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Sooo over due photo dream review! PS I LOVE CARNIVAL DREAM!!


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Okay so here we go!


May 20th (day before our cruise) Picked up my sister (Ashleigh). My mom paid for me and my half sister (not her daughter) to go on this cruise. I was so excited and so grateful!




May 21st We were flying out of Dallas/Fort Worth via American Airlines! Early EARLY morning, Ashleigh had no sleep and I only got an hour! But 4am we were up, packed, and ready to go! We parked at "The Spot" parking lot and they bused us over to the terminal. Not too expensive and easy, but the drivers are crazy!!

We were playing on the massive escalator ( Were on vacation who says we have to act our age!!)





The flight was fine.. well I slept through it, my sister however hates flying (hasnt done it since she was six) and gripped my arm every bump!! But we landed fine then went on the Subway/tram/train thingy to baggage claim.





Once we got our baggage that is when the "fun" really began. Back story: This was my sisters first cruise, my mom and I wanted to make this very special. So we went through CoCo Beach Shuttle to get a town car (we had one on our trip to California and it was fantastic, this time however...) once we got our bags we were told the car would be there and just to call to find out the stop number. Unfortutally the town car had a broken tire and we got a extreamly hot old van. But we understood and let it go. We just wanted to see our boat and we did!! (ignore the "love bugs" on the windshield)





Thanks for reading, more later!

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So our shuttle dropped us off, we unloaded our bags, then got in line! Have to say this is one of the nicest port terminals I've ever been in! We didnt have to wait to long (the longest wait in line was before security.. and we were out side. the carnival people did have ice water and was handing it out and were pulling elderly people out of line and letting them go through the V.I.P. line. But our wait wasn't but 7-10 mins. Then once inside it went by like a flash!


We were in a balcony room on the panorama floor, soo nice! 11263!!








My mom had champagne and chocolate covered strawberrys for sail away. This was was my first balcony room and I really enjoyed the sail away on our own balcony!!

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Our first night we took the opportunity to do the stake house, for one cause we don't like how casual people dress the first night and also free bottle of wine! We didn't relize how close the stake house is to our room when we were getting ready so we were really early. So we did a little sight seeing!!






I loved LOVED the atrium, it was just breath taking! We could of just looked around for hours!




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Okay I should warn you I love taking pictures at dinner.. I know, I know I am crazy!!


For one thing the plates were beautiful!!





RIGHT?! lol


We took our order and had a ton of different option, I wish I had taken a picture of the menu because there is no way i am going to be able to remember the names of everything. But it was all good! After we had placed our orders our waitress came back saying she had selections complemetry from the chef (not sure if they do this all the time) but it was nice either way. Me and my sister got mini tomato soup, which was amazing! It came with a tiny spoon, which I thought was so cute. My mom got a tiny cheese burger, I cant even explain it so just look at the pic!!






We were also served this rosemary bread never had it before but I loved it! It's the round flat one with holes.


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So I promised myself that I wasn't going to let myself being scared of trying new things.. so I did. For the appy I got the escargot and to my surprise it wasn't that bad. It was actually good, the taste was great but the texture was..different! But the soup in the corner was.. well I only had one bite.



Not sure what kinda stake mom got but it looked good.. me and my sister were brave and got the porterhouse!! Omg i was soo full.. And we were extreamly tired we had been going since 4am that day (my sister 10am the day before!) We had actually fallen asleep during the drill earlier, our room steward came by to make sure the rooms were clear. She told us later that we didn't even stir when she came into the room. So she let us be.






My mom doesn't usally look that bad.. I'm guessing she didn't get mush sleep either!


My sister and mom doesn't usually drink so I had finished the bottle my self.. can you tell??


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And finally desert, I had heard on here that the chocolate sampler was to die for that we had to try it.. so we did! It was great and lot more that we thought! four large shot glasses filled with the best stuff ever! I wish I could remember what each had.. but I dont!! I do know that the first one (it had a red ice cream looking thing in it) it was raspberry serbert with some chocolate cake stuff under it.. by far best thing on the cruise!







They were really really tired!!



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Day 2


So first port day and first full day! We woke up in Nassau, Bahammas.


