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  1. Manava Tahiti, and Sofitel Bora Bora also refused a refund on our pre-paid reservations, even thought the FP government closed all arrivals . Basicly robbed our $$$ PLEASE ANYBODY READING THIS do not reward predatory hotels like these with your future bookings !!!!
  2. I have a question... Does any of the people receiving these casino promo's have pending FCC's from canceled cruises, and if so can you apply your FCC's or are these Promo's targeted specifically at "fresh money" bookings only ? Just curious Srpilo
  3. To answer the "how to get the crew's all back "... Thats the reason, there 47 cruise ships from all brands in Manila bay at the moment, and they will more than likely remain there until a firm decision is reached on resuming cruises this year.. As decisions are made for each ship, and it's schedule, each ship will then man with required crew right there in Manila, and from other neighboring Asian countries before heading back to their scheduled ports of embarkations.... The plan is for minimal crew flights required I personally think, the Royal and Emerald have a good chance of sailing starting October, if nothing else because Mexico, desperate for tourism dollars will more than likely be one of the first countries to open up to cruise ships again and as of this May 15th is already opening hotel resorts nationwide across Mexico, additionally MR & Hawaii cruises from Los Angeles only requires US &, Mexican ports,* And most importantly the LA/ Calif. area can support ship passenger loads with-out flights.
  4. The NCL ships will likely go to another cruiseline, along with their crews, and associated passenger loads.... Very unlikely that the almost new NCL ships will be retired or sit idle for very long Srpilo
  5. Curious too... All our pre-purchase items, and port tax has been refunded to our CC, but I cant seem to find any reference to the entire cruise refund in the form of FCC credit any where on our HAL account page ??? Any one know where it's supposed to show ? Srpilo
  6. I just log on to the HAL site and don't see where the new policy is (?)
  7. Of course no foul But all should remember that along with being one of the "respected destination experts" that like yourself and the OP , and every CC destination board that has them, and are 99% of the time appreciated , but along with that comes responsibility, and a 100 great and helpful posts can be tarnished by one bad one. I think we can all agree that when it comes to traveling in these nervous and uncertain times , that great care should be given before online posting uncertain rumor's and spreading mis-information whether intentional or not. There's enough anxiety going around already...
  8. Why did you leave out the additional information in your alarming post regarding that this only applies to those having visited the listed Asian countries ? As I type this all the updated current airlines (United , Delta & Hawiian Air)advisories I checked that fly to PPT mirror the Tahitian Air advisory, and none state that this applies to any other category of passengers . Your web-sit reference in French is only from the French Polynesian Health department, which has, apparently based on current information so far not been adopted by the any of the governing authorities in charge of actual passenger airport arrivals at PPT Deep Breaths before posting -- Please !
  9. So which is it … The above post PDF also says, only for those who have transited through the listed countries since Jan 1st.. ?? -- Health cert or no ???
  10. srpilo

    Holiday Card

    Agree not their best ... IMO there's nothing particularly festive about cruise statistic's Srpilo
  11. Same old Salmon Yeah, but you may remember when they briefly removed Always Available Salmon a couple of years ago when they first introduced the Curtis Stone menu and everyone went absolutely crazy here on CC … 🤣 So yeah its always the same old Salmon but apparently it's still a crowd favorite (definitely not mine though) Srpilo
  12. Good work HAL that's how you make Lemonade out of Lemons
  13. Elite in cabin canape's --> Chocolate covered Strawberries on formal nights
  14. How about the Majestic Princess smoking areas, I've read they're different areas compared to the other Royal class ships Anybody know ?
  15. Alas there's only one cure for Pre-Cruise Syndrome …. Boarding ! The good news is your suffering will be short lived 😎 Srpilo
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