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  1. Great idea to sample appetizers while on unlimited dining plan. I think you just sold me on getting it. We eat late so an appetizer and drink here and there might be just what will sell hubbie on the idea. We love to snack!
  2. We took our niece who had just turned 3 and was potty trained but had occasional accidents. The staff was very kind. She had 1 accident the whole week. It was not a big deal. They didn't kick her out the remainder of the week. As others have suggested take him b4 camp and ask the staff to remind him to go to the restroom. For some reason I want to say they took all the kids regularly for a restroom break. But don't quote me.
  3. Hard to find something better on Labadee. We enjoyed the roller coaster at labadee. But Coco Cay by far was a better experience. Many things were better to me... BATHROOMS Food many options plus funnel cake and taco bar Also many places to eat. Beach loungers already setup and you dont have to haggle with locals for a lounger and tip them Swim up pool bar HUGE POOL Vendors dont harass you. If you want to shop you have to make it a point and go to their stands and shop. Simply beautiful man made spot to enjoy with family. Water Playground for kids PHENOMENAL it's free! Plus the ship they can slide thru. GENIUS! We were there on a full Allure cruise. Never seemed crowded on the island. Like the neighborhoods on the ship, coco cay also has neighborhoods that keep the people spread out. Music and pool bar vibe was fun and energetic.
  4. Yes, park cafe has potato chips ie Lays plain, salt n vinegar, Doritos, etc.
  5. I did this a few years ago while sailing on the Anthem and had a blast. I think we had about 6 hours at the park. I used the RCCL transportation. We went to MK for the day and had a fun laid back day. This was around Thanksgiving so the park was decorated with Christmas lights and decor. We strolled thru the park at leisure and rode the easy to get on rides. Went to all our favorite snack places for a Dole Whip, mickey bar, Waffle with nutella and fruit, etc. One of the best one day excursions I've had. If you're into Disney I would do it. It's a $150+ excursion that's pricey but to spend the day with the Mouse, "PRICELESS". Now that I think about it, I've spent more than $150 for an excursion that lasted about 2 hours. So a 4+ hour excursion is worth it to me. If it's your first time to Disney, I don't think I would do it. You will be overwhelmed and frustrated. If you're familiar with Disney I would go for it.
  6. Yes. We cruised in May 2019 and left all our stuff in loungers for lunch and when we explored the island and several different occasions.
  7. My coworker (CC) is a first time cruiser. Her family of 7 cruised on Valor last week. She called me when they returned to inform me her sister's daughter in law was denied boarding. Background: CC attended one of those cruise seminars put on by a local TA. They booked the cruise thru the TA. It appears the TA was just a TA that booked cruises but not really a cruiser. They booked this July 2019 cruise in Dec 2018. On numerous occasions she asked me the same questions she asked the TA. The TA told her $65 a night for gratuities. I had to say no and walk her thru the website to show her how much gratuities actually cost. I received dozens and dozens of questions from her. Her TA was NOT a cruiser. One more time her TA was not a cruiser and was not knowledgeable about cruises. Her and her sis (GG) had a little riff because CC told her you need a passport. GG went off and told CC no I don't. TA told me I needed identification and that's all. I clarified to CC a driver's license AND birth certificate was fine. I urged her after the water settled to contact her sister and tell her the adults on her party must have these 2 forms of documents to board the ship. She said she wasn't going to worry about it. GG acts like she knows everything. I said put your feelings aside and tell her. She told me again I'm not going to worry about it. Day of cruise, GGs family showed up at the port with only driver's license. The 2 kids had birth certificates. Since the husband was at home he emailed a scan copy of birth certificate for his wife and son. However the daughter n law did not know where her BC was located. She was denied boarding. She did not board the ship andbcruise. The 1st day of the cruise had everyone feeling some kind of way. GG finally acknowledged she should have listened and now she's eating her words. I just want to say As seasoned cruisers we must continue to educate 1st time cruisers. Unfortunately all TAs are not created equal and People do not read their cruise documents. I'm the cruiser in my family and in my office. My family knows I'm crazy and I do document checks months before we cruise. They're use to it😀. Now I'll be more vigilant with friends and coworkers. I wanted to share this story to educate 1st timers and remind us that our cruise knowledge is valuable.
