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Celebrity Cruises FAQ: Created by our Members for our Members


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A suggestion was made to have a FAQ area with the most commonly asked questions, and who should be best to answer those questions but the members themselves! :-)


So...use this thread to post messages about information that you feel is important for "newbies" to know about. One condition: The posts have to be regarding Celebrity's Policies, not your opinion on those policies....


Suggestion: include "links" to help support your facts!

Suggestion: head over to our "Princess" forum to take a peek at a FAQ that has been completed our our members!



**This is NOT the thread to post questions, this is for FACTS only. Any questions/replies will be removed. No discussion about what is posted will be allowed. Cruise Critic staff will remove items that are not a good "fit" into the mission of this FAQ**


During the completion of this FAQ, the following resources are available:


- Cruise Critic's Celebrity Cruise Lines Profile & Ship Reviews

- Member Reviews for Celebrity Ships

- Cruiser's Choice Poll Results


So, get started and help out your fellow members! Remember, no "opinions".


The following information is provided by our community members to help you with planning your cruise and is not the opinion of Cruise Critic staff. Members should always visit the cruise line website for verification of policies and procedures.

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Remember, just the facts. Don't shoot the messenger.


What is Celebrity's liquor and alcohol policy:


The technical answer can be found here:




In a nutshell: No, you can't bring liquor on board.


Disclaimer: Your results may vary.

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This list is posted frequently in this forum, so this seems a good place to lock it down.

Each of the following cabins on the Millennium Class ships (Millennium, Infinity, Constellation, Summit) has some particular benefit over its peers of the same class -- most often an oversized veranda, sometimes larger cabin or nicer decor. Not all of these differences are accurately reflected in any known deck plans.








2B-7049,7080,7163,7166,7171,7173,7175,7177,7174,7176, 7178,7180

2C- 6016,6018,6020,6021,6022,6023,6024,6025,6026,6027, 6029,6030,6031,6033,6035,6053,6048

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While I agree with tbelian's note on the alcohol policy, I would also point out that Celebrity has a corkage fee of $15 per bottle for wines not purchased onboard. This either implies that Celebrity will allow folks to bring some wine onboard (as long as they pay the corkage fee) or that they presume that all wine for which they charge corkage is being purchased from an authorised vendor and is being delivered to the ship.

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It is entirely possible that you will read every bit of documentation you are given, both on-line and in hardcopy, but until you read the ship's daily on the first day of your cruise, you will likely have never heard of the ban on the use of travel irons aboard ship -- but you'll see it then, after you've lugged it all the way from home. Save yourself the weight in the suitcase.

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While the Celebrity Dress codes say that informal attire includes a jacket and tie, the ship's dailies will most likely not mention a tie in the stated dress code on informal days. I take this as good news as I would not normally want to wear a tie four nights of a week-long holiday. Links to the Celebrity and a sample of the Celebrity daily are attached as reference.






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The specifics on wine, again, according the the official Celebrity policy, clearly stated on their website is this:


"Beer, Wine or Spirits brought onboard by our guests will be placed in storage and returned on the last day of the voyage."


Please note that I bolded the word wine in the above quote.


The rest of the information regarding corkage fee would apply only to gifts of wine delivered to the ship from an authorized vendor. You can read the exact wording here:



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Hi, I don't have a link but another Celebrity offering is:


Book a new cruise while on your present sailing and receive

an on board credit for that new sailing.

$100.00 credit for a 7 nighter

$200.00 credit for 10 or more nights.


And the booking can be transferred to your "Regular TA".

And also, you can continually transfer the booking and not lose

the credit.

So, if you aren't able to go on the one booked...transfer it to another

and you will still have your onboard credit.

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If you have achieved the Platinum or higher (5 cruises or more) benefit level on Royal Caribbean, you will be accorded some benefits on Celebrity, lthough Celebrity's Captain's club does not offer as many benfits.



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Room service is available in any level cabin - some differences in available food is apparent between regular inside/outside cabins and CC/suites. Coffee/tea and light breakfast food as room service works particularly well if card left on door at night when you have scheduled an early morning excursion.

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Self Service Laundry:


Celebrity does not offer any self service laundry facilities.


Laundry and dry cleaning services are available for nominal fees. Additional specific information can be found here:


Celebrity Laundry Costs

While the laundry prices are nothing exceptional, be sure to compare the cost for the Dry Cleaning (includes pressing - sometimes confuses folks) to what you pay at home! An "Evening Gown" for $7.50? You may find that, rather than scrambling around to the dry cleaners before your cruise, you'd be better off just taking the items with you. Our experience with their services has always been good.


Note that the 50% surcharge for "Same Day" service is waived for garments turned in the morning of the day before the day of disembarkation. You'll have them back in time to pack them all nice and fresh for your return, and at rates more than likely a lot cheaper than your home town dry cleaners.

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The Thalassotherapy pool and 2 whirlpools next to it inside glass enclosure are free on M-Class ships (Constellation, Infinity, Millennium, Summit). Must be 18 or over to use.


Those in suites on C-class ships (Century, Galaxy, Mercury) have free use, others pay a per day charge.


Saunas in the women's and men's changing room/shower/restroom are also free.


Obtain a locker key from attendant at Aqua Spa desk. Free - must leave your ship charge/keycard.


Safes in rooms are 4 digit keypad entry set by you.

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Safes in rooms vary by ship class. Some are 4 digit, some are 6. None are nearly big enough to hold a notebook computer, but we have never heard a report of a problem leaving a notebook out on the desk for the cruise, and have often done so ourselves. These safes are quite secure. Should you forget your combination, expect a visit from one of the ship's officers to use the master combination.




A full cruise pass to the T-Pool on C-Class ships can be purchased at a signficant discount over the per-day rate if you intend to make significant use of it during your cruise.




