on each and deposits for each. In March the booking for the second cruise along with everything else disappeared. Not so funny, the first cruise still shows additional OBC for b2b. Azamara is supposedly still working to fix the problem.
  15. Up until the last month, we have recommended Azamara to everyone. We have cruised exclusively on Azamara for almost 10 years, taking 2-3 cruises a year. Now Azamara cannot find one of our bookings that was part of a b2b nor our deposit of $1,100. Furthermore, we have been told through our TA that Azamara has said we do not get any extra OBC for the b2b because the two cruises were not booked at the same time. What we cannot figure out is why some people have no problems, some have problems that are quickly resolved, and some have problems that have gone on for months.
  16. We used monasterystays.com in Rome to find a wonderful monastery to stay in at a very affordable price.
  17. PirateWife

    New website.

    I have stayed away from reading the comments on this topic for my own sanity. As I and my TA try to fix a problem with one booking, Azamara's solution is to combine it with another cruise booking--they are b2b--and charge me more, change the final payment day, and throw out half of the OBC. In someone's wisdom, rather than fix the problem with one cruise, they have entangled it with another cruise that was correct so that now I have two cruise bookings that are wrong.
  18. I don't think you meant "Azamara" only does 7 nights. I like the idea of go on a river cruise after cruising with Azamara. Never having done a river cruise, I am curious to know if any of the river cruise companies are like the Azamara experience.
  19. I would hate to see the Drawing Room replaced by the Atlas Bar. But no one asked for my opinion.
  20. Before COVID, I enjoyed attending the M&Ms. There was always a crew member, often the Cruise Director, that would be in charge. The last one I remember had so many people signed up for that it was held in the Cabaret. The last ones I have been to, all in the library, have been poorly attended with no one in charge, and no appearance by a crew member. People sit around and talk to people they already know.
  21. Today I have received two notifications from Azamara reminding me that a payment is due soon on an upcoming reservation. Payment isn't due until September 6th. This is the first time I have I have ever received this kind of notification from Azamara. I booked the cruise through my TA. Is this the "new" Azamara?
  22. Thank you. I looked all over for it. I discovered my circle number has been changed. This might explain why I have not points.
  23. The Azamara website says to fill out the Future Bookings & Loyalty Support Form if one's Current Tier Points and/or Points is incorrect as shown on the Azamara website. Does anyone know where to find this form?
  24. There is no back of the bus. The only place we have seen an obvious sorting of seating by cabin type is for the Azamazing Evenings. It's never been a big deal for us.
  25. Sure the curtains were open on White Night New Years Eve. We could see people in Atlas.
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