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  1. This is my sitting on the cruise ship balcony reenactment. I could here the waves crashing on the beach. It was a wonderful feeling. Instead of the deep blues of the ocean as we cruise the Caribbean, I could see turquoise greens and blues and smell the fresh relaxing scent of the ocean. If you close your eyes you can be transported to your favorite ship and sitting on your balcony or out on deck. This is the closest I could get to the real thing (cruising) and I am so enjoying it.
  2. LOL! As Chaos mentioned they have nice bathrooms and I could spend an hour perusing inside the store. It is literally a Wally world sized QT, 7-11, Love's, etc. They sell everything and anything plus gas. And the crazy thing is we passed a 2nd Bucee's in FL as we made our way to Pensacola.
  3. That looks wonderful Tapi. Enjoy!
  4. Yes we're on the road! Beach here we come. I know we need a break because we didn't get summer sausage for the road trip. We were just ready to go. ARE WE THERE YET?!?
  5. I Just finished my last day of work. I'M OFFICIALLY ON VACATION! I already packed. SMH! Hubbie asked if we could leave a day early. Heck yeah! Extra day booked. I told y'all we have been working together at home for 3 months. We really need this get away. Keep your staycations coming. We're adding the two local zoos to our list. We'll do those later this summer.
  6. So, I have finally wrapped my mind around no planes or cruise vacations this year. Staycation it will be for us this summer while practicing social distancing of course. ROAD TRIP!! All I see is the movie National Lampoon's Vacation. One of the funniest craziest stupidest family movies ever! So where are you and your family going to explore on your STAYCATION? What's your favorite road trip food? Where do you have to stop on each family road trip? We've already been to the state park about an hour from our house. Hiked and had a great time in the wilderness. We disconnected from the electronics because both of us working from home has been quite the experience. Next up, we're getting a beach house along the coast. We're on the beach so we'll enjoy the crashing waves from our patio. This is the closest thing I could find to a cruise. LOL!! But YIKES!!! It's more expensive than a week cruise in a balcony cabin for 2. And I'm not getting free meals, entertainment nor free ice cream. SIGH!?!?!? And I have to cook and clean up if we don't dine out breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. Momma is not happy but you gotta do, what you gotta do. I've always said cruising was a great value vacation. And that still holds true. Our favorite road trip food is summer sausage, cheese and crackers. We never travel without them. O and sunflower seeds and Dr. Pepper if I'm driving. We stop at https://buc-ees.com/. It's like a truck stop for cars on steroids. Best bathrooms ever! Hands down! Plan to spend an hour there. Just cause. It's like a Wally World gas station. This is just a fun thread and to help some of us get creative ideas about some STAYCATIONS. So don't be shy, where are you going on your staycation?
  7. Lamb stew. Hands down best dish ever. We were on the Millie last June in Alaska. We head to the buffet. I go to the very back to check out the made to order grilled fish options. I'm perusing the offerings and stumble upon the lamb stew. Hmmm let's try it. So I get a small scoop. OMG!! Rich and delicious gravy with chunks of lamb, potatoes and carrots. I run back to get another bowl. I wasn't alone. There was another guy running back there to get another bowl too. We were both like, the lamb stew it is delicious. Just what we needed on a cool breezy Alaskan day. I added a scoop of mashed potatoes to the bottom of my 2nd bowl. It immediately escalated the flavor up a couple of notches. By the 3rd bowl I had it down to a science on the stew and tater combo. I'm salivating just thinking about it. It was so good. It was like the lamb shank and veggie garden had a party and stew in a pot all day.
  8. I'm assuming this is for a cruise at a future date , like 2021 or at least 90 days from today. Can you cancel the cruise that was charged to your credit card and get it credited back to your CC? If so, do that. Once you get the credit on your CC account. Then call them to use the 3 FCC. Stay on the phone until you receive the email that the 3 FCC have been applied and you get the invoice for the $3XX balance due. You're not within final payment so pay that $3XX in a month of so.
  9. Just call back and speak to someone else. Forget the long story. When you call say, I booked my cruise online. RCCL made a mistake and charged the full amount of my cruise to my Credit card. They should have applied my 3 FCC certificates and charged the balance $3XX to my CC. I need you to correct this. I have the emails confirming my FCC certificates were applied. Thank you. Seems like you got a bad cust rep on the phone the 1st time. No big deal. Just call them back. Or like someone else mentioned dispute it with your credit card company. Send the CC company a copy of all the emails. Easy Peasy.
  10. We love the Chef's table. We did it a few times and stopped in hopes of the menu changing.
  11. March 2018 aboard the Dream out of NOLA. Honeymoon and celebrating my mom's 70th and my sister's 40th B-day. Great times!!! Since then we've been on RCCL twice and Celebrity once. We were going to book a Christmas cruise this year on the Vista but around the time when we were going to book Rona decided to pay the world a visit. So we're marking time until all the restrictions are lifted. I don't have the patience to book, rebook, deal with FCC, etc. Ain't nobody got time for that 😏🙁🤯
  12. For lunch today, I was chilling in the cabin and the phone rings. The waiter asked me Whataburger or Chic Fil A? I said Whataburger. He had the nerve to just walk in the cabin and drop my sack on the bed. Whatever happened to service? Unpacking my lunch and serving it on fine china. And he forgot my Dr. Pepper??? I told him, You better run up to 7-11 because I purchased the Soda package. LOL!!!
  13. Well I had planned to indulge in Woman's college basketball this year. March 12th - Big 12 tourny Kansas City - Cancelled March 20 - Waco - 1st and 2nd round WCBB tourny - Cancelled March 27 - Dallas - Sweet 16 and Elite 8 - Cancelled April 3, THIS WEEKEND - NOLA - Final 4 - Cancelled June 18 - Maui - celebrate 50th birthday. I don't think this will happen but I'm sure hoping we can go to Maui. We purchased cancel for any reason insurance so if we have to cancel we'll get most of our money back. And I keep thinking, going to Maui and seating on the Balcony looking at the ocean is better than being at home. Right now Maui has a 14 day quarantine once you arrive to the island. That even sounds better than seating at home. LLLOOONNNNGGG SSSIIGGGHHH!!! Dec 19 - Vista Christmas cruise on hold. I just don't want to be disappointed so every few days this crazy ole' lady puts it on hold. LOL!!
  14. As I walk the gangway to the ship, the tears will be rolling down my face for being thankful that things are back to normal. As I cross the threshold onto the cruise ship I'll head to the Blue Iguana Tequila Bar to pickup my fav Blue's Patron Margarita. Best margarita at sea. Tip the bartender well and let them know I'll be back all week to ensure my margarita's are top notch on my frequent visits throughout the week. Next DH and I will split, him to Guy's burger and me to Blue Iguana for a taco salad. We'll meet up at the closest loungers and enjoy our first lunch and drinks. I'll grab another BPM on my way to the cabin. Next, I'll be at our cabin wiping it down with Clorox wipes like I always do and putting the remote in a ziplock baggie. Next, DH and I will be enjoying drinks on the balcony as we breathe in the ocean air.
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