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  1. Thank you everyone, really appreciate your help.....I will forward this information to them.
  2. It’s a 21 day cruise total, a 14 day and then a 7 day back to back. It’s not the money but rather the weather as the last leg is around Norway end of April beginning of May and they figure they won’t use the cabana.
  3. They have just the one booking number, perhaps that's the issue. Thanks....
  4. Thought I'd come here to see if this is possible. Friends of mine are booked on a transatlantic to Europe, back to back cruise. They called Ships Services to book a cabana on the Rotterdam for the first leg of the cruise only and were told they needed to book the cabana for the entire cruise, which they don't want. Has anyone been able to book a cabana on a back to back cruise for only the first leg? If they were to cancel and book 2 separate cruises, could that be a work around or not? thanks in advance....
  5. Wow, thank you so much great information.
  6. I am sailing on the Nieuw Statendam next May to the Baltics. Can I assume the Scandinavian countries use Euros vs. their own? Thanks,
  7. Just booked today: 13 Day Jewels of the Baltics Nieuw Statendam May 5-18, 2024 Girls Trip Three cruises in one year, loving retirement!!!!! If you could be so kind to add, much appreciated…..
  8. Winter 2025 itineraries have been out for a bit, I am booked March 2025….which itinerary are you looking for?
  9. It is walkable but it’s a walk…..we Ubered to the Hilton Marina to get the water taxi.
  10. Has anyone stayed at the GalleryOne in Ft Lauderdale lately? Wondering if its an ok spot as I read some good and not so good reviews..thoughts??
  11. I had been eyeing the 9-day Rotterdam itinerary for next March, I wanted to book it, but just never got around to doing it and was still kind of on the fence. The $1 deposit came out, so I booked it, bought my airfare yesterday so I guess I am going and couldn't be happier....
  12. Bummer, thanks for the information, love this hotel and loved the airport transfer, but an uber works just as well.
  13. Yes, have had issues since yesterday.....
  14. I had an issue yesterday, but today has been fine.
  15. Sailing the Koningsdam Aug 2024, is a 12:45 pm flight doable or would a 1:30 pm flight be better? Thank you….
  16. On the Rotterdam in March, AHA was available at the Grand Dutch Cafe, other sparkling canned water was readily available at the bars I frequented.
  17. March 1, 2025 Nieuw Statendam 7 Days Caribbean Tropical Itinerary Doone’s Sister and Friends Birthday Celebration Cruise Thank you for posting!!!
  18. I absolutely love the Pinnacle Class ships, however, what I would love to see in a new ship would be take the Pinnacle Class ship and add: the wrap around promenade, the MDR not so open I feel that not having a ceiling so to speak, contributes to the dining rooms on the Pinnacle class ships to being too noisy. I hate the smoke in the Casino, smoke free would be great. More seating in the Lido and a little larger pool aft. Who knows when or what the next ship will be.
  19. We sailed as a family several years ago with my nieces and nephews, back then they were ages I think 5-15 or so. They all loved Club HAL, especially the little ones, but the older ones too met some kids onboard their ages and had fun. When we sailed, Club HAL had fewer kids onboard, but the kids all loved their Club HAL counselors and to this day still sail on HAL and fondly remember their Club HAL days. I think your kids will really enjoy it...........
  20. Thanks everyone, this is exactly what I thought. What i told her is do the 7 day round trip out of Vancouver then head to Denali from Vancouver……
  21. I have a friend sailing with me to Alaska round trip from Vancouver. She is thinking of getting off te cruises ship before returning to Vancouver and heading to Denali on her own. My initial thought is she cannot do this, but thought I’d ask here???? Thanks in advance….
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