Closest pyramids to see in Cozumel

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Assuming I dock at Puerto Maya. What' the closest pyramid to see in cozumel?
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Originally posted by caddykid12
Assuming I dock at Puerto Maya. What' the closest pyramid to see in cozumel?
You mean Mayan Ruins in Costa Maya? About a 40 minute drive .......
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The closest ruins are right on the island

All the others require a ferry ride and then a looong bus ride.

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The ruins on Cozumel are just a ritual site, not a city. Very small with only a few structures.

Over on Mainland, Tulum is closest but it is a later Mayan city with smaller buildings and not really significant historically. Coba is the next one, and it is very impressive, but there aren't too many excursions anymore that go there. Chichen Itza is a long way but they do offer excursions. It is a world heritage site, gigantic and worth a full day to actually tour. And yes, I have been to them all.
If you want to take pretty photos, Tulum is good... but you can't even touch any of the buildings or climb any, all roped off.

Best cruise ship tours to Mayan ruins.... I would recommend ports at Belize, Costa maya, and Progreso. Better ruins with more significant structures and worth the long bus rides.

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Originally posted by ABQrobin
Best cruise ship tours to Mayan ruins.... I would recommend ports at Belize, Costa maya, and Progreso. Better ruins with more significant structures and worth the long bus rides.
Not really something you can do on a cruise, but if you are really into the Mayans, you must go see Tikal. It's the "New York City" of the Mayan empire.

It's a short puddle jumper flight from Belize City to Flores, Guatemala. From there it is a short taxi ride to the national park where Tikal is located. Lots of parrots and toucans flying above, and troops of coati mundi roaming around. Monkeys in the trees, too.

I left Charlotte once in the mid-morning and was watching the sun set that evening over the pyramids from a tree house. It's a pretty easy trip.
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The one in Cozumel is nothing. Made an impromptu stop while there a couple of years ago. In my opinion don’t waste your money.

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About 8000+ miles from Cozumel to Egypt to see the pyramids
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San Gervasio is a very small site on the island. I'm glad we stopped there a few years ago but it's not all that impressive. But if that's the only chance you'll have to see ruins then give it a look. And take bug spray!
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