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  1. Big change for a cruise in the Med , unfortunately not a lot of time to reconsider your options .
  2. Keep checking everyday, for at lease 10 days here it went from appointments available everyday to ZERO anywhere in the county overnight, then on Monday morning this week appointments were suddenly available again all over the city So as supply becomes wide spread again it should open up to more and more cities... Keep checking
  3. FYI -- Here in San Diego, CVS is back accepting appointments for antigen tests... You might have read in the last couple of weeks about the self-home tests sold nationwide through pharmacies being re-called because of false-positive results, well CVS got caught up in the re-call with their supply of tests, and had to stop scheduling appointments because of lack of tests. They apparently have acquired a new supply, and restarted the minute-site testing here in San Diego I have an appointment tomorrow morning for my free test at a local CVS for my Friday cruise.. Saved the $90.00 for the test I scheduled at a local clinic 🙂 .
  4. LOL.. At least its not being run thru the Medallion app 🤪
  5. I wonder if this is currently up running for the imminent cruises starting this week, or another sometime in the future offering ?
  6. Now we're talking !!! 🤩
  7. True ... IMO the problem though is not just onboard, and partial capacity, if there's any real problem, it is that you have port stops and shore excursions where practically the entire ship mixes with a new untested local population with unknown vaccination rates, or worse, already infected individuals, and as the saying goes.. "It only takes one" But, I guess the statistic don't lie, and cruising seems to have the formula to make it work. .
  8. Going forward here's the new protocols for long cruises..... UPDATED: Will I also be tested for COVID-19 on board during my cruise? For select cruises, including Panama Canal Full Transits and voyages 15 days and longer, guests will likely have a COVID-19 test administered 3-5 days into their voyages. For voyages 15 days and longer specifically, guests will be tested every 7 days thereafter. The tests will be scheduled and administered by the onboard medical team and will be provided on a complimentary basis. Positive COVID-19 cases will be assessed and treated either in their stateroom, or in a designated area of the Medical Center in a single occupancy ward. Positive cases that do not require admission to the ship’s medical center, or medical disembarkation, will most likely be moved to a different cabin for the duration of their isolation. If you, your family members, travelling companions or other close contacts are quarantined or medically isolated during your voyage as a result of a positive COVID-19 test or are suspected of having COVID-19, you are entitled to a 100% Future Cruise Credit for missed cruise days, including time in quarantine, for you, your travel party, and any confirmed close contacts, if any of you test positive during your cruise. This testing policy will be reviewed on a regular basis as the global situation continues to evolve. Anyone who doesn’t comply with the onboard public health measures may be disembarked at the first available opportunity. Other consequences could include being denied service, required stateroom isolation and being banned from sailing in the future. If you are non-compliant, no refund of the cruise fare for unused cruise days or travel expenses (if flying home) will be covered. If your travel party is impacted and/or they are required or voluntarily choose to leave with you, the same policies will apply to them: there will be no refund of cruise fare for unused cruise days or coverage of
  9. While the CSO scheduled to expire at the end of this month its projected by many to be extended, it seems logical though that with the elevated state of vaccinations and vastly increase testing requirements that of all the CSO requirements that capacity limits would be the least likely to be extended. With the recent dismal load numbers it appears the cruise market place has proven once again that when it comes to Covid nervous and reluctant passengers, along with all the current mandates will regulate capacity loads much better than any written words from DC. .
  10. Of the original Grand class sized ships, the Sapphire Princess also has an Alfredo's
  11. Case counts It's very apparent that individual cruise lines are keeping those numbers under wraps, including Princess, but if it's to be believed the CLIA the international association of cruise lines put out in a statement when the passenger restart got to the 250,00 mark worldwide that they said the reported total of onboard Covid cases for the 250,00 was 146, obviously that number represents only the detected cases, one would logically assume, that a additional number went undetected and-or developed symptoms after disembarking, specially after so many 3 and 4 day short cruises across the world that has marked the restart with the high passenger turnover where onboard symptoms don't have time to manifest. Don't recall if that number included crew or just passengers, 146 IMO is a shocking low number, and if accurate is testament to the ongoing protocols . .
  12. Yeah .. The unfortunate thing is some fellow cruisers had Share paid reservations right up til two days ago, and were looking forward to the much hyped Share, and overnight were switch back to Sabitinis without notice... Seems that if Princess knew for sometime that they were going to change back to Sabitinis they should have gave notice sooner, why keep it a secret ? In some respects, classic Princess move
  13. I'm on the first Emerald sailing on Oct 15th, and it has been confirmed on Instagram that "Share" has officially reverted back to Sabitinis. ** That leaves the Ruby currently in drydock, and curious if Share will be replaced also ? ** .
  14. Good to know they still have disks, as I always asked for extra to use in the shower too 😎
  15. Thanks for all your posts 🙂 Have Safe Journey Home
  16. Wally Have they announced the totals for the Most Traveled yet ?
  17. Awesome Thanks !!!
  18. Yikes ... Or hopefully Princess is just counting on the upcoming expiration of the CSO to mitigate the 14 day rule (?)
  19. CDC : Ships must have 14 days without passengers before entering into restricted service with paid passengers in US waters. Many saw these cancellations coming after Princess canceled the Regal's first US sailing which was a 4 day cruise last week Bummer for those who were booked ...
  20. Sorry don't mean to harp.. Again to be clear you're saying "all over the ships", so you're saying outside on open deck there are signs posted to where masks ?
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