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  1. Hi Guys Hi guys, I'm on the same cruise too .. The primary smoking area on the Veendam with the best amenities is the area just aft of the buffet on Lido starboard side , it's covered and has plenty of tables and chairs. The area just out side the Crow's Nest on the sport's deck is just a smoking area with a ash tray type box on the wall and is more or less out in the elements with no cover. (lots of crew use this spot to pop in for a quick puff) Lastly the if actually play the slots, there is a smoking section in a part of the casino for slot players players, except the few non-smoking nights sprinkled thru the cruise (usually the 2 or 3 formal nights) Hope this helps Srpilo
  2. Contact your legislator's and change the law's that's the way the system works , but until then, like drunk driver's, or gun violence as examples, and of course smoking there will always be a cost to society for individual freedom's. We as apart of a free society can't pick and choose what we feel should be someone else's right's, even if their right's comes at a personal cost to ourselves... That's advanced CIVIC's 101 So ..Yes, that exactly what I'm saying. Srpilo
  3. But here in lies the problem with all anti smoking points In a world where smoking is legal, and as an example and just alone in the USA almost 40 million adults still use tobacco, and world wide litterally hundreds of millions, the fact, and I'm quoting your post, that some become "seriously ill" from smelling smoke should be up to that person or persons to avoid areas where they may knowingly encounter smoke, and not rely or demand that others modify their legal adult behavior. I personally was in favor of HAL eliminating smoking in cabins and balconies, and can 100% see where this was a needed action, but in fairness that move should and does also include adequate smoking areas for those adults who still wish to smoke. But as is often the case many misconstrue efforts to agree to moderate a specific behavior with new added rights bestowed apon them to demand some new unintended and unwarranted additional regulation not originally agreed apon. Cruising and vacationing is a leisure activity which can be preselected in advance based on your likes , tolerances, and dislikes, and it should come as no surprise when given all the available options to those with smoke intolerance's that one encounters the smell of legal smoke in a casino, or any where else where designated smoking is permitted , when such information was readily available before purchase. Bottom line is if smoking is an personal or health issue, and HAL or any other company allows unacceptable smoking, you have the right and option to not cruise HAL, and seek out a acceptable alternative, and not rely on the modified behavior of other adults who's adult lifestyle's, likes, and dislikes differ from your's. Srpilo
  4. Can we pre-pay our gratuities ? Don't cruise HAL often enough to remember, and I don't seem to see it on my HAL online booking page Srpilo
  5. Nice solid report.... Thanks for sharing Srpilo
  6. 30 coffees.. 2- cards when trading in the entire mini bar, whether solo or 2 elites Srpilo
  7. As stated above book two, and pay the deposit, and just cancel the second person later Srpilo
  8. Thanks, and welcome back to reality Srpilo
  9. Top notch pic ! I drove by early in the morning as she was arriving in the bay, in the dark with her lights all a blaze Srpilo
  10. Probably close... Just like a VIP casino cruise where the a large percentage of the total passengers are casino invitee's , the Princess Art concessioner also does these type of cruises where previous "high roller" art purchaser's are offered a free or discounted cruise to attend a so called "Art Intensive" program and these cruises end up taking a large percentage of the total bookings for that sailing. I was on a California Coastal last year on the Crown, that was one of these "Art" cruises, though on that cruise they only took over the Explorer's for the whole cruise not Club Fusion too - On that cruises the attendee's were required to commit to six hours a day to so called art lectures on all the sea days. Thanks, but no thanks Srpilo
  11. Good stuff, thanks for the updates I also board on the 20th, and look forward seeing the Old Gal spruced up a bit 😎 Srpilo
  12. I'm on the same March 20th cruise, and I'm hoping the dry dock next week will address the internet issues once and for alI. I was on the Grand in August 2017, and I was unable to get online anywhere on the ship at any time of the day 99% of the cruise.. And yet they were selling unlimited options. Grand is by far the worst internet offender in the entire Princess fleet. Fingers crossed for my sailing in three weeks Srpilo
  13. Never seen it anywhere before the cruise either, but it's always been on my account once onboard. Srpilo
  14. Yep.. At least once a cruise , sometimes more than once 😎 I order the volcano for desert almost every night ! Srpilo
  15. I just got off the Diamond on Jan 19th, and she went into dry-dock the same day... All I can tell you is the Diamond REALLY needed a dry-dock, as IMO she was in the worst shape I've ever seen a Princess ship in.. This was my 58th Princess cruise, and I was SHOCKED at the condition of some areas of the ship, we were on the Sapphire her sister ship this June (2018) in Europe and the difference in the condition between the two could not have been greater. I'm sincerely hoping the dry-dock was aimed at addressing some of the glaring maintenance issues that were clear and obvious and there for all to see Fingers crossed Srpilo
  16. Can I get a AMEN ! Srpilo
  17. Also not to worry as they'll eliminate all the pools during the nationwide retrofitting of every building in America Srpilo
  18. First was the old Royal in 1990 or 91 in the Med.. Favorite ? ...The only existing Princess ship we haven't sailed on is the Majestic .. So I guess its been all of them (but a little less so with Royal & Regal) Srpilo
  19. Nope ...the Captain Cook is in Anchorage, in Fairbanks it will be more than likely the Princess Riverside Lodge Srpilo (edit: opps sorry is see someone above just posted the same thing about the Riverside Lodge)
  20. I was there that morning... We disembarked the Diamond in Singapore on Jan 19th, and watched the Sapphire come in right behind us, yeah it was pretty cool 😎 Singapore is a off the chart fantastic place ! Srpilo
  21. Tracie I think that's probably ship dependent, as I just got off the Diamond in Asia 10 days ago and they were still only taking one punch off the old cards for my morning double shot Americano's. Like "everything" Princess , there never seems to be a set policy across the fleet for anything once onboard Srpilo
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