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  1. Aww man! Too bad J is not able to go on the cruise. All these comp'd casino cruises on this thread. EXCELLENT! I'm a cheapskate and budget $100 on cruise ships for the week to gamble. YEP, you guessed it I should just keep it in my pocke which is what I do sometimes and treat myself to a specialty dinner. LOL!! Enjoy your cruise.
  2. Carnival's popcorn taste AWFUL!! I didn't eat it when it was free. I would try it every cruise hoping they changed it. I don't understand how they messed up popcorn!?!?!? Such a simple easy snack to prepare.
  3. OK, first to answer your questions. I would select a cruise that went to Key West and Coco Cay. 2 inside adjourning cabins if cost is an issue if not 2 bdrm suite or 2 adjourning balcony cabins. Now, You're trying to accomplish a lot in 7 days. I understand you're trying to get it all in while you're in FL. However, if I was you I would decide if you want a Disney World vacation or a cruise vacation. Think Quality of vacation over quantity - trying to jam everything you can in a week of vacation. Also take into account your travel days and times to all these different
  4. Hmm. Interesting. I always use RCCL site to research and book my cabins. I haven't had any issues booking online.
  5. Love the WOW bands when I sail. Reminds me a lot of WDW. Hands free, no lanyard, no need for pockets. I wish they would upgrade all of their ships to include WOW bands.
  6. If you stay the night before at Treemont or Hotel Galvez they offer free parking in there parking garage and shuttle to terminal. Or at least they did before Covid.
  7. I recommend staying at Hilton Riverside. You can walk to the port from the hotel. The mall is connected to the hotel. You basically walk thru the mall to the port. Easy peasy!
  8. $1899 - WOW!!😲 Supply and Demand!!
  9. YES! Finally sailing from my homeport. I wanna cry tears of joy. 😥
  10. I would drive into Galveston and get into full cruise mode. We like staying at the Tremont. We wake up early, because who can sleep the night before a cruise, we grab hot tea and take our morning stroll down to the port and watch the ships come into port. INCREDIBLE!! Definitely get south of Houston, over the bridge and make your stop at Buccee's 😁.
  11. Drago's restaurant at Hilton Riverside for GRILLED OYSTERS!!! YUMMY!!!
  12. YES!!! 😀 What a sight to see!!!!
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