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Live aboard Sun 2/2

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Will be updating this while onboard . Seems like a very quiet cruise , crowd wise . I’ve been onboard previous Super Bowl cruise before and they used to sell at least 5-6 pools in the casino . Looks like they are struggling to sell two


Easy boarding , got here around 1115am on a shuttle from local hotel near MCO. $40 RT . 

This is about my 14th cruise on NCL and I’ve never seen the restrictions at the buffet as stringent as they are now . I’ve been onboard for Norovirus etc but even then , i could grab a coffee myself . Not so now . Everything is being funneled out thru staff which is causing a few log jams. Again , thankfully not a full cruise


Ship could do with a cleaning , especially AFT near the outdoor dining . The rails are caked with bird poop and obviously, it’s been there for a while .


Im going to enjoy myself regardless .


btw, the saunas are no longer free .... $60 for the week 





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Not sure how in-depth of a review I’ll be giving . I will probably just give updates and insights as i come across them . I watched the first half of the game at the Bliss , there were plenty of seats available. 

I bought 5 boxes for the Super Bowl at $20 each, i was very surprised to see the casino took 20% off the top . I’ve been in plenty of pools where you normally leave a 10% tip to the person running it . 20% seems high !!


The queuing up for everything is really impacting my ice cream cone consumption. It’s much easier and non judgmental to just grab one as you’re walking by. I’m sure my guilt will pass . Coffee consumption is down too.


Its the usual first night , people tired , not sure what end is up . It’s my first time back on a “smaller “ ship in a few years. Definitely miss the wide staircases of the bigger ships as the elevators are a bit small on the Sun.


I hit the sauna for a little bit and am not returning to watch the end of the Super Bowl . I was the only person there 😁







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4 minutes ago, Georgia_Peaches said:

I really hate the sounds of the buffet situation.  I hope this is not fleet wide.  Am on Escape at the end of the month and can't imagine how something like that will work on such a large ship.


Other posts in the forum say it is fleetwide unfortunatly.

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16 minutes ago, Georgia_Peaches said:

OMG...thank you.  Wonder how long that will last...


I can't imagine anything changing while the virus situation continues to get worse, I think the extra precautions will stay in place for the foreseeable.


Have a look at this one, where it is discussed.



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Beautiful day aboard the ship . With the crew now handing out the food , there has been some grumbling amongst the passengers . The lines aren’t too long but it’s definitely a little slower . I think the crews portion sizes are quite different than the passengers 😂, the plates definitely aren’t over flowing . 

Today , i hit an all time low and had a salad, purely because the line was shorter . Lots of sneezing and sniffling which is probably a little more noticeable. I feel sort for the Chinese passengers who are on the receiving end of some dirty looks whenever they cough :).


Again, this is all fine on a small ship like the Sun but I can’t imagine being on the Bliss or the like and having to wait in line at the buffet.


However, if waiting an extra 10 mins to have someone serve you your breakfast is your biggest complaint , you’re a lucky person . Go with the flow is my advice

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14 minutes ago, mlparker said:

Leaving on Friday. First time on NCL. I have a question in dining. Is it possible to get served dining at a designated time for dinner? One of our group called in and was told only buffet seating unless you pay. 

There are 2 dining rooms (MDRs) on board, the Four Seasons and the Seven Seas. You can get a sit down served dinner at either of these for free.

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14 minutes ago, mlparker said:

Leaving on Friday. First time on NCL. I have a question in dining. Is it possible to get served dining at a designated time for dinner? One of our group called in and was told only buffet seating unless you pay. 

Yes, you can reserve for the main Free dining room . I have the app and it allows you to reserve 


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7 minutes ago, mlparker said:

Same agent said it was uncertain if there is a Captain’s night/dressy night—it is up to the Captain. Any info on this?

There is no Formal night as such, but there may be a night where you can have your picture taken with the Captain , and you might want to dress up for that. This is NCL you will see all sorts at dinner and none of it is wrong , although bathing suits in the dining room is a no-no, and gentlemen may be asked to wear pants in paid dining.

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Dinner at Moderno , i must say it was an incredibly disappointing affair . The Salad bar ( 43 items) is not quite the same when it’s being served to you , rather than you choosing. There was a good few people and only one attendant who was literally doing laps of the buffet station .


The meat was very slow in coming out and  i didn’t think it was the best quality , very fatty . Luckily, it came with the cruise for being platinum.  I will try Cagneys next ,which is always enjoyable 


This without doubt is the emptiest cruise I’ve been on . Casino is dead , bars are empty and most conspicuous in their absence are the pool chair hogs as there is no need . . It’s a completely different cruise than leaving from Miami or NY . For anyone looking for a quiet cruise , mark this down as a good time to go .



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