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  1. This is interesting to hear. I have had problems when my requested flights have been cancelled and they could not see I had paid extra for them and tried to charge me again. I will definitely shop reps on my next cruise. Thanks for sharing.
  2. This is exciting! We booked this when our Atlantic Southern Crossing was cancelled in March of 20. Now hopefully our Mediterranean Antiquities will go without a hitch. Trying to find a saliva PCR test to get results back in time. thanks for posting. Kimberly
  3. Out cruise ends on Nov 15th and we are on a 6:15 am flight to Paris and we get into Raleigh at 2:10 pm. They just ticketed our flights today so I am hoping no more changes. We are flying Air France on the return. We have had them change 3 times and each time Viking has accommodated my requests. Good luck with your flights. Kimberly
  4. Viking normally closes booking excursions on NOV a week before boarding the ship. Once you get on board they will be open again for booking. Not sure about part 2 of your inquiry. Hope you have a great trip!
  5. We can book tomorrow. We booked a Nov 1-15 Med Antiquities cruise which I later found out is made up of 2 cruises. So for us, we get on the ship on Nov 1st. The excursions for the first half of trip have been on MVJ for a couple of months. The excursions for the 2nd half of the trip just popped in on Saturday. I am scrambling to figure out what to book. Still trying to figure out why none listed for Rome, maybe because we are picking up and dropping off passengers on that day. Another call to Viking. I know they will be glad when I can finally take a cruise!
  6. We are on that itinerary, actually getting on the ship on Nov 1st in Barcelona. As well, we are watching and waiting. The excursions for your part of the trip just loaded into NVM today. I am debating booking optional excursions, as they open for us on Monday. it just seems like things are getting to the he point it is taking all of the joy and excitement out of traveling. It is making me worry I will miss some email, survey, form or test and not be allowed to board. is this all worth it? if conditions don't get better will probably wait to see what Viking does and cancel at 14 days. Kimberly & Phil
  7. Bbtondo, Yes, that is our sailing. We are thrilled to find fellow cruisers. We have our fingers crossed as well. Unfortunately the 4 day post Athens is sold out. Would have loved to tag along. we are going into Madrid for the pre cruise. We look forward to meeting you on board. Kimberly & Phil
  8. We are on the Nov 1 2021 and about 3 weeks ago I upgraded to PV on guaranteed basis. Last week on MVJ I discovered they had assigned our cabin. I found it under My Trip Summary. Instead of it saying guaranteed, it said Penthouse Veranda with a cabin number. We were about 120 days out. They may have already assigned yours. It looks like we may bit on the ship by ourselves. I started a roll call a couple of months ago and no one has replied. A private ship would be nice. Hope you have a great trip.
  9. We had the same experience in London with hoho tours and ending up getting off before the 1st attraction and getting on the underground. Great thing about London underground was the Oyster card. It saved us a ton of money. What you don't use at the end of the day you get back through the oyster vending machines. Very easy to use. Also, in researching for our trip last March, which did not happen, I found a lot of reviews about the hoho tours in Madrid. Same problem, very heavy traffic and not being able to get to attractions, or even find a bus to hop on. Dublin is an amazing city. So much to do in a small area. Several cool things we did while there: a pub crawl, a historical walking tour with a PhD student from Trinity College, and a literary pub crawl. So much fun.
  10. 2 days ago I emailed Viking to see what type of documentation they would need for the vaccine and one of the reps called me back. Surprisingly, she said Viking will not be requiring vaccines to board the ship. She referred me to the Viking site under health and safety for full details. I know we are still months away from the 1st cruise, will wait to see what transpires.
  11. We were in the initial period where we were given the opportunity to cancel and receive 100% voucher. We accepted and 2 days later everyone else got the opportunity to get refund or 125% and refund if not used. The few of us who had cruises scheduled for 3/15/20 are not eligible for a refund at any time. Our money is locked into Viking eternally!
  12. We did the Homelands in 2016. Most amazing trip. We also did a private tour with Alla. Olga and our driver took us everywhere. The canal cruise gave us a very different perspective of the city. Olga took us through the metro system. We went down one metro station and rode a couple stops and came out another metro stop and our driver was there waiting for us. One of the most amazing things we saw in St petersburg, with all the marble and chandeliers, something to see. Wish I could do this cruise again. Hope you have a wonderful time.
  13. I am curious. Did they hold your double past credit to what it was when you cancelled or When you booked originally? When I rebooked , since my March cruise was cancelled, they dropped us back to $100, since our last cruise was Alaska in June 2019. Even though the cruise was booked in Jan of 2018, and paid in full by Dec 2018. Very 😞 disappointed.
  14. I agree. Once you get onboard, the Viking experience is amazing. If you book your cruise within 1 year of cruising with Viking it is $200. I rebooked in April and they had a promo doubling the past cruise credit. Since I was only 1 month past the one year I was hoping they would extend. We are booking a more expensive one than we cancelled, so trying to get the best deal. This one has free airfare. Trying to figure should I book or wait for a different promo. Of couse, I could run the risk of trips filling up due to all cruises being cancelled this year. Budapest to Prague, Homelands and Alaska, all amazing! We were 3 days away from getting on Viking Jupiter in Buenos Aires, when it was cancelled. We cannot wait to sail with Viking again in the very near future.
  15. I rebooked our cancelled Southern Crossing to Mar of 2021. We got $400 in past guest discounts (promotional discount at the time). Now I am working to rebook for the fall of 2021and now I am only eligible for $100 past guest credit since now it has been more than a year since we have traveled with Viking (June of 2019). I understand The promo discount going away, however, giving us credit for only $100, after 4 cruises with them. Their loyalty program is not much of an incentive for loyalty. We did receive the 125% FCC so this may be the reason they are holding the line. I even tried for any OBC for higher catagory booking, with no luck. Is any one else running into this situation?
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