We have travelled on a whole variety of ships including huge, luxury cruise ships and to describe Fram as a cruise ship is to misrepresent her and mislead. she is an expedition ship towards the more 'comfortable' end of the range. Anyone boarding her and expecting a 'cruise ship' experience is going to be very disappointed and upset.

The cruise ship tag implies, for example, shows on a stage, large comfortable cabins, waiter service at meals and multiple lounges. The only shows on Fram are the (excellent) one evening crew show in the bar and the 24/7 show outside.

As for my reference to Point Wild, you know perfectly well that I was not suggesting that Fram could control the weather. My point was that Fram was able to provide the same kind of experience as National Geographic and Lindblad: same ice, same wildlife, same surprise landings, but at a cost that provides a significant contribution towards later trips.