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  1. Viking does not have any big "Shows" for entertainment. Viking offers 1 or more lectures each day. Lecture subjects are on local culture and history. On our New Zealand/Australia cruise one of the lecturers was an Astronomer from Tasmania.
  2. Having sailed on both Oceania and Viking, we prefer the smaller Viking ships. We enjoy the lectures that are also available on your cabin TV. The mini frig is great. There is a lot of storage even in the bath. Room Service has always been very quick with hot items arriving hot and cold items arriving cold. Breakfast room service has never been late. When our New Zealand/Australia cruise was quickly ended when Australia closed ports in March 2020; Viking quickly arranged to get passengers back to their homes. We would sail with Oceania if Viking did not offer a similar itinerary esp
  3. We have sailed in both the deluxe veranda and the penthouse veranda. We prefer the Penthouse Veranda with the extra space. Much easier to get into the closet in the penthouse veranda. Also we used the removable command hooks on the outside of the end of the closet. Made a great place to hang up jackets and hats. Also place a note in the little refrig for items to be removed or replaced.We also would pick up bottles of water to keep in or little refrig. Always pack some "ziplock" type bags.. Loved the cheese and fruit plate from Room service. One plate was more that we would eat in the
  4. What do we need as proof of completed covid-19 vaccinations? Do we just say "Yes" to the question "Have you been vaccinated?" Medicare was not involved in my vaccination. I was required to show Driver's License and complete paperwork with Name date of Birth, primary care doctor; address; and phone number.
  5. Any snacks such as fresh fruit and cheese?
  6. Is the Constellation Breakfast Room Service a Hot breakfast or is it just cold muffins and toast?
  7. Is there an ice bucket in the cabin? Will the bucket be filled?
  8. No the question is Which cruise line has made a major change in Covid Protocol less than 2 weeks before sailing? Did the lawyers tell ACL that it is BEST PRACTICE To change a major requirement to board less than 2 weeks before sailing. is it Best Practice to NOT TELL Travel Agents? is it Best Practice to NOT tell guest making final payment of the change? Is it Best Practice to NOT put this change on their web site? I have no problem with requiring guest to be fully covid vaccinated for June or later sailing. I have a problem with ACL NOT informing me
  9. i am very disappointed that the alternative menu option is a hamburger. I find this menu option "Cheap" and not consistent with a premium brand cruise.
  10. i agree NCCruzQueen. It would be nice to see the wine and beer list.
  11. Which cruise lines are requiring full covid vaccination for cruises beginning this week (March 22, 2021) ACL has NOT changed their written policy from Covid Vaccinations are RECOMMEND. RECOMMEND is not REQUIRED. Why is ACL not notifying Travel Agents? My travel agent was NOT told. Also why did ACL NOT notify customers making FINAL payment. Why is ACL telling guest only if the guest calls with another question. ACL is not giving me any "warm fuzzies" over the way this change in Protocol has been enacted. I made a final full payment on Wednesday, March 17. N
  12. What is the required proof for covid vaccination?
  13. CWatts15 I am so very sorry to learn how ACL is treating not only your brother, but everyone in your party. Is ACL willing to reimburse, everyone in your party for the cruise and cost such as the cost of air fare? I agree that requiring Covid vaccination should be required, but ACL should NOT have such a policy that begins 1 or 2 weeks before a cruse sails. I booked an Alaskan cruise on March 15 that sails on June 14. Required to be paid in full no later than March 16. I was NOT told that vaccinations would be required. It seems that ACL is making up policy without g
  14. Covid-19 Vaccination cards. We also received a card when we got our 1st shot. Our 2nd appointment was written on the back of the card. When I went to my Dr's for a routine check up; the NP said, "I see you had your first Moderna vaccine shot on Jan XX, " Our vaccine information was automatically sent to our primary care physician. We were on a "wait List" and had 20 minutes to get to the site after receiving a phone call. It seems like every county and every state has their own system to get people inoculated. in surrounding counties, you can only make an appointment for the 1st
  15. From American Cruise Line Web site Page 1: Click on {Operating Protocol} I did not find anything on ACL REQUIRING Covid-19 Vaccinations, but strongly recommend. Below are the statements on ACL web site. Covid-19 Operating Protocols "American Cruise Lines will require a negative COVID-19 test result for all guests and crew members boarding its ships. This includes the requirement for guests to test on their own prior to traveling to the ship. A certified Medical Officer will be aboard each ship to conduct a brief pre-boarding health screening of each guest. In additio
  16. We just booked our first ACL cruise on Tuesday, March 16, 2021. From another posting, that is the day ACL began requiring guest to have Covid-19 vaccinations before being allowed to board. We were NOT told that vaccinations were required for boarding when we booked our June cruise. Good for ACL to require guest to be vaccinated. I understand ACL wants to protect the health and safety of both guest and crew. Will all crew members be vaccinated before sailing? Will all entertainers and tour guides and bus drivers be required to be vaccinated? NOT GOOD: Surprising guest 1 week b
  17. I would talk with a supervisor or someone up the line. I agree that vaccinations should be required, but they should NOT make this policy 1 week before a cruise sails. This is ACL's policy NOT the policy of a country requiring vaccinations for entry. ACL should make the requirement for vaccinations apply to cruises starting in late May or June NOT in 1 week.
  18. Thank you for the meal information. I can understand the meal choice card for lunch and dinner. I would expect that local seafood will be on the Alaskan cruises. I am usually careful when ordering seafood making sure it is wild, fresh and local. Also I do not like seafood in cream sauces but grilled, baked, or pan fried. Having grown up near Savannah, GA and living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast or 30 years we always eat boiled shrimp or crabs hot; never chilled.
  19. I know that there are only 3 entree choices on the lunch and dinner menus. Also ACL tries to make regional specialties. Does ACL have a stand alternative choice such as grill steak or chicken? We have taken many other river cruises and also 2 small (78 passenger) sailing cruises. This will be our first ACL cruise. Grill Steak and chicken were always available for dinner on the other river cruises and sailing cruises. Thanks for any and all info on saiing with ACL.
  20. Thank you I will probably do 1 or 2 loads for laundry during the cruise just to reduce packing clothing. Now for some questions on the baths. Are there any hooks to hang a small bag. Are there any baskets or soap holders in the shower? Does American Cruise Line furnish bath robes to use while oh board? Any other "secrets" on the ACL ships? Thank you so very much for the helpful info
  21. June 14m 2021 sailing on the Constellation Juneau/Juneau 10 day. It will be our 1st ACL cruise
  22. Thank you for the quick reply, We are booked for our 1st ACL on the Constellation June 14 sailing
  23. Are the breakfast and lunch buffets or order from "menu" I understand the menu will be limited because for the small number of guest on board. Thanks for any information for a new American Cruise Line guest.
  24. Is detergent supplied for the guest laundry on the Constellation? Is it free or coin operated? Any other information on the Guest Laundry?
  25. We are now booked for the June 14th Alaskan Explorer Juneau/Juneau. Read an article that the big cruise ship will not be able to cruise Alaska this year unless.: 1. Canada changes their block on cruise ships in Canadian waters and ports. 2. Congress gives a limited "law" or waves the band on non USA flagged ship passenger arriving and leaving the ship without visiting a Foreign port. I look forward to being in ports without thousands for other cruisers..
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