funny questions about cruising

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Cruise Rituals
Not voo-doo...but what do YOU do?
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What are some of the funniest questions you've heard about cruising. Like.....What time is the two o'clock tour?.........Does the crew sleep on board the ship?..........Etc...
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by Snowy Owl
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My favorite one is the couple wandering around the photo shop saying " how do we tell which photos are ours?"
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Originally posted by snowy owl
What are some of the funniest questions you've heard about cruising. Like.....What time is the two o'clock tour?.........Does the crew sleep on board the ship?..........Etc...
Hello. My name is Irene and I've cruised the valor last january. Had a great time--the ship is large and beautiful. A funny question I heard was "does the ship have it's own power generator?" to which the cruise director answered, no, we stretch an extra long extension cord from miami to all the ports."
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At dinner one of our table mates asked the people at the table what was their longest and shortest cruises.

I answered our shortest cruise was about 15 minutes. The time it took the ferry to cross the river.
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Went on a group cruise with family and friends last year and most had never been on a cruise, their first time. A friend and her daughter went through the entire process of embarkation, followed the line onto the ship and stood there in awe and looked around. Friend said 'Where do we go from here? How do we get on the ship?'
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Of course the classic questions..."Which elevators go to the front of the ship?" And..."What time is the midnight buffet?"
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What do you do with the beautiful ice carvings after they melt?

Is this island completely surrounded by water?

Are you sure that our oceanview cabin will be above the waterline of the ship?

Why don't inside cabins have a porthole/window?

Can I use American currency in Alaska?

I want to be on the port side of the ship! (We asked why.) That way I can always see the port! (For those that didn't get this, port is the nautical theme for the left side of the ship, and has nothing to do with which side faces town.)

Do you have to leave the ship to take a shore excursion?
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There's the ever popular, How high above sea level are we? Uh, what deck are you on?

Then there was the lady that called the desk to say she couldn't ge out of her cabin becase there was a do not disturb sign on the door.

Seems like every CD has the same jokes.

When we were on the Magica, I took to reading the signs. My favorite was on the back of the toilet that said Do Not Flush Whilst Seated. Don't you know somewhere along the way some schmuck actually tried it and broke his arm?
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Originally Posted by daiB

Your cruise is like life you get out of it what you put in, If you go around with a smile on your face and treat people as you would like to be treated with a please and thank you then there is every chance you will have the time of your life. On the other hand if you blow up at the first setback and treat people like dirt, then you will get what you deserve and have a lousy time.
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And then there was the lady who asked her room steward if he had always done this type of work. The steward replied, "No, I used to be a deck hand on a submarine."
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Originally posted by snowy owl
What are some of the funniest questions you've heard about cruising. ......

If we arrive at the pier after the ship has sailed, will they still let us on?
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Customer's have asked me ...

* How far (MILES) does the ship go when it's at sea ? :: AN ANSWER THE CAPTAIN KNOWS ::
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We heard a women ask the Cruise Director. Is that sea water in the pool? CD: Yes it is. Women: Oh, that explains why there are so many waves.
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Not a cruise but my favorite was the person who asked our guide at Windsor castle, after hearing a number of jets fly over from nearby Heathrow, why the Queen built her castle so close to an airport.
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I was on the Explorer of The Seas in December of 01. We were on RCCL's Private Island Labadee. We were some of the last ones to leave the island and we were just lounging in a couple of the hammocs when someone asked "so are you guys on the ship"... HMM No we live here!!!
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While on an outside deck, cruising the Florida Straits, a guy as me if the the
water was salt or fresh. I said the water on port side was salt, but on the starboard side was fresh. He thanked me and said he just won a bet he had with his wife.
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I didn't actually hear this on a cruise ship, butI read it on these boards. After the earthquake in Hawaii, someone living there couldn't wait to leave & get back to the "good old USofA".
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I worked at a very well known restaurant in Alaska and we had many cruise ship passengers stop by for lunch, the most common question from them was......Do you live here? I would smile and say "no i fly in everyday to serve lunch" it always would cause a laugh.
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