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  1. This is what we did for our embarkation lunch 2 weeks ago. Our best meal all week!! The Bistro was fairly quiet and the food was outstanding. And all for a reasonable specialty restaurant charge.
  2. Live music with the production shows on the Edge as well as live music to accompany the guest groups - a Motown group and a Four Seasons cover group. Both were great, especially with live music.
  3. Nothing that really caught me off guard. The service was great, certainly on par with what we are used to on HAL. There were some clever spaces - check out Eden - they have a healthy grill for a simple breakfast or lunch. Check out the Magic Carpet, again an interesting space. Certainly a much livelier ship that I was used to on HAL but generally in a good way
  4. I am sure you will love the Apex. Reservations not needed for Blu or the MDR. Really no need to go to the MDR - you can get any dish you want from the MDR in Blu if you want. We often got the shrimp cocktail or Escarcot as an appetizer in Blue even though it wasn't on their menu.
  5. On my cruise on Oosterdam last year there was nothing in the theatre on the first night. There were no production shows at all. There were movies two other nights and guest entertainers on 3 nights (if I remember correctly) .
  6. https://youtu.be/IBtIMXZnS8c The above link should take you to a video tour I made of our room. The room is very modern and spacious. The infinite balcony with it's large picture window gives a feeling of spaciousness and really connects you to the outside
  7. On our cruise last year on the Oosterdam the first night out there was NO entertainment in the theater. Every cruise I have been on the first night they have something going on including a chance to meet the cruise director. There were no productions shows - replaced on 2 nights by a movie! Food? In the MDR of the Oosterdam I had a steak that was more like a hamburger, there were no chilled soups that are everybody's favorite. Food on the Edge was much much better.
  8. The dining itself was fine and the service was great. It was just that some 2-tops, not all, were way to close together.
  9. True, but has left a bad taste with us. My wife was charged $10 to add a lobster tail to her veal entree on the Oosterdam - no way to treat repeat customers - and so we haven't repeated. We each enjoyed two very good lobster tails on the Edge with compliments of our waiter.
  10. Should have mentioned the running/walking track. We really enjoyed it and in a lot of ways was better for walking then the promenade. On our last HAL cruise the promenade was blocked off every day for some maintenance issues I suppose and so couldn't use it for walking anyway Still love the Promenade for passing the afternoon reading my book in a lounge chair, watching and hearing the ocean pass by.
  11. My wife and I have been solid HAL fans for many years but were disappointed in our Oosterdam cruise last winter. Our disappoints were in many of the things that have been discussed here: lack of main theater entertainment, declining food quality, being hit with the $10 entree surcharge, etc. This year we considered doing something other than a cruise but after discussion with our TA we booked one week in Aquaclass on the Edge. I posted some questions here for the HAL crowd who have been on Celebrity recently and you all were quite helpful. A few asked for my review of the Edge from the HAL perspective at our return, so here goes. The ship: at the end of the day, it's a cruise ship. Theater in the front, pool in the middle, dining venues aft. Our overall impression was very positive. We liked the modern decor. It was easy to navigate with good signage. Some thoughtful areas like the rooftop garden. We missed the promenade deck from HAL and the aft pool typical of HAL. Food: much better than HAL. I think we ate at most of the venues from buffet to MDR to Blu to various specialty restaurants. The buffet offered a better variety of choices of surprisingly good quality. We enjoyed the variety of specialty restaurants and thought they were better than Pinnacle. Our issue with the Edge MDR and even Blu was that the table for two were way to close together - I would guess some tables were spaced a foot apart, not like the tables for two by the railing in the HAL MDR. So the Edge food was better but we like then layout of the MDR on HAL better. Entertainment: much better than HAL. Quality production shows, although one was a little weird. Guest musical acts and comedians were a notch above what we have seen on HAL of late. And they even had a late night comedy show twice. There were other musical acts at various locations throughout the afternoon and evening. Onboard activities that seem to be lacking on HAL were up and going on Edge - we had a dance class every day from the production show cast members. Spa: I thought the Spa on Edge was lame. No pool of any kind. They had a walk through shower area - dumb!. The heated ceramic chairs were nicely placed with a view forward but a walkway just behind them made it a noisy rather than relaxing area. We missed the HAL hydrotherapy pool. Room: we had the controversial Infinity Balcony and we loved it. Added space to your room and wonderful views to the outside. Yes, you don't get the complete feeling of being outside but the pluses far outweighed the minuses. The room otherwise was gorgeous and modern - great bathroom. Bars and nightlife: again the Edge was alive at night. You really had the sense of a night out on the town. We typically would go to the Martini Bar for a cocktail and then to the early show and then off to dinner. We could always find some music to listen to after dinner. At the end of the day we felt the Edge was a superior product to what is currently going on at HAL. We did miss some things from HAL: hydrotherapy pool, promenade deck and quiet deck spaces during the day but if we cruise again it would more likely be Celebrity than HAL and we would definitely go on Edge class again.
