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  1. Glad you are into forgiveness! I have had that happen on other lines, so I understand the stress. It's why I bought AirTags (the Android equivalent) and keep one in each checked bag. That way I know they are on the ship, at least.
  2. I can tell you I qualified using status match and got the benefits in January. But given they are supposedly improving the program I would be shocked if they took it away from people who signed up in good faith. Time will tell, of course.
  3. Virgin was selling very low and offering big perks to establish themselves. But they were not making money. Now that have built a base the glory days of sailing for very little are, sadly, over. There is truly little point in comparing a sailing to even six monts' ago. The main factors should be--can you afford it and is it worth it to you?
  4. It is true that the reservations system is a pain point, especially for the first-timers. And the technology needs work. But if you want to hear complaints about apps, drop by the Princess forums. And they just rolled out a big upgrade. Hopefully, the onboard experience will make up for it. But it's not a great first impression, no doubt about it.
  5. @Osa J Here's the easy answer: https://www.princess.com/en-us/ships-and-experience/onboard-experience/food-and-dining/whats-included Pastry/coffee shop is International Cafe Buffet is World Marketplace The rest should be obvious. Have a great trip!
  6. There are several independent baggage services available online. I don't have a specific recommendation because I have never used one. But a Google search should find you some.
  7. Me three. And remember some cleaning happens while most of us are sleeping. Not saying that some of the concerns expressed are not valid because they are. Just saying that none of sees everyhting that happens 24 hours a day.
  8. And, since it seems related, passport processing times are back to being speedy lately. My husband's renewal came back in two weeks, which shocked us, but in a good way 🙂
  9. https://www.travelmarketreport.com/Cruise/articles/American-Queen-Voyages-Ceases-All-Operations
  10. They claim they will be announcing improvements soo. Time will tell.
  11. Totally understand.So sorry it happened to you and your family! This has gone on for decades before Covid with flu, norovirus, etc. I'm not saying it's right, just saying it is what to expect when traveling. I am not a germaphobe in real life, but I love to travel and when I travel I wash my hands after touching anything--bannister, elevator button, I use sanitzer constantly (yes, I know hand washing is better but sometimes not feasible). And I avoid buffets...I have seen too much bad behavior! And I do carry masks for when that person near me on the plane is coughing their lungs out. And I sanitize the video screen and tray etc. on the plane. I've been lucky but I know it's always a possibility. Point being this is true on pretty much every cruise line,like you say.
  12. It will mainly change the day you board. Also it will change during the trip so keep checking on the app.
  13. They are all on deck 8. Here's a picture from 8270Z. The blue is the San Juan Terminal. The red is lifeboat.
  14. Welcome to Virgin's tech and finance. Fortunately the on board experience is delightful.
  15. And he will be on three upcoming Celebration cruises.
  16. This is a reminder to bring written confirmation of your invoice with all perks, bar tabs, sailor loot, etc. documented and bring it to the ship with you. If you used a TA, they can run it for you. Every now and then things fall off bookings for mysterious reasons. Having paper to show what you are entitled to, helps Sailor Serices resolve it.
  17. I think the benefits are really good. That laundry bag is BIG. And priority boarding. And the $100 Bar Tab and the $10/day coffee....
  18. I mean if you did not qualify for a status match before December 31, you no longer can qualify for a status match. People who qualified previously still have it. I did it before December 31 and it showed up on my January sailing no problem. The higher ups seemed quite clear that there was no intention to bring the status match back, but you never know! As you may have read elsewhere, at some point this year they intend to reveal a revamped loyalty program.
  19. Thank you for the excellent review. I should note for others in case they start to look for it that Virgin has discontinued the status match with other cruisers as of December 31, 2023. On a recent call some of us asked if it would return and were told " No plans to return it." So good for you you got it when you did. They do plan to announce a revamp soon of the Deep Blue Extras, hopefully making it even better. But I consider it pretty darn good right now.
  20. Limited View cabins tend to have very limited views--often a whole lifeboat in front. But it is still a balcony with a hammock. I sailed on one two weeks ago. Whole lifeboat in front of us. I didn't mind because we knew that would be the case and it was a lot less than a regular Sea Terrace. Also, while we had no problems at all, some people complain about noise from the Manor or Red Room.
  21. As we ordered at the beginning my sister-in-law said "Is there something that can replace x and they said yes--we can bring you z instead." Then another and another. Sort of a course by course negotiation. My husband's family are very picky unadventurous eaters and she was happy. I wish I could recall her substitutions, but the cocktail pairing seems to have affected my memory 🙂
  22. Last week on Valiant, we just checked in at our Muster station. No life vest overview like on Scarlet last summer.
  23. One more note about San Juan. The airport Saturday was crazy busy and a bit confusing. If returning to mainland U.S. you must put your luggage through an agricultural inspection and get a green tag on it. If you go to the airline counter to check your bag without it, they will send you back to get one. When we arrived around 11, the main line was ridiculously long. Very little signage or communication from airport staff. However, if you walk a bit toward terminal A, there was another agrultural inspection line which was MUCH shorter to get the green tags.
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