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  1. I too vote Rotterdam, I just sailed her 10-day ABC island itinerary and had a great cruise. The service, food and entertainment were all top notch and I loved all the bells and whistles of a new ship. I, too, was not going on any larger ship than the Vista, but did sail the Koningsdam and I also fell in love with the Pinnacle class of ship….not to say the other class of ships I wouldn’t sail again if itinerary was right.
  2. Gees, I thought they always served cold water lobsters on HAL? I did not get lobster on the Rotterdam when I sailed her a few weeks ago, kind of glad I didn't. I am from New England and you can't beat a cold water lobster. Thanks for the photo's, looks like a great cruise......
  3. Just noticed today that winter 2025 Caribbean cruises are posted on the HAL website for anyone interested…
  4. Please add me with the following information: August 3, 2024 Koningsdam Alaska - 7-Day round trip Vancouver Doone family and friends Can't wait!!!
  5. I just got off the Rotterdam last Saturday and did not notice the ship rocking that much, as a matter of fact I thought it was a very smooth cruise with he exception of our stop in Turks and Caicos which was overcast and windy. We were on deck 6 aft and thought it was a smooth ride. Sorry you didn’t enjoy your cruise on the Rotterdam, there are a lot of different cruise lines you can sail, I hope you find one that you enjoy!
  6. Hey Gsel, hope all is well.
  7. Had a blast, now onto the Koningsdam Aug 3-10, 2024!!
  8. Yes if you wish. We chose just once daily….but they still came in. They work so hard….
  9. I sailed the Koningsdam and the toilet is on an angle but it wasn’t much of an issue for me. I just got off the Rotterdam and noticed a big difference in the toilet placement…..
  10. They don't charge for LCS, it was an expression meaning it was so good they could have charged. Sorry for the confusion…..
  11. Thank you. Yes there were slight waits as they prepared your food but wait was never more than 10 minutes at DiveIn or NY Pizza they have slices of pizza you can get immediately or you can order a pizza and there is a bit of a wait as the pizzas are made to order. As one poster mentioned you can order in the Navigator app and avoid lines or waits.
  12. I will guess yes the leak was fixed, we didn’t notice the wet floor.
  13. A quick review, please feel free to ask specific questions. This cruise was booked before covid on the Nieuw Statendam for 2021, but pushed out due to covid and finally landing on March 8, 2023 on the Rotterdam. Sailing with family, friends and co-workers which ended up being 29 in my group. Embarkation was easy, no glitches. My group had 11:30 am embarkation and we all breezed right through early, like 10:45 am, easy peasy. We had verandah cabins on deck 6 aft, great, quiet location, conveniently located to the Lido and Sea View pool. The ship sailed at almost capacity and it felt it. Fortunately HAL handled the crowds beautifully and everything moved right along. Food is subjective, but I found the food to be plentiful and excellent. Had lunch in the dining room 2 times and service was excellent, good tomato bisque soup and burger……..had dinner in the dining room just once, the last night and it was very good, but really enjoyed the freedom of eating at the Lido for our dinners……. My group had open dining and I was a bit nervous about how long it would take to get a table, no one had an issue getting a table at the dining room, wait time was just a few minutes and it worked out great. Service at the Lido for breakfast, lunch and dinners was awesome, tables were cleared quickly by the lido stewards, coffee, juices, water were always available, can’t say enough good about the service we received. Dive-in was awesome along with Grand Dutch Cafe (best espresso martini’s), gelato and NY Deli and Pizza. Ate at Tamarind, Canaletto and Pinnacle with Tamarind being my absolute favorite. Pools were crowded and had the chair hogs, guess that’s never going to change. There were a few kids onboard, very well behaved as far as I could tell. Cabin stewards were excellent and lived up to what we expect from HAL, they are the best. Islands and excursions we enjoyed, Grand Turks was overcast so our beach excursion was cancelled. We shared 2 islands with Carnival’s Mardi Gras, Grand Turks and Amber Cove. This was my only complaint, this ship is so large and holds so many passengers it kind of spoiled these 2 island stops for us as the Mardi Gras passengers really took over……they were all nice but just too many for the 2 island stops……but we adjusted and dealt with it. Entertainment we all felt was some of the best we have ever experienced on HAL. BBKings was amazing each night was our favorite. Step One Dancers were very god as was Rolling Rock Room and the Piano Players. Some folks really enjoyed Lincoln Center Stage and said they were worth the price of admission, didn’t have the heart to tell them Lincoln Center Stage was going away. The staff and crew were all so helpful, ship was spotless, can’t say enough good. Disembarkation was the easiest I have ever experienced. Our flight home wasn’t til 3 pm, so we book the 9 am disembarkation, off the ship and in an Uber within 20 minutes, it was amazingly easy. All in all, an absolutely amazing cruise and cannot wait to sail again. I think I covered everything I experienced, any questions, ask away……
  14. Getting off Rotterdam after a wonderful cruise. Noticed Sky Princess had several emergency vehicles, not sure what happened, praying for those involved….
  15. The piano players I think are very good. Lots of people there during their performances.
  16. I guess I am not as sensitive about smoke smell, I don’t smell it in Rolling Rock Room and I am a non-smoker…..I really enjoy the music at all the venues….
  17. Not sure when you were on the Koningsdam but I sailed her back in 2019 and the Rolling Stone Rock Room was there, we went there every night along with BBKings. totally agree with the BBKings band onboard, they are amazing…..entertainment on this ship has blown me away…. Today we are in Grand Turks and weather is overcast with possible rain, our beach excursion was canceled so shopping is on the agenda. yes Captain Timmers is onboard. As our cruise comes to an end, I can’t say enough good about the Rotterdam, the crew, food, drinks and entertainment.
  18. I know food is subjective, but I am on the Rotterdam right now and the food has not disappointed anyone in my group, everyone has said how good it all is. Yes there are up charges, to us it’s an option and if you don’t want to pay it, don’t.
  19. For room selection I am on the Rotterdam right now on deck 6 aft in a verandah cabin. You will always feel some movement being on the ocean, but it’s been minimal on my cruise in this area. I have friends sailing with me who are on deck 10 forward and they said they feel the motion in that location. you will love the Rotterdam, this has been an amazing cruise so far. Hope this helps with your decision making.
  20. Yes I believe they do….I think any bar does the frozen drinks. we are at BBKings and I have to say the entertainment has blown me away….IMHO HAL has stepped it up on the entertainment…
  21. On the same cruise and totally agree, great cruise, can’t say enough good about it….on to Bonaire tomorrow…
  22. That old Rotterdam was sold, this is the Rotterdam VII…awesome ship…
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