  12. Are any or all of the specialty restaurants open for lunch?
  13. My wife and I have "free" internet as a perk. We will each have a phone and a laptop/tablet. Can we connect all devices?
  14. Looking forward to our cruise on the Edge in a couple of weeks. I have been reading this forum regularly and have gotten much valuable information. However I wonder if anyone has any last minute suggestions. We will be arriving the day before and likely Ubering to the pier. I have checked in on the app. They say to board at 1:30. Anything I should do once aboard? We have not made any specialty reservations yet as the time offerings weren't very good. We are staying after for 2 nights - planning to Uber to the airport to pick up a car and then return for our flight home two days later. Thanks for any last minute advice.
  15. Looking forward to one week on the Edge mid-January. We are staying two extra days following the cruise and so will need to stay somewhere Sunday and Monday night before flying home Tuesday morning. I continue to look at various hotels and Airbnbs but have not yet reserved anything. We will probably taxi or Uber from the Edge to FLL and rent a car so we don't necessarily need to be close to the cruiseport. Any favorite places in or around Ft Lauderdale?
  16. At any bar if you ask generically for a "whiskey and coke" they are going to use a well whiskey such as Seagram's. Nothing wrong with that.
  17. No harm taken PTC. I am hoping nobody whiskey-shames me onboard if they see with some ice in my whiskey!
  18. Not exactly. Looks like I will be drinking with a bunch of whiskey snobs onboard the Edge in January. 😉
  19. Depends on the bourbon. Jack is a definite upgrade from lower shelf bourbons like Old Crow or Early Times but not up there with Jefferson or Four Roses (single barrel) Jack is basic Tennessee Whiskey, on par with a bourbon like Jim Beam
  20. Cruising on the Edge in January. It would appear that there is no availability for reservations at Fine Cuts until late in the evening, 9-10 pm. Is there a change of getting a reservation at an earlier time once on board? Is it possible to make lunch reservations on-line preboarding?
  21. Sailing in Aqua Class on the Edge in January. Have not been on Celebrity in 10 years and especially on Edge I know things will be different that we remeber. I would think we will have our breakfast in Blue each day to avoid the crush at the buffet or the hubbub of the MDR. But perhaps I am wrong about that? Lunch? On HAL we often have lunch in a specialty restaurant for a quieter meal, but personally I have always enjoyed the selections at the buffet. Dinner? How many days should we dine in Blu v an alternative? Would be interested to hear what you think.
  22. Seeking opinions from the HAL crowd. My wife and I have sailed exclusively on HAL for about the last 10 years - most recently on Oosterdam last winter. We were disappointed in that cruise for many of the reasons that we have been talking about here: limited mainstage entertainment, we were part of the $10 MDR charge for additional entree, no cold soups, etc etc. And so this year we are going on the Edge in January. Seems like there are lots of fans and lots of nonfans of Edge. Any of our HAL vets sailed her yet? What did you think. We are in Aqua Class with the controversial infinite veranda.
  23. If I have the classic drink package with its $9/drink limit but order a $15 dollar cocktail am I charged $6 or $15?
  24. If I understand correctly the "classic" drink package only allows you to have a drink or wine up to $9. I only see one wine at that price - a $9 pinot.
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