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Bermuda and Hurricane Season


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For those of you who have read my review on the Crown and Bermuda, you'll note that I LOVED IT!!!!


NCL has a really good price on Crown/Bermuda in August.. and I'm SERIOUSLY considering it. I'm suffering from Bermuda withdrawals, and I want to go back!


However... I'm concerned about Hurricane season. Would I be taking a real gamble booking a trip for August? Has anybody been there in August?


And... how hot is it then?

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We sailed Majesty from Boston in Sept 2001. Seemed every week there was a hurricane in the Atlantic that Aug-Sept, but none got close enough to Bermuda to do any damage. We had 40 ft waves at one point as the ship skirted the edge of the hurricane but I felt we were not in danger. I actually thought it was kinda cool...I dont get seasick (DH spent the day in the cabin). Bring along the Bonine, just in case. Have a wonderful time!!!

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I have a great cruise with a great crew. I wish you calm seas all the way. I am going to go on the gambling boat out of Lynn pretty soon. Have you ever been on the horizens edge? Everyone that has been on said it was great. I am going to go with a bunch of the girls.


Have a great cruise.



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You are always taking a chance in the later summer months.

Not really of a direct hit but one bothering you from someplace else.


A few years ago Fabain hit Bermuda the day before we left NY... we ended up going to Canada instead.

Last year the remains of Ivan were leaving the New York area when we were leaving and we had terrible weather....rough seas and wind.

Bermuda was windy also from a pressure system south of them..

And I believe Jeanne was a factor as well since Horseshoe bay had some major waves. (we couldnt get into St Georges because of the wind)


We have always gone Early Sept which is about the same as Aug


Would I go if I was you... you bet Id go..

Have another good time..:D



I still have weeks to go

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Thanks for all your replies. OK, I'm feeling better about the August trip. I just may do it... stay tuned.


I really wanted to do the glass bottom kiyaking (I heard it was very good)... and I wanted to do the catamaran snorkel/turtle refuge excursion. And.. I REALLY want to go back to the Snorkel Park at the dockyards. That was outstanding!


There is just so much to do in Bermuda. I can see going back again and again and again. I only wish Triminghams was still open in August. :(

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Triminghams is still open in August.

You have been to Bermuda before...

I love Hamilton on Wednesday Nights...Harbour Nights...

All the shops are open late,,,,,,,,


Triminghams is scheduled to close permanently 7/27. The reports is that it will actually close a week before that.


I've been to Bermuda in late August and September...you should have great time., The worst thing that happens is that if a Hurricaine comes close you go some place else.

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Our 1st trip to Bermuda in Aug. we had very rough seas the 1st full day at sea. The dining room was half empty for dinner and it was difficult just to walk.

On our 2nd to Bermuda, 3rd week in Aug, with 3 hurricanes in the Atlantic with one heading straight for Bermuda scheduled to hit while we were there. Well, it made a right-hand turn just south and this was the smoothest cruise ever.

On our 3rd to Bermuda, late July, it had some rough spells but not bad at all.

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The rough seas don't bother me. One of my hobbies is crewing on tall ships. Crossed the English Channel in December in a 60' schooner in a force 9 storm. You talk about rough! We had to tie ourselves in to our buncks with lee clothes to avoid falling out of bed. But I love it! I'm one of the few people that enjoys a good rockin' and rollin'.


My concern is more with rain. I know a lot of you enjoy the activities on board the ship-- but a cruise ship-- to me-- is more of a stress free way of getting from here to there. (I hate to fly-- but I still do when I have to.) If it rained all week-- I think I'd be pretty bored and disappointed. And now with Trimmingham's closing-- I'd be lost! :(

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I am sailing from NY to Bermuda on the Crown on August 28th. I was less concerned about the hurricanes than I was about the poor reviews that I had read about the ship. But I just read a GLOWING review, and many of my fears are relieved!!


I can't wait to go!! I have been to Bermuda before. We went in 2003 on Celebrity Zenith in June, and the weather was fabulous!!


I loved Bermuda!! It was pretty, the weather was perfect and the people were sooooo friendly!!!

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We sailed on the Crown last August out of NYC and I liked it very much. The ship is on the small side, but it was nice to be able to find your way around after one day. We had an obstructed view cabin on the LIDO deck and were very happy with both the cabin and our trip in general. We are doing the same cruise next August and can't wait.

We have sailed 3 times on Carnival Ships and the Crown was fine, the only drawback at all was the Freestyle Dining - but that is due to lines that build up at dinner - other than that we enjoyed the entertainment (sharkbait were funny) and the daytime activities (lectures and such)

We are also doing the Majesty in October out of Boston and I will do a review when I return.


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On all my trips to Bermuda(1 land-6 days, 3 cruises-3.5 days each in Bermuda, all July or Aug.) we had rain 1 day in the afternoon into the night and another time it rained the whole afternoon. Although we had beautiful weather on a cruise in late July, the week before it had rained all week. Lucky for us guess ....


Usually the temp. is in the mid 80s with high humidity during the summer.

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