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  1. 30 coffees.. 2- cards when trading in the entire mini bar, whether solo or 2 elites Srpilo
  2. As stated above book two, and pay the deposit, and just cancel the second person later Srpilo
  3. Thanks, and welcome back to reality Srpilo
  4. Top notch pic ! I drove by early in the morning as she was arriving in the bay, in the dark with her lights all a blaze Srpilo
  5. Probably close... Just like a VIP casino cruise where the a large percentage of the total passengers are casino invitee's , the Princess Art concessioner also does these type of cruises where previous "high roller" art purchaser's are offered a free or discounted cruise to attend a so called "Art Intensive" program and these cruises end up taking a large percentage of the total bookings for that sailing. I was on a California Coastal last year on the Crown, that was one of these "Art" cruises, though on that cruise they only took over the Explorer's for the whole cruise not Club Fusion too - On that cruises the attendee's were required to commit to six hours a day to so called art lectures on all the sea days. Thanks, but no thanks Srpilo
  6. Good stuff, thanks for the updates I also board on the 20th, and look forward seeing the Old Gal spruced up a bit 😎 Srpilo
  7. I'm on the same March 20th cruise, and I'm hoping the dry dock next week will address the internet issues once and for alI. I was on the Grand in August 2017, and I was unable to get online anywhere on the ship at any time of the day 99% of the cruise.. And yet they were selling unlimited options. Grand is by far the worst internet offender in the entire Princess fleet. Fingers crossed for my sailing in three weeks Srpilo
  8. Never seen it anywhere before the cruise either, but it's always been on my account once onboard. Srpilo
  9. Yep.. At least once a cruise , sometimes more than once 😎 I order the volcano for desert almost every night ! Srpilo
  10. I just got off the Diamond on Jan 19th, and she went into dry-dock the same day... All I can tell you is the Diamond REALLY needed a dry-dock, as IMO she was in the worst shape I've ever seen a Princess ship in.. This was my 58th Princess cruise, and I was SHOCKED at the condition of some areas of the ship, we were on the Sapphire her sister ship this June (2018) in Europe and the difference in the condition between the two could not have been greater. I'm sincerely hoping the dry-dock was aimed at addressing some of the glaring maintenance issues that were clear and obvious and there for all to see Fingers crossed Srpilo
  11. Can I get a AMEN ! Srpilo
  12. Also not to worry as they'll eliminate all the pools during the nationwide retrofitting of every building in America Srpilo
  13. First was the old Royal in 1990 or 91 in the Med.. Favorite ? ...The only existing Princess ship we haven't sailed on is the Majestic .. So I guess its been all of them (but a little less so with Royal & Regal) Srpilo
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