Back Story: My sister is a single mom of three kids (a 6 year old girl, and twin 2 year olds) she needed this vacation! But her nights and days have been all messed up cause she works nights. So her grumpy puss is cause of the early rise we had to do! Well I guess we didnt HAVE to get up that early!



I think one of my favorite place was atrium and the glass elevators. It was just so pretty in there and I love to people watch!!









Gots to get tha money!!!


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Once on the island it was manly walking around, a little a bit of shopping. I wanted to stay on the boat but Ash has never been there so we went!




I did love the rum store.. we bought 5 of them to bring back for gifts. And I got to snuggle up to a pirate!! hehe






A little more shopping then back to the ship!!





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The ship next to us was practicing with their life boats. It was pretty cool to watch and relaxed my sister some. She had been worried about sinking... I know its silly to people who cruise alot but all I heard for 8 months was "what about the titanic!!!" lol






We took the "pics infront of the boat" thing then went back up to our room to watch and see if we had any runners.. good for them we didnt but wasnt that entertaining! lol



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After walking around nassau we wanted to just hang out so we went down to the lanai for the soduku game.. we were the only ones playing but I won and gave the medal to my sister! My goal for this week was to get my self a ship on a stick and one for my sister!! But so far just a medal!! Anyways back to these photos I loved the lanai! It was so nice and open it was great!

We had ordered two bottles from BV and I swear, I've snuck booze on and spent tons of $$ for booze but by far BV is the best option. Its not that bad price wise and very covenant. We ordered Baja Bobs margarita mixes and loved them. Anyways wow im getting off track alot on this one, I've always wanted to try a Miami Vice, and wow i love it! it was the 1st of two I bought on the boat! Fantastic!








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The one good thing about not spending the entire day in port is you have great photo opportunities!!







The oasis of the seas was following us the entire trip and that is one BIG boat.. but the dream is prettyer..prettyist? more pretty!! lol









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We were waiting our time till the MDR opened (even though I HATE MDR FOR LUNCH and breakfast) idk im just not a fan.. love it at dinner but meh!!

My mom loves MDR for lunch so she won!




Shes a little excited!



Waiting inline...




see this was moms.. and she thought it was gross...



and this was mine.. and it was gross!!


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After lunch (a not so good one!! lol) my mom wanted to take a nap, so me and ashleigh headed down to the casino to wait till they opened (when in port everything closes!!) My sister LOVES to gamble and shes pretty good, I think by the end of the cruise she was up 200 dollars! it was fun!







After a little bit of gambling we dicieded that we were still hungry and wanted to check out the burrito bar!! It was great one of my favorite stations, and if you went at the right time no one was in line! I heard alot of people complain about the lines on the dream, but I never really saw much of this. If you went at the right times (either early or late) then you really didnt have to deal with much of that!! May21st2011128.jpg

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Our first elegant night was soo much fun! Our table mates were great, all funny and nice! Plus we got to dress up and I looked good!! haha jk


The dinning room was beautiful, we were at the back of the boat and after a few tries we finally found a direct way to the dinning room. We had gotten lost quite a few times during the week!!



We had a great time and an amazing wait staff, so sweet and funny! I love and miss them!!


My mom was so excited that we got to sit by the window at dinner, she demanded that we left early every night so we could have a chance at the window!!



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Great food in the MDR!! I had a Cesar salad, Mudrooms, and the Chicken carbonara pasta! And all of it was fantastic! I tell everyone who ask we go to the MDR for nearly every dinner!!







I believed my mom had a stuffed pepper?? maybe..lol



And my sister had the stake (she said it wasnt as good as the stake house..who'd figure!)


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When we go back to the room after dinner we found a special surprise! I love John Healds blog, and have been following it and him on facebook for a few months now. And Saturday when we got on the boat I had left a comment on JH's fb saying something like "hey john im on the dream.. and I LOVE IT!!" So sunday night when we got back to the room our cruise director, Butch, had left us a plate of chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of champagne. With a note saying that his friend JH has mentioned to him we were on this trip and asked to leave us something special. I thought this was so sweet and it was a great surprise!






Then off to the show!!!


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