  8. I read to page 3 where you cancelled the cruise and lost $2000 deposit. You're better than me. I would cruise without my son. No way I'm losing $2000. I would have the wife invite her best friend and make the best friend pay her way to recoup the son's cruise fare. But water under the bridge. Whoa $2000 down the drain. Umm I couldn't do it.
  9. If it's $200 or less on a 7 nights I believe that it is on Oasis class or Quantum class of ships. I sooo want to try the Unlimited dining on my next RCCL cruise. I don't think DH will go for it so I'm just going to get it and tell him we can eat anywhere. He'll be none the wiser. He's a new cruiser. I'm converting him one cruise at a time.
  10. I had to purchase contact solution a few cruises ago. That looks about right $13 or so for it. I remember it was less than $20 but more than $10. I keep a toiletry bag packed and I didn't check the amount of contact solution in the bottle so of course I ran out on the cruise. LOL! We always take $100 for incidentals on most vacations. So it wasn't a big deal.
  11. Thanks! Awww man. We're cookie monsters. Hopefully the chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies are oooeey goooeey good!
  12. My DH was wondering if Celebrity serves the Ranger coconut cookies on the Millie? They have these delicious coconut cookies on RCCL ships. Thx.
  13. Ok I feel bad. I order a $13 pair of binoculars off Amazon for the hubby. LOL!! I still have my cheap pair of binoculars from my cruise 10 years ago that I'm going to use. You guys sound like experts. Hopefully these cheap binoculars will do.
  14. Awesome photos. I board the Millennium in 15 days for my Alaska cruise. Your boys look like they're having a blast!
  15. I feel for you guys and Carnival too. Hopefully everyone can figure out what works best for them. Remember to look at port Canaveral cruises if you're cruising out of Tampa. It appears the Havana cruises are significantly more so you could get a refund and book a cheaper cruise and use the difference to pay for additional transportation cost ie rental car/bus/uber to port Canaveral.
  16. HI PRH so how was your cruise? And your cabin?
  17. Thanks Ginny that's exactly what I need to know. So dad can stay put while hubby and I cross the bridge. Thanks
  18. Never mind I read the highlights. Yes it makes other stops. Highlights Admire breathtaking wilderness scenery while on an unforgettable journey on the White Pass & Yukon Route Railway, a narrow-gauge railway chiseled into a mountain during the Gold Rush. Feel the adrenaline rush of crossing the Yukon Suspension Bridge, dangling 57 feet above a river roiling with class III and IV rapids. Delve into the fascinating history of the region relayed by your informative guide, and stop for photos along the way at places such as Tormented Valley and Pitchfork Falls.
  19. Thank you. What does, "It's for a deck on the other side." mean? This is what the overview says for the tour. Does the motor coach/bus only stop at the suspension bridge or does it make multiple stops on the way back down to visit the tourist spots? Thank you. Overview Delight in Skagway's fascinating history and spectacular mountainous scenery as you travel to the White Pass Summit and into the Yukon. Ride a restored vintage rail car on the White Pass & Yukon Route Railway (“The Scenic Railway of the World”) as you delight to tales of the Klondike Gold Rush. Next, arrive at Fraser, British Columbia and board a motor coach across White Pass' summit to Tutshi Canyon where you can traverse the Yukon Suspension Bridge and enjoy the breathtaking view. SKF8
  20. On the White Pass Railroad & Yukon Suspension Bridge tour my dad is not going to want to cross the bridge. Is there a chicken exit, or does the guide walk the folks back down who do not want to cross the bridge? Thank you.
  21. Besides gratuities I spent $15.60 on a labadoozie at coco cay. Don't stress and don't purchase souvies. You will be fine.
  22. Yep they are free all over the island. Unlike Labadee the loungers and chairs are already setup so no tipping the guys to set up a lounger and ur umbrella.
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