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  1. The vaccinated continue to pay for the choices of the unvaccinated. Very frustrating.
  2. It's pretty clear that Royal is expecting the mask requirements to be relaxed for vaccinated passengers, and very soon: In the coming days, we are expecting updated guidance from the CDC on mask policies for vaccinated guests and will update you at that time. I would be quite surprised if many, or even any, sailings happen where vaccinated passengers are expected to wear masks.
  3. Yeah, if you test enough vaccinated people enough times, you’re going to get positive asymptomatic cases. The cruise lines need to be pushing for fully vaccinated (really fully vaccinated) cruises and less testing or these kind of largely insignificant events are going to continue to happen and then be blown all out of proportion by the media.
  4. Definitely correct but most people don’t distinguish between the virus and the disease caused by it.
  5. The likelihood of an asymptomatic vaccinated person spreading covid to another vaccinated person is so low as to not even be worth thinking about.
  6. Yes, it was the end of cruise test. One issue here is too much testing. There’s no need to test vaccinated people who aren’t showing any symptoms.
  7. Total waste of time and resources to test vaccinated passengers and completely inappropriate to add a new requirement 48 hours before sailing.
  8. Four to five months for the very first group? That's absurd. Are residents limited to receiving the vaccine only in the county in which they live? Down here in NC, it's a free-for-all, so people are traveling all over the state to get vaccinated (though I lucked into one five minutes from my house).
  9. This. By the time ships are back in large-scale operation, people will be widely vaccinated (perhaps 100% on ships) so there will be no need for plexiglass, masks, etc.
  10. I don't think cruiselines are going to be quick to relax rules, even if COVID has largely receded and most people are vaccinated. Too much potential bad press and liability. I think mask requirements and other similar rules will last well into 2022.
  11. While no one knows the exact form a "vaccine passport" is going to ultimately take, it's almost beyond question that some form of documentation of vaccination is going to be required to do most any kind of travel by the end of this year.
  12. No doubt these emails are automated, but maybe 11 months into the pandemic it's time to manually turn the automation off? Or is Royal actually still making money off people buying pre-sale purchases right now? Surely no one is silly enough to be giving Royal money for a cruise any time in the next 6 months.
  13. Hopefully, we don't have to, because vaccines are mandatory to cruise and overall cases have come down to very low levels.
  14. I don't understand CWC to be going away, at least not for existing bookings. As far as I can see on the Celebrity website CWC continues in effect for sailings booked by January 31, 2021 and with departure dates through May 4, 2022.
  15. Probably right though I doubt by July they’ll be anywhere near all ships sailing. Hoping not to have to wait for mine to be canceled.
  16. January 2022 could be a possibility for a return to some degree of normalcy. By then everyone who wants the vaccine should have it and the cruise lines will have given plenty of notice that vaccination is required.
  17. Wonder when they’ll extend it again... I have a July cruise that I’d strongly consider moving to 2022 at this point.
  18. I could see “normalcy” returning to cruising on July 1, 2022.
  19. Kind of a moot point unfortunately, as this cruise is going to be canceled to comply with the CDC sailing rules. But I think we're all going to be shocked by what cruise fares look like in late 2021 and beyond.
  20. The cruise lines are struggling to stay afloat (pun intended). X's changes to the Captain's Club are just one sign of what's to come. We all have higher prices and diminished offerings to look forward to.
  21. I would suspect that the airport or cars to/from the airport are far more likely sites of infection than the flight itself.
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