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  1. LOL Yeah at some point.. But making a luggage tag available to print out right now is just plain cruel 🤔
  2. Isn't that where the Grand went when the tendering platform door wouldn't close, and they had to sail the ship empty for repairs back to the west coast from Hawaii a couple of years ago ? .
  3. I understood that all passengers and CREW were going to be vaccinated on the Regal during this UK trial run, making all the pre-crew quarantine requirements moot Did I misunderstand the original Princess announcement ?
  4. Sure Ok... $$$ FYI as a example.. When a cruise ships leave FLL , it leaves with all the food, fuel, and provisions for it's 7 day sailing, additionally cruise ships rarely buys anything from a port of call, and almost always fully provision in their port of origin, plus you can count on your fingers the categories of port employees that a cruise ship port of call requires and ultimately the small amount ofmoney that generates for the community, in comparison to 2 or 3 thousand passengers descending on a port city during a port of call Lastly.. Under your loic all the existing touris
  5. The problem, at least here in North America, certain areas of the USA, Caribbean, Alaska, and Canada is the overall negative sentiment about cruise ships in general, and there are many communities around the USA that would like to ban cruising all together in their areas, and now ADD the fact that there's to real local economic benefits to cruise ships.. Well it's another arrow in their quil's against cruising. Also in general Port Authority revenue usually doesn't filter down into the community in any meaningful way.
  6. With only cruise line controled tour bubbles, how long will ports be willing to accept cruise ships when there will be almost no direct economic advantage to the port with out the passengers off the ship and out and about spending money ?? Seems under these so called " health and safety" protocol's that only a very select few tour company's will benefit from cruise ship stops and passengers, and that local merchant's and city businesses will get ZIP .
  7. For me it's a "no go" without included gratuities .. I personally would never buy the beverage package in the past, so why with out paid gratuities would I pony up and extra $99.00 a day for the marginally valuable/important internet and maybe a couple of drinks during the entire cruise. Also IMO the single shore excursion is a joke at a $100.00 truthfully, when was the last time you picked a HAL $100.00 excursion as your first choice off the excursion list ? Unlike Princess or Celebrity's straight forward valuable all included packages , this like the View & Veranda pro
  8. Do you now speak for the government of New Zealand ? I dont think there's a government anywhere in the world that's going to exclude literally hundreds of millions of people who will be vaccinated in the coming months because they cant come up with a system to validate ("gaurantee") their vaccination. No body doubts your intentions here by helping to pass on local insights from NZ, but I think its incumbent on you not to portray your personal opinions as government facts.. Just saying. .
  9. IMO - I think the spread of dates listed looks more like a port call schedule, and not like a home port schedule. Maybe the Island will be home ported in Greece or Cypress and Haifa will only be one of the ports of call on her itinerary (?)
  10. Beware to all those who say "no big deal we always use cruise excursions anyway" , please note its been reported extensively by the reviews from the ships operating in Europe currently, that the excursions EXCLUDE and FORBID any direct shopping or buying food while on the controlled excursions. So basically it's a bubble, off the ship - do the listed activity- and straight back to the ship with absolutely no interaction with locals or merchants or mixing of peoples. So as example, a port of call listed as 10 hrs (8:00am to 6:00pm) for most passengers the port day will consist only
  11. The Civitavecchia list are the original and still posted Princess itineraries and have been listed for 10 months, the Athens port departures are all new, this past week, and reflex the current cruising reality in Europe, which is that Greece can offer a cruise line 5 or 6 guaranteed Greek itinerary ports will be open to cruise ships this summer for ships which depart from Greece. The rest of Europe with the exception of the UK can not match or guarantee such an offer at this time , so Princess and virtually every other cruise line is currently scrambling to amend their 2021 summer schedules to
  12. Yes... For the last month or so when logged in I've had a few Europe private sales mostly on the N. Statendam , and also almost all the 7 day Oct- Nov-Dec 2021 Mexican Riviera dates on the Koningsdam All the private sale pricing has been only on "cruise only" fares, with all the Veranda or Have it all promo's still at full price .
  13. Very cool update pic's -- Thanks for the link
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