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  1. On 7/19/2019 at 3:44 PM, JohninDC said:

    For what dates?


    This and other hotels out near the MIA airport are fine if you are arriving late and just want dinner and a room. If you are arriving earlier in the day and want to see and experience some of Miami then choose a downtown hotel.

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  2. Depending on the port, many locations are totally safe to have lunch. Usually the ship staff dispense bottled water as you go ashore ,,, don't want to get dehydrated. 

  3. On 7/1/2019 at 6:34 PM, Corby114 said:

    Carmel Limo and Dial 7 Limo are two reliable companies based in the New York City area that provide excellent service in the metropolitan New York City area. There rates are reasonable and they have clean vehicles and knowledgeable drivers. You can be assured that they will arrive at their scheduled time and get to the location you need to be at. Have used them numerous times and was always satisfied with there service.

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