TOP 10 THINGS newbies forget to bring on their 1st Cruise...

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Michigan, USA
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OK, we're down to a few weeks before our first-ever cruise (2 adults, 2 kids 10 and 7), and we're starting to think about packing. So my question - what are the things that first-time cruisers would never think to bring, and that I'll be kicking myself about all week? Not the obvious - wine opener, passport, etc. - looking for stuff I'd NEVER think of.

Thanks in advance - and I will compile a Top 10 list and post it (based on my own assessment, of course...) if I get enough responses (and then we can argue about my rankings).
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Ann Arbor
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Birth control.

We have 3 cruise souvenirs at our house ages 19, 17 an 17
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Originally posted by Zimomiller
Birth control.

We have 3 cruise souvenirs at our house ages 19, 17 an 17
Oh thanks!
Now I hafta clean spewed beer from my screen!
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N. Calif., USA
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usually the small things like..a razor, nail clippers, sometimes some OTC

irritating things that just nickle and dime you to death..
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Small travel-size steam iron. I didn't think to bring one on my first cruise. I thought there would be one in the cabin (like a hotel room). No iron, had to send things to be pressed, very pricey. Now, I always pack it. Our friends went with us after Thanksgiving and borrowed it. They didn't think to pack one either.

Have fun!
Sunny Florida
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power strip/extension cord
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Northeast U.S.
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Post It Notes (or notepad of paper) and pens. Useful for leaving notes to each other, or a request for your steward. The pen will come in handy when you fill out the health questionaire for your family as you wait at embarkation. Some also bring a highlighter for the Freestyle Daily.

Have a great first cruise!

Cumberland Plateau of TN
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duct tape (you just never know)
night light (if an inside cabin)
if briniging an alarm should be battery operated
spare set of eyeglasses if you wear them
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Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
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Bubbles!!! So your kids (and yourselves) can enjoy blowing them off your balcony or off one of the decks at the sail-aways. My cruising friend and I are retired elementary teachers and we enjoy blowing bubbles, since we can't throw confetti off the ship any more.
Syracuse, NY USA
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Originally posted by MM9953
Small travel-size steam iron. I didn't think to bring one on my first cruise. I thought there would be one in the cabin (like a hotel room). No iron, had to send things to be pressed, very pricey. Now, I always pack it. Our friends went with us after Thanksgiving and borrowed it. They didn't think to pack one either.

Have fun!
I don't know from personal experience but some on here have reported that they could borrow an iron from the front desk. Ask your steward. As I said though, I'm only repeating what others have said.

Have a great cruise!
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Down East Maine
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extra batteries/charger
small bills for tipping luggage porter, cabbies, room service
book to read
air freshner for the bathroom
laynard to put room card on (for kids)
good walking shoes
suntan lotion
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Great White North
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If your hair is not short but not long enough to tie back, you might consider Detangle spray for your hair, sea days can be windy!

Over-door shoe holder - hang on bathroom door for all your odds 'n' bobs, which will always be at your fingertips, and keeps the room tidy

Water shoes or rubber flip-flops to wear around the pool and to go up to the water slide (if the ship has one) - the deck can be HOT!!

Leave the body lotion at home - your skin will be wonderful after a few days of sunscreen, aloe gel and salt water.
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Someone already mentioned otc meds, but more specifically Aloe gel. If you get sunburned, it is $12 on the ship for a little thing of it. Ibuprofen is $12 for 24 pills, so bring your own! We always bring a usb converter to plug in to charge those ipods, cell phones, cameras, anything else that charges via usb!
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Soda or bottled water if you consume alot or prefer a particular brand (I believe NCL now serves Pepsi products). We usually check ours with the luggage (being certain to attach luggage tags) and it's delivered right to our cabin.
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Don't bring an iron. It's a safety hazard.

Do bring Post-Its.
Most important.... bring your tickets,documents,passports.
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Lots of singles ($1 bills) to tip room service staff, bartenders, pool servers, etc.

Bring along a positive attitude that you're going to have a great time and odds are that you will!