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  1. We watched the New Year in on German TV (very entertaining - the acts on their variety shows often make us feel young, eg ‘Little’ Peggy March of ‘I love him’ fame, now 72 etc ...) followed by a past year’s recording of fireworks over the Brandenburg Gates. The fireworks were accompanied by rousing well known classical music pieces beginning with Ode to Joy. As this was the exact moment we were ‘free’ of the EU I felt like a dog with my nose pressed against the window and a bit sad. Harry would appreciate that I’m sure, but he’s not been around this week! Anyway, onwards and upwa
  2. Maybe being in Scotland and soaking up the Hogmanay atmosphere helps to keep you awake! My 91 year old friend loves to reminisce about New Year's Eve in Scotland only 3 years ago. My son and DIL have a party but it is well known that we only make a 'guest appearance' just to see folk, which I do enjoy. I drink next-to-no alcohol and I suspect I might want to throw myself into the spirit were that not the case 😁
  3. We've decided to watch German TV on New Year's Eve and so get rid of 2020 an hour earlier 😉. Fireworks (I hope!) over the Brandenburg Gate and then to bed and so not dragging out this awful year 🥂
  4. I love Celebrity, but there are limits! In January whilst on our last cruise, I booked a Caribbean cruise on Apex for January 2022 with a US agent I have used before. The cost of Concierge, including drinks and $150 OBC (but not gratuities) was £1920 ($2605) for the two of us. I checked the AI price on the UK website a month ago and the AI price was £3878 and no OBC - yes about double!! Recently I was looking at Canaries cruises for 2022 and unsurprisingly, booked P&O. We've had two P&O cruises which we enjoyed, maybe not quite so much as Celebrity, but we were happy e
  5. Given that time really does seem to be the essence here, I hope this isn’t the case. My bubble neighbour was given the date for her second dose when she had the first.
  6. I took my 80 year old (bubble) neighbour for hers last Wednesday, 16th to a local Health Centre where they were very well organised given that most of the recipients would have been taken to the Centre by car and dropped off. She reported they were working 8am-6pm and were getting through 300 people a day. This is in SW Lancashire. On the other hand, I spoke to a lady in 'my' tea party group* yesterday (the charity is actually called Re-engage and is an old one, but alas they have adopted a daft new name IMO) who is mid 80s and she fully expected to be in the first cohort of folk
  7. My Waitrose arrives tomorrow evening so I've just been making last minute amendments. As an aside, I've just googled Velvetiser following your post and it looks very tempting - and possible lethal for me as I love good chocolate. I'm just wondering if it would be one of those things that would end up in the cupboard only to make occasional outings - along with sandwich toaster, ice cream maker, waffle iron etc 😁
  8. I was just delighted that Bill Bailey won! He got the 12 votes from this house because as I've said in a previous post, I enjoy watching those who arrive on the show already able to dance (albeit not ballroom) but get far more pleasure from either those who entertain, or those who make great progress and Bill scored highly for me on both counts. In truth, I wouldn't have minded who won - I also like Janette and Hrvy seems very nice and I thought Maisie's show dance was great. I agree that we need another 'feel good' programme now. Any suggestions?
  9. Actually, I have! To both, but rarely and never as a gift, however, my DH could join you in that club. I was just hoping I didn't come across as judgemental because I'm certainly not on this issue, the post just made me laugh out loud because many times over the last month or so, when I've been writing Christmas cards, wrapping presents, or doing a jigsaw, an advert for giving scratch cards has come on the radio so I've really been bemused and pondered it extensively - sad I know. I think I'm out of step on so many things these days 😄
  10. 😁 Each time I hear the advert for giving scratch cards as a gift on my favourite classical music radio station, I think 'Who on earth would actually do this?' Now I know 😉 ..... and I can definitely appreciate the simplicity of it in this case!
  11. And me, me, me - I'd pay handsomely too! I've seen him live five times and I've left on a high every time .... also a bit jealous because we are only months apart in age but that man is super fit!
