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  1. That’s really a personal preference thing. I drive a full sized pickup so won’t be covering it myself, first because the wind blows there pretty much all the time which would make it hard to do alone and second because I’m just lazy. In addition, I always anticipate having it detailed when we get home anyway. If you don’t mind doing it I say go for it. For me it would just be something else taking up room in my garage between cruises.
  2. The thing about their food is, not only is it amazing but it’s always presented well. I mean, they make an effort. We go lots of places but I don’t recall anyone’s ceviche being better. I did get some Peruvian ceviche in West End on Roatan that was amazing but it wasn’t the same as this or any Mexican ceviche. That setup, along with 2 bottles of water, was $41 American. Very reasonable I think.
  3. On Vision now and 4 more booked in 2019. We book deals as we find them.
  4. Forgot to say there were two ships in port. Lots of local families but at no time was it even remotely crowded. We had maybe 5 vendors stop by but a simple “no thank you” and they moved on. There were a few folks buying their hats and stuff which I think is very cool. They’re out there to make a living just like the waiters. I think sometimes it’s forgotten that “no thank you” is a complete sentence. Same with the massage ladies. I was asked once and politely declined. BTW, she asked in Spanish and I declined in Spanish. She went on with a smile. Oh, and we snuck out the service exit of the port by getting in line with an organized tour. Walked right past the busses and out the gate to the taxis. They’ve put a gate on it now which I was about to open when we saw the tour group. And the tram was running on the long section of the pier. We waited maybe 5 minutes for it to fill up it it was definitely worth it. Thats all I can think of right now. If anyone has any questions I’ll try to answer.
  5. This is Lola who we’ve enjoyed since she was a kittie. She’s always friendly and we’re always glad to see her.
  6. Ok, weather was perfect. Blue Key was just as good as we always find it. They have expanded toward the lighthouse all the way to where the rocks go out and they have always piled up the grass. The part down there is the all inclusive. We do not drink alcohol so we just took chairs right under the same palm trees we have many times before. I did notice that the entry for taxis has moved closer to the lighthouse. After you make the right it’s not more than 150 yards down. Taxi was $8 each way. $4 each. It was $12 each for use of the loungers and included 2 drinks each. Honestly I think that’s pretty reasonable. The beach club club immediately next door was playing music but even my wife was not bothered. You could barely hear it. Nothing negative to say at all. I don’t believe there is a separate kitchen for the AI and there was plenty of help. Our waiter was Jaime and he was excellent. When we got ready to eat we walked up to the bar and sat at a table under the cover. We had guacamole and ceviche, which is what we always have. It was exactly the same as it has been for years. Amazing. I didn’t see anything that said Nachos Bar but in truth we didn’t venture down the malecon as we had everything we wanted right there at Blue Key. The water was beautiful, clear and almost no sargassum or seaweed. Overall it was one of the most enjoyable days we have spent at any beach anywhere. I have several pictures I will upload after dinner.
  7. Cleanliness of the staterooms. And loud drunks. Alcohol drink packages seem to have increased their numbers and I just have little patience with them. And fewer quiet places without loud drunks.
  8. As a father and retired law enforcement professional I have always taught my son and daughter that they are responsible for their own safety. Both are experts in situational analysis, a variety of weapons including handguns and edged weapons, and were taught at a very early age, especially after the school shootings at Columbine when they were very young, to protect themselves at all times. Neither of them have contemplated a career in law enforcement either. They are business professionals; my son in oil and my daughter in academia. Ever been afraid you couldn’t make your expenses? Did you go out and work or sit in the home you were sure to lose if you didn’t? Action turns fear into confidence.
  9. We departed yesterday on Vision and there was no delay. If you didn’t already know about the fire you wouldn’t now. It was a non-issue.
  10. My one trip there was several years ago. I booked with one of the guides at the port. My whole point of going was the snorkeling. If you don’t want to snorkel I can’t recommend going. There’s nothing else there. To your specific questions, you will have to stay until your entire tour group is scheduled to leave, whenever that is. I wouldn’t count on shade availability as there are (were) only some palm trees but not many and for all I know they are gone now. The restrooms are pretty funky. I wouldn’t take my family there for a relaxing day at the beach. I was glad my wife hadn’t gone as I would have felt like I had to cut my snorkeling short and I’m sure I would have heard all about the ladies room funkiness. Snorkeling. That’s it man.
  11. Will do. We’ll be there tomorrow. If it’s not pouring rain I’m sure we will head to Blue Key. We love their ceviche and I’ll get to see my kitty friend Lola.
  12. “Just relax and go with the flow” Absolutely! I remember about 20 years ago we got in a shuttle somewhere and the driver had a cooler of Jell-O shots. Everyone went with the flow that day for sure. Plus it made the lines to board more tolerable.
  13. Ahh so it does. I guess I remember that from the older phones or software.
  14. I use an iPhone and also turn cellular data off. So for me it’s cellular data off, WiFi on and airplane mode on.
  15. Hey legs, we’ll be there a week from today. I’ll report back on the water, sargassum, noise, cost of entry, food and drinks and whatever else I can think of. My experience on Sundays is that there are lots of locals and their kids which we really enjoy. Last time we were there I didn’t notice any increase in noise from next door. Blue Key has always been our favorite place on the malecon.
  16. There are a bunch of bars and restaurants on the island. If you take the water taxi you can rent a golf cart to kick around on. Some of the private excursions include a golf cart as an option. If you want to see how it’s laid out use Google maps.
  17. You didn’t say how many are in your group that calculates to the $600 difference. We did this exact excursion with NCL several years ago and it was something like $125 pp. I can’t imagine a private service doing it for under $75. What I can tell you is this is the one excursion I would absolutely not book privately. And we never, ever book excursions through the cruise line. It’s just too far and there are too many moving parts and chances for delay. The other thing I will tell you is that Lamanai is absolute bucket list stuff. My wife and I did it and a couple of months later we were there again with our kids and sent them. Probably if we had all four been on that first trip we wouldn’t have spent that much money but after having been I would pay whatever it cost for all of us. It’s really good stuff. I hope you find a workable solution for your group. And welcome to Cruise Critic!
  18. Click this link http://www.mysticsnorkel.com/features.php and scroll to the bottom. I’m pretty sure this applies to all three of the trips they detail under Services. The price for this tour is $65 dollars per person, Children under six years old tour free and, children from 6-10 years old pay only $35 dollars. We accept cash or paypal (for Paypal contact us). Sorry, we do not accept credit card payment at the moment.
  19. They’re working on the docks and probably making room for another vessel. There are no tender boats there so unless they want to use their lifeboats ala Trujillo there won’t be any tendering. Been there a dozen or more times and never tenderd.
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