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Medallion roll out slower than anticipated

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Ok just received an email about boarding times and our cabin has changed according to that email. I logged in the Princess and yes it is changed. I did not receive any other notification which I find odd. I did call a couple of days ago about wanting to be part of the test group. Could this be Why? Anyone else have a cabin Change?

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According to an article on Cruise Critic, Regal was in drydock being prepared for this technology in April 2017.



So I would have expected the last 6 months to be used by staff testing the technology, preparing for a launch date of November, as advertised on their website.


I definitely feel this is false advertising. If not, why doesn't Princess clearly state "Ocean Medallion technology will be rolled out in phases on the Regal between November 2017 and March 2018 (or whatever date)...and it will not be available to everyone" ?


Then if they do a full rollout earlier, everyone is happy. Why deceive people?


Why are people receiving emails that it won't be fully implemented after they have made final payment. (I have no evidence of this, only from reading posts on Cc)


This isn't about how useful ***** is or isn't. IMHO, this is not being advertised clearly or fairly.


Even if their original intentions were to have it fully implemented, and they now realize they can't, why not update their website?


I understand your frustration with these annoucements, but it is Marketing 101 to promise stuff (generally before it's ready) and hope it works out. As for why they don't update the webpage, well, the webpage is far from a model of technological competence, given some of the complaints we see posted. :D But to your point, no marketing person/group will ever back down from a "promise" once made. They always leave explanations (aka blame) to IT or the engineers. Not malicious, just the way they operate (the air they breathe is different from our air, which is why they are always so optimistic/wrong). The expression "over-promise, under-deliver" comes to mind. And, as noted by a few posters, 'the large print giveth, the small print taketh away'.


I recently had an experience with satellite radio. "Sign up now, you get NFL games as part of the basic package". Yay, great, sign me up. But when I looked at the channels available, no NFL games. I called to ask, and was told "well, you have an XM radio, you need Sirius (or the other way around) to get NFL stations". So, a new subscription at $5 extra was ordered and all was well. I was annoyed but wanted NFL games, so got the higher priced subscription.


This happens all the time. Think airlines, online shopping deals, car sellers, etc. It's just the way marketing works. It does suggest we as consumers need to be skeptical at least, careful at best.


We just got off the Regal on Saturday, I can tell you that there was a staff of about 10 people (3rd party) working on the ***** during our cruise. They were working on our deck (Emerald) and particularly cabin E102 as I had pictured earlier in this thread.


Possibly Princess under estimated the amount of work and timeline to get this accomplished as we are seeing now. Projects like this are enormous once started and unforeseen problems and road blocks are bound to happen.


This is an excellent example of what could go wrong as a new technology is rolled out. It never goes the way they plan, no matter how hard they try :) And, it is the marketing people who make the promises, with the corporate blessing, not the technical folks in the trenches who know better.


Still makes it hard on people who thought they would get this but as consumers, we need to raise the bar on the baloney that is shoved at us.



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This happens all the time. Think airlines, online shopping deals, car sellers, etc. It's just the way marketing works. It does suggest we as consumers need to be skeptical at least, careful at best.



Like "Fly the friendly skies" by the airline that drags passengers off of airplanes to make room for crew relocation.

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Got off the Regal October 7. In the MDRConcerto, they allowed just one FREE entree, if you wanted more, it was $10.Might also mention that the amounts of food were very, very small. Make sureyou order appetizer, soup/salad, entree and dessert!
this bothers me more than not having a medallion on my upcoming cruise.
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