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  1. 50? minutes?!! Aaarrrggghhh😱 NOway for us, a taxi or bust.
  2. What a great write-up, thank you, Terry! And such great pictures too! You've made us homesick for our favorite ship😎
  3. You mean those cheesy flimsy things that are fine for laundry but not much else? What about a nice real live tote like they used to give?
  4. OC used to grant discounts and upgrades to those already booked.
  5. Hmmm...nice and I hope this doesn't mean '24 bookings are way lower than expected. Obviously trying to generate bookings. Would love to accept!
  6. Beware the chair hogs who arrive at sun up and claim chairs in the shade that they don't visit till much much later!
  7. I remember once there was a major fusspot at table next to us. She ordered dessert after dessert after dessert and sent them all back with a cringe. Then out came the jello and she was in heaven. We were shocked!
  8. We had a group of 9 on Symphony and Remi put us at an oval table which gave us all just enough space.
  9. I find lamb as easy as steak. I would happily share if you put an email address here...
  10. Good question for onboard guest services or your TA.
  11. Hard not to when you’re handicapped..
  12. Those columns are just the worst, and I question why they need to be so intrusive. I'm sure the actual supports are similar to a lolly column, which is much smaller in diameter, so the huge enclosure is strictly for a "look". Unfortunately they make it impossible for anyone in a wheelchair or scooter or even a walker to get past them so friends with wheelchair either say goodbye at the entrance or we go somewhere else. Maybe reconfigure the bar? I wish they would consider redecorating the columns as well as the furniture, which I file under "gawdawful".
  13. Tracie may never have seen it but it was there before she was on the scene. I saw it with my own eyes.
  14. I think someone asked "was there EVER" and the answer is YES.
  15. That's probably why it was discontinued!
  16. Agree 100%, not the same guys or at least not the same lecture over and over!
  17. Well Tracie goes back 20 years, I go back 28 and there WAS pre-dinner and pre-theatre dancing on the stage in Galaxy prior to and up to at least 2000. I even remember a couple who left the dinner table early to dance in Galaxy and it wasn't a special or theme cruise.
  18. Indeed it was, perhaps in 2000 and before. I go back to 1995! Dancing was on the stage.
  19. There was ballroom in Galaxy many years ago, it was called pre-theater dancing. No more though.
  20. I agree it would be very nice to see who will be on the ship on each segment. If I am waffling between two itineraries, who the entertainers and lecturers will be on each would play a big part in which segment I choose to book. I wish the info was available on the web site for all to see, like it used to be, not locked behind an already made booking.
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