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Hi everyone. I have a 15 year old non verbal autistic child and we are going on our first cruise in 10 days. To Progresso and Cozumel we are also bringing our 20 month old. I was wondering about the mustard drill is there anyway one parent goes and one stay with the kids? My son does good in crowds for about 15 min. Any help or advice on this or any part that will make this smooth sailing I would appreciate. We are sailing with carnival.
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1 Call Carnival specials needs department before your cruise.
2 Go right to the Customer Service desk as soon as you board the ship.
Most likely you and your son will skip the drill but you will do a makeup the following day.
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the muster drill must be attended by everyone, including the non verbal child. there is a special area to use to attend it that is not with the regular crowds . just go to Guest services after boarding to find out where that is.
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As said, muster drill is required by everyone. You should be able to arrange a special muster for your group, but go to guest services as soon as you board to discuss it. You might also want to contact the special needs department for the cruise line. But, no, you can't just send one parent to the muster drill.
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Mommaof4kiddos - Welcome to cruise critic! You might find the Special Needs board ( and Family Cruises board ( useful too. Doing a search on 'autism' will return a number of threads on both boards. Hope you have a great cruise!
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Originally posted by Mommaof4kiddos
Thank you all for information. I contacted special services they are going to t give our group a mustard drill in a different area less crowded.
It’s “muster” drill, not mustard. You don’t want to end up by the grill 😀.