Check with Uber. I think I saw something about requesting a car seat. Not positive. Just a thought. Good luck.

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Aye, an eye patch, a peg leg, a keg of grog, and wind be just right. But me Cap'n are smilin, thar be wenches tonight...

PREVIOUS SEA TIME (Not counting USS Nimitz)
4/7/19 Celebrity Edge (New) 8-day Carib. Theme: Abraham Hicks, Vortex of Attraction
2/5/19 Viking Star 8-day Cultural Cuba
11/16/18 Celebrity Equinox 8-day E. Carib
8/12/18 NCL Jade 11-day Hamburg, Germany - Norway
6/17/18 NCL Escape 7-day Bermuda
3/17/18 Celebrity Equinox 7-day Carib. Theme: Abraham Hicks, Vortex of Attraction
11/17/17. NCL Sun. 11-day S. Carib
10/7/17 NCL Gem 7-Day Canada and New England
7/16/17 Celebrity Equinox 7-day W. Carib
12/10/16 NCL Epic 7-day E. Carib
11/20/16. NCL Jade. 7-day W. Carib
5/7/16 NCL Escape 7-day E. Carib
11/22/15 NCL Star. 7-day W. Cari
9/26/15 NCL Pride of America 9-day Hawaii pkg
3/29/15 NCL Sun 7-day W Carib
12/1/14 NCL Pearl 10-day E Carib
1/30/14 CCL Paradise 5-day W Carib
12/11/13 NCL Sun 11-day S Carib
12/2/12 NCL Dawn 7-day W Carib
10/30/11 NCL Star 7-day W Carib
5/2/09 NCL Star 7-day Alaska
3/7/08 NCL Pearl 9-day S Carib
2/4/07 RCCL Mariner 7-day E Carib
6/13/06 RCCL Voyager 7-day W Carib
3/18/06 RCCL Navigator 7-day W Carib
5/15/05 Princess Diamond 7-day Alaska
1/10/04 RCCL Enchantment 5-day W Carib
9/15/89 RCCL Sovereign 4-day Bahamas
6/6/89 RCCL Sovereign 4-day Bahamas
11/5/70 RCCL Song of Norway 7-day E Carib
??? Remember the SeaEscape? Just about had my own cabin.