  12. I'm also here in windy Lancashire and envious of anyone escaping to the sun. We've been lucky enough to spend the last 10 or more Januarys in Florida. Ah well, maybe 2022 ..... On the topic of turkeys, I bough my first ever frozen turkey when we moved to Harpenden, in the south in the early nineties because we had no extended family around us to feed. I thought that putting it in our caravan to defrost the day before was a good idea. It was a particularly cold evening and so the turkey was solid as a rock on Christmas Day! I took out 3 chicken breasts to defrost an
  13. It’s quite likely you are referring to me, if not personally 😄. I’m one of the ones who likes to watch those who come on Strictly already good, but doesn’t vote for them, but did vote for John Sergeant, Ann Widdecombe, Nancy Del Whatsit etc for the sheer entertainment value! I don’t much care who is voted off this week so long as it’s not Ranvir 🤞
  14. 😁 My northern, lovely, smart nephew does too, and I can't really see why. None of the other English speaking countries do it, as far as I know. We met some Americans on one cruise who had an English young man assist in their church and they asked me about this and if it was a 'condition' 😁😂
  15. I watched it and it brought back memories of my friends and I walking the 4 miles home from school because they had taken the buses off; most definitely wouldn't happen now! Listening to the plummy voices of the presenters took me back too and although they sounded strange for 2020, I decided I preferred their voices to the ones we sometimes get today who substitute a 'v' or an 'f' for a 'th' - those who say 'fanks', and 'I fink' etc. Funnily enough it doesn't bother me when accompanied by a cockney accent (I love regional accents), but it has spread like a rash throughout the co
  16. I booked my January slot last week too and also have a delivery saver
  17. This made me laugh. One of my favourite USA chains is the Cheesecake Factory, but we only ever have lunch there because the dinner portions are enormous. I felt quite smug because I always chose a chicken salad (with a fried onion topping 😁) and then they started printing the calories on the menu. My lunchtime salad had more than 1200 calories!! Being Mrs Smug, as well as mrsgoggins, I will add that my Tesco slots are booked until 7th January 😊
  18. I’m looking at that one too! OP We love the Regal and Royal - been on both, don’t mind the small balconies but love Alfredo’s pizza place 😋. I’m no foodie obviously because I’ve been happy enough with the food on all of my cruises and especially Celebrity and Princess, and P&O was fine too; more veggies as standard was my impression and better tea of course 😉. I do hope that we are not being optimistic too soon, but it does feel good just talking about actual cruising again!
  19. Well I’m hunkered down and fine but in a spirit of ‘all will be okay’ eventually, I have booked Florida flights for the end of September/early October next year and stays at Vero Beach and Disney’s Old Key West resorts 🤞. Are you taking the plunge again? I know you love your Florida holidays. I have a Fjords cruise booked for the end of August so I do hope your July trip will happen!
  20. Can I gently say that I think you are being a tad harsh? I certainly don't think that what Ardennais implied that he/she thought people were at home every evening getting stoned etc.
  21. I was also taking a look at the Celebrity forum last night for the same reason as terrierjohn and I'm not really that surprised that X are looking towards their younger customers; I would think it makes sound business sense - and for many of us older ones, they have us anyhow - although I must confess that some of the electronic techno-type music played around some ships has made me question my preference for them occasionally! The inclusive price will definitely push up the price for many of their loyal customers who benefit from free minutes of wifi and free drinks within a 2 hou
  22. I agree with you totally so a 'like' didn't seem enough ..... even down to the Pinot 😆
  23. I came on here this morning to see if there was any Graham news, but I did have a big joyful grin when I saw Strictly mentioned. It's a programme I can smile almost all the way through, although confess that I do start to watch it when it's recording - 15 minutes after it starts then I can jump through some of the rehearsal chat! Even DH (radio 4, lots of politics, serious newspapers, doesn't read fiction etc ..... get the picture?) joins in with the spirit of the show 😁. I can recommend it to you Harry. It's a true feelgood show right now. And, I should like to nominate Bill Ba
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