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  1. One more note about San Juan. The airport Saturday was crazy busy and a bit confusing. If returning to mainland U.S. you must put your luggage through an agricultural inspection and get a green tag on it. If you go to the airline counter to check your bag without it, they will send you back to get one. When we arrived around 11, the main line was ridiculously long. Very little signage or communication from airport staff. However, if you walk a bit toward terminal A, there was another agrultural inspection line which was MUCH shorter to get the green tags.
  2. This was not true January 20, but there was a huge festival. Cabs could get to the terminal. Ubers could not. We were there a few days before, and generally we found cabs to be a bit cheaper.
  3. Yes. It is Pier 4 terminal. But it may be hot and there are cobblestones, so not sure it would be fun to haul luggage. If you walk fast, maybe 30 minutes between El Morro to the Virgin terminal. Remember there are two forts. It's not a bad walk between them. https://www.nps.gov/saju/planyourvisit/directions.htm
  4. Or cab up as close as you can get to the castle (There are two, remember, so decide which to see first) and walk down through Old San Juan. Definitely wear good walking shoes. BTW the same pass will get you entry into both. And if you are an NPS passholder, bring it because it works.
  5. My Android worked, SIL's iphone did not. No idea if it is a phone thing but beween four of us, we got everyhting booked while siting insde waiting. Took awhile though!
  6. We enjoyed the A menu. The pea/egg was not my favorite, but we thought the mushroom pate was good. They let you substitute a lot. I think my SIL swapped out half the meal πŸ™‚ I thought the steak was good. We felt it was filling. We thought the cocktail pairings were good. Maybe that's why we enjoyed the food more πŸ™‚ We thought the chocolate dessert was good. But so rich I couldn't finish it. I understand the hate from those who want big meals, but we relaxed and savored and didn't leave feeling hungry at all. For me, it is Razzle Dazzle that is underwhelming. Taste is subjective for sure πŸ™‚
  7. Yes. We had DBE early boarding so I can't say what happened with those lines πŸ™‚ Just heard what people onboard later were saying. There was a lot of confusion, for sure. I'm sure it will get better as Virgin and San Juan terminal get used to one another πŸ™‚
  8. For us it only worked inside the terminal. Four phones for different signal strengths. My sisters iPhone was the worst. My Google Fi Samsung s21 was the best. Obviously phones will vary! They will line you up by embarkation time but might get in earlier if the line before yours clears.
  9. Boarded in San Juan on the 20th. Logistics a bit harder due to the San Sebastian Festival. Cabs could get closer than Ubers. Because we were concerned about traffic, we cabbed from our hotel on Condado Beach around 11 a.m. It was San Juan's second Virgin sailing and they have a lot of logistics to improve. But many of the staff were being trained and everyone was as pleasant as possible. First there was line for tagging bags, Then an area outside the terminal for check-in, getting your bracelet. etc. We wre DBE so we and a few RSs waiting outside the terminal (you could find a bit of shade) for quite awhile. Communications poor to non-existent but keep asking. Finally RS and DBE and SOR were let into terminal to big seating area. Since we could get weak signals among the four of us, we got our reservations completed. In our cabin, bags already delivered, before 2 p.m.
  10. I'm on a seven night sailing soon as was able to book restaurants more than once. If you used a travel advisor, they can sometimes get into the system and make the resevrations for you. Ask them to do this for you. I say "sometimes" because nothing seems permant with Virgin's tech πŸ™‚ But I love them anyway.
  11. I hope you are flying in the day before because you know...airlines nowadays... San Juan Terminal Pier 4 Paseo Concepcion de Garcia Old San Juan PR 00901 I think San Juan is worth a visit. The most recommended places to see (which can be walked in a leisurely hour or 2...more if you like to amble 😞 1) El Castillo San Felipe del Morro (Fort El Morro) 2) Cathedral of San Juan Bautista 3) Castillo San Cristóbal (Fort San Cristobal) 4) Plaza Colon (Columbus Square) 5) Museum of the Americas 6) Plaza de Armas (Arms Square) 7) La Fortaleza (The Fortress)
  12. I did read recently that Carlos is on Valiant through March. *fingers crossed."
  13. I was on a call with Virgin today and asked if the status match programs was coming back in any form. They said there are no plans to do that. Congrats to everyone who got in under the wire.
  14. And if you are sailing before Feb 1, buy the old more flexible kind while on board! Honestly, I thought the changes would be worse.
  15. Lately Virgin seems to be changing the term sailor loot to on board credit. I suspect it was confusiing too many people. They are the same thing, but distinct, of course, from bar tab which can only be used for beverages.
  16. He doesn't say on his Instagram either..Guess I just have to wait in suspense.
  17. Some TAs belong to consortia that provide an extra $100 OBC to cabins Sea terrace or higher. If it says "exclusive" on it, that is probably it.
  18. For the OP's question....on the ship don't forget to check out the free 80's arcade, play some games (we enjoyed trivia and the spped jigsaw puzzle), be sure to have snacks and drinks at the Dockhouse. Don't mss the short rib bao at the Sun Club/ Many people ever find the Sun Club. Try private karaoke. or just sit and relax. Be sure to sign up for any dining you did not yet sign up for as soon as you board. Entertainment or events too.
  19. Say it ain't so! I'm sailing Valiant soon.
  20. So they officially ended status match Dec. 31, but a few people said they managed to make it work for a few days after that. Stay tuned as they are supposed to announce Sailing Club changes later this month. Cross your fingers they reinstate the status match. You will likely see someone post on this forum if gets reinstated.
  21. Yes--this. And silly things to most people but I love the 80s style arcade--all free games.No one ever talks about the arcade, am I the only one who still likes to play Space Invaders? Private karakoke rooms included. The free ice cream shop (not soft serve) called Lick Me till Ice Scream. Also the fact that I can tell my cabin steward I need more water or what-not with the tablet, not leaving notes or waiting to see them. And especially the lack of relentless upselling and extra fees. And the fact that most of the other passengers are chill and friendly.
  22. I know many former Celebrity loyalists turning to Virgin. They love not paying for any specialty dining and having tips, wifi, and group fitness included. The adults only vibe is more about fun than what you might imagine. If you are offended by drag shows, this is not the cruise line for you. The demographic skews more to 30s and 40s, but there is a mix of older and younger. Mostly it attracts people who are accepting and inclusive. Yes--there are parties, but you don't have to do those. There are many spots to quietly read a book or have a drink together.
  23. I totally agree. Even with the price increases, if I quote a Virgin Cruise with a similar itinerary on another line such as Celebrity, I find Virgin still compares well. Especially if it is an apples-to-apples comparison, including wifi, gratuities, specialty dining fees, group fitness classes.
  24. Exactly this. I now have no idea what is extended or not...I keep chalking it up to them being new.
  25. You and me both!!! It's a whirlwind πŸ™‚ The first time I decide I can rely on them to extend it, that's when they won't πŸ™‚
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