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  1. Happy New Year everyone......cheers πŸ₯‚
  2. Yup I agree, I will go for it as I really want to go back to Tortola. Two things you can't control on a cruise, the weather and motion of the ocean.......thanks so much.....
  3. I have only cruised the caribbean in mid-February or March, looking at a cruise mid-January for 2025 that goes to Tortola, St. Thomas area. I do enjoy the beaches, is it warm enough to enjoy the beaches in mid-January????? This is the only cruise that goes to Tortola and I really want to go back.......what has been your experiences? Many thanks,
  4. HAL is always later in posting their future cruises.
  5. I like to sandwich myself between two cabin decks either mid or aft locations, so far I have had nice quiet cruises, no issues.....
  6. Please let us know what you decide and how you enjoyed your cruise.....
  7. So sorry to hear this sad news.....my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. May he RIPπŸ™
  8. Not sure they would either, but I think they would have a better chance of getting to the ship if they need to fly same day as sailing by booking air with HAL.......I just wouldn't fly in same day as sailing, too much can go wrong, especially now a days with how the airlines are...............hopefully HAL Air Dept. can help them.
  9. I had difficulty the other day as well, however, as of yesterday I was able to call and get through. Hopefully this was just a glitch.
  10. Very risky flying the same day as sailing. However, if you need to do that, I would book my air through Holland America, that way they are responsible for getting you to the pier and the cruise line knows where you are. IF you are late and they sail without you, the cruise line will get you to the next stop. BUT I would never fly in the same day as sailing without booking air through Holland America. Enjoy your back to back cruises....sounds exciting.
  11. Thank you for posting, I am one who needed a "Rotterdam Fix". I am sailing on her in March, but til then I will sail vicariously through your posts. Thanks and Enjoy!!!!
  12. Couldn't agree more......πŸ‘
  13. I am sorry your Neptune Suite experience wasn't what you were expecting. My initial thought is to think that they were understaffed, but it seems you had many issues. Unfortunately there have been so many cutback on cruising on all lines. In my 30+ years of sailing on HAL I have never found any of my cabin stewards, dining room stewards, bar tenders or servers "lazy", perhaps there were sick stewards for your area and they were running understaffed or perhaps they were new, however I understood the Neptune Suite stewards are seasoned stewards. Not making excuses, but suggesting possible other explanations........
  14. I like the Hyatt Place Convention 17th Street. They don't offer the airport shuttle any longer, but they do have a shuttle to the pier....very close and convenient to stores and restaurants.
  15. I have stayed mid-ship in one of these V class verandah cabins. While the balcony may not be as deep as some other cabin locations, it's hardly noticeable. While I love the location of these cabins, I don't like to look down on the lifeboats. We now like the aft area so we can look down at the water, but that's the only reason.
  16. doone


    I get egg whites often on my cruises, once asked for spray vs. oil, it was a disaster on the pan, they stuck and burned, after that I just have them use the oil, the outcome is better not only for the pan but taste wise as well.....that's my thoughts.
  17. LOVE the Rotterdam, I am on her in March and cannot wait. I will be sailing vicariously through you 😁
  18. I would definately call your TA or HAL and have them re-fare you with the lower price. I do this all the time and am able to easily, but I always ask what perks I would lose if I do this and then decide if its worth it to me..............Club Orange, not sure if that would move with you or not, but definately ask the question...let us know how you make out. I also agree, I never book a nonrefundable deposit.
  19. That's very frustrating, glad it all worked out.
  20. Not sure which ship you're asking about, but the Pinnacle Class ships have some great music venues IMHO. I love the Rolling Rock room where there are some great artists that play rock and roll and yes there is a dance floor with everyone dancing the night away. The BBKings also has a dance floor and some wonderful dancing music, again, everyone always up dancing the night away. There is also the Dueling Piano's which is always fun for sing alongs. The other ships have some great music artists as well, but I find the music venue's small and very loud compared to the Pinnacle Class ships. With that said, I still enjoyed the music on all the ships.
  21. When you booked, your travel agent or personal cruise consultant should have asked you which dining you preferred. I would call whoever you booked with and tell them which dining you prefer.
  22. Love the Rotterdam............can't wait for March.
  23. Oh that's so sweet, glad you enjoyed it. I love the water taxi, always try to take it when I am in Ft. Lauderdale, always a good time..........
  24. I have to wait a little longer, not til March, but it will be here before I know it, cannot wait!!!!!
  25. Great to see the ships back in Ft. Lauderdale, means my upcoming cruise will be here soon.............
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