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  1. Thank you RuthC, that sounds easy enough!!!
  2. Perfect, great information, thank you so very much…..I am comfortable booking my own air and hotel….transfers may look at through HAL.
  3. This is all great information, but I am trying to figure out if we should book air, hotel and transfers through HAL vs. doing it on our own, any thoughts?
  4. Wondering everyone’s experiences with booking air, hotel and transfers to Vancouver through HAL for Alaska cruise? Thanks,
  5. Thanks everyone, appreciate your help……….
  6. Can anyone tell me the best way to get from Tampa to Ft Lauderdale? I am trying to get from a friends whom I will be visiting to Ft Lauderdale to board my cruise…..any help is appreciated…..do cruise lines have such a thing? thanks,
  7. It worked for 15 cabins out of the 16 we had booked in March. One couple did not specify not to upgrade, they were the only cabin moved…..booked the Koningsdam for 2024, asked not to be upgraded, I guess we shall see, but this past March it worked.
  8. Did you tell your TA not to move or upgrade you? I always tell my TA NO UPGRADES, never had a problem with being moved, always get the cabin I booked. Friends of ours did not tell their TA no upgrades, they were moved from their original cabin. It was supposed to be an "upgrade", but I tell you, the location for me would have been disappointing at best. They are good sports and went with the flow.
  9. How far is the ride from Vancouver Airport to the pier or Robson Street?
  10. Both are wonderful ships for different reasons. I would chose the Nieuw Statendam becauseI love the music walk and how its set up. The Grand Dutch Cafe is another favorite spot for espresso martini’s and specialty coffees along with some nice treats. I also love the showers in the cabins as they have glass doors vs. the dreaded shower curtain. You can’t go wrong with either ship, depends upon what your looking for.
  11. I would also worry about the folks who have your table for the 8 pm dining time. If your late, you may cause their table not to be ready for them. I would also suggest you eat at the Lido for any evenings your running late.
  12. I have done it in the past and it had no affect on the reservation other than now I deal with my travel agent and not HAL.
  13. We were there last month and it was beautiful, nice sand. I will assume it was some of the strong winds folks were talking about here. Not the norm for sure.
  14. You may be looking at the Rotterdam VI deck plan that they sold, Rotterdam VII has cabins on deck 5.
  15. I just sailed the Rotterdam last month. I took a group of family, friends and co-workers with me, some had sailed HAL, some had not and some this was their first cruise. I know everyone's experiences can be different, but not sailing since 2019 I was a tad bit nervous how cruising was going to be after covid, my concerns were totally unfounded. I was pleasantly surprised at the food, service and the entertainment was all fantastic. I have asked the others in my group how they enjoyed everything, they all thought it was a fantastic cruise, loved it all. I am sure not everything was perfect, but we all felt so fortunate to be able to sail again. I have several in the group who booked another HAL cruise while they were onboard. I had opening dining and while I only ate in the dining room for dinner once the entire cruise, we were seated within 5 minutes and we were a group of 9. We were seated towards the front of the dining room and could see the entrance, no long lines, everyone was seated within a few minutes. My experience was fantastic, I am looking forward to my Alaska cruise on the Koningsdam in 2024. I hope this helps.
  16. Thank you for your review, we disembarked the day you embarked and we sure enjoyed our cruise as well.
  17. Thank you for posting, you brought back so many wonderful memories from my March 8th sailing…….we had a great cruise!!!!
  18. Call your TA or HAL and make sure the 3 staterooms reservations are linked together, this helps when making specialty dining reservations.
  19. I sailed last month and I got my email survey about a week after. Hope you enjoyed the Rotterdam, I know we sure did.
  20. Unfortunately everything has gone up……
  21. In March I sailed the Rotterdam and I will say I had the smoothest, easiest embarkation and disembarkation in Port Everglades I have ever experienced...............it was so easy I kept thinking I was missing something......
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