C-Class ships tend to have Sony televisions with "composite" AV (RCA jacks) on the front. Your video equipment can be readily connected to these sets in most cases (American NTSC standard, of course).


M-Class ships tend to have Philips sets that handle only S-Video. To use those with sets with AV equipment requiring these AV jacks (still, video cameras, DVD players), you'll need to have a VCR or ask to have one installed for your TV (the VCR will have the S-Video out), set the TV to the VCR input, and plug your equipment into the VCR. Alternately, a few electronic stores can sell you a composite AV (RCA jack) to S-Video converter.

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Celebrity's own website is filled with good stock photos of their cabins.


I have compiled an index of photos taken by passengers (many are members of this board) of their cabins aboard Celebritys ships: Celebrity Cabin Photo Index. Virtually every class of suite is well photo documented as well as the FO and FV category cabins. Some obscure cabins that do not appear in Celebrity's website are also available:

Century Suite, Century aft Cat 3 (sleeps 5), Galaxy inside cabin with a structural poles running through it (!), and the CC balcony cabins with the oversized balcony up on the Sky Deck on Mercury/Galaxy.


A very profilic website which contains not only cabin photos but tons of other cruise information has been put together by cruiseclues: cruiseclues.com. The amount of information compiled in this website is amazing and impressive.

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There are 12 very nice Family Ocean View balcony cabins (Cat FV) on each Millennium class ship which are furnished to sleep up to 4 people. Celebrity's website lists them as being 271 sq ft of cabin space and 242 sq ft of balcony area. However the FV cabin on the corner is actually sized and configured differently than the non-corner FV cabin adjacent to it and there is no official information which details their differences. Hence questions come up occasionally as to what the differences really are:


Based on tape measurements I took of Infinity cabin 8166, the corner FV has 293 sq ft of interior space not including a 55 sq ft private hallway. The non-corner FV has 270 sq ft (3.5 ft shorter) and has no private hallway. The corner FV is furnished slightly differently as it has 2 double door closets. While the non-corner FV has 1 double door closet but has a charming triangular shaped hutch in the corner of the cabin next to the cabin door. The non-corner FV cabin also has a shorter desk. Corner FV photos.


Based on tape measurements I took of Infinity 8166, the corner FV balcony has 327 sq ft of space. The non-corner FV has a 200 sq ft balcony. It appears that the corresponding balconies on Deck 9 may be a little smaller while the same balconies on Deck 6 may be a little bigger. The corner FV sports a balcony extension which has metal walls which limits the view when sitting. The non-corner FV has glass panels which allow a view of the ocean while seated. Non-corner FV photos for comparison. Based on comments from people on this board who have stayed in the FVs, some like this balcony better than the corner FV balcony despite the smaller size.


There are many threads on this subject which can be found using the search engine. Here is one thread: FV cabin thread

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Century, Galaxy, Mercury: the FO cabins will get very pronounced propulsion vibrations and noise when the ship is pulling into and out of port. They can be loud enough to wake you up. When the ship is otherwise sailing or docked, no vibrations occur normally. Some mild noise from the music in the show lounge below the Panorama Deck FO cabins (Century's Crystal Room, Galaxy's Savoy Night Club, and Mercury's Pavilion Night Club) can be heard. One of many aft noise threads: Mercury Aft Cabin Noise


Millennium, Infinity, Summit, Constellation: The aft cabins will also experience slight propulsion vibration and noise when the ship is pulling into and out of port. The magnitude of the vibrations is significantly less than those felt on the Century class ships. No vibrations are felt when the ship is otherwise sailing or docked. Some noise has been reported being heard from furniture re-arranging above the Deck 9 aft cabins--a good thread on this topic: Deck 9 noise.


Zenith: I have not sailed in any aft cabin aboard Zenith or her retired sister, Horizon. However here is a Cruise Critic thread detailing some board members' experience with it: Aft Zenith/Horizon Noise

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There are 12 very nice Family Ocean View balcony cabins (Cat FV) on each Millennium class ship which are furnished to sleep up to 4 people.
Just to clarify -- they offer these for 5. However, 4 seems a lot more practical given the bed and fold-out arrangement. It's not clear to me how they manage #5, although there's certainly room for a cot across from the bed in the corner cabins.


Based on tape measurements I took of Infinity 8166, the corner FV balcony has 327 sq ft of space. The non-corner FV has a 200 sq ft balcony. It appears that the corresponding balconies on Deck 9 may be a little smaller while the same balconies on Deck 6 may be a little bigger.

Not trying to nit pick, but I'm wondering if Laura plans to actually create a FAQ from all of our stuff, and who knows if it will be offered for proofing first. I think you meant Deck 7, not Deck 6.


Thanks, BTW, for taking the actual measurements on 8166.

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There are benefits for choosing CC.


Celebrity ConciergeClass


When you stay in a Celebrity ConciergeClass Stateroom, you will receive these added amenities and more:



  • Welcome champagne
  • Daily fruit selection
  • Fresh-cut flowers
  • Daily hors d'oeuvres
  • Menu of pillows - Conformance, Body, Goose, and Isotonic®
  • Duvets and pillow-top mattresses
  • Leather key holder, personalized stationery, a tote bag and umbrella
  • Double-thick Frette bathrobes
  • Hansgrohe® showerhead
  • VIP invitations to events
  • Early embarkation and debarkation
  • Dining and seating preference
  • Preference on shore excursions
  • Express luggage delivery

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Your friends can give you bon boyage presents or shipboard credit through the Celebrity web-site. This was espceially handy for us, as we were cruising shortly after my partner's birthday last time. He got a nice credit and some wine from friends who normally would find him hard to shop for.


Here's